Harry Brown is a former editor for Glitch Productions from the United Kingdom and the voice actor for Viktor Smokavich in SMG4: Mario The Boy Scout.

His Twitter profile is TaitherZ and his YouTube is also TaitherZ.


Harry's departure was announced in a special Hobo Amigos gameplay of LittleBigPlanet 3, which is also the very last episode of the series until Martin Yeung's departure. His departure was caused by the expiration of his Australian work visa.

He currently resides in the United Kingdom.

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Harry would appear in the Hobo Amigos episodes of Hobo Bros until his departure. The game he would play most with Luke, Kevin and Martin were Mario Party games. Harry would mostly play as Yoshi and end up being last due to his self proclaimed bad luck. At first, Harry would think nothing of this and laugh it off, but when it became a reoccurring gag after the second time losing in a row, he would hilariously show that he was visibly upset about losing. Due to this, whenever something bad would happen to him when he was playing any game with his "amigos" he would normally say "For f*ck's sake". The one time he actually won in Mario Party 10, which Luke, Kevin, and Martin consider sheer luck, Harry was shown to be celebrating in a very happy matter and taunting everyone else... before getting last again over the course of the next year.

On Harry's departure episode of the soon to be Glitch Productions, the Hobo Amigos sat down for one last episode together to play Little Big Planet 3, Harry's childhood game series. Instead of actually playing and progressing through the game, Luke, Kevin, and Martin would place random stickers all over the backgrounds and screen up to the point where they "made the sun", with Luke putting the Buzz everywhere from the Quiz Video Game, much to Harry's annoyance and dismay in a hilarious manner. When the episode began to come to a close, Harry said, "I'm never coming to Australia again. Worst year of my life." And broke down from laughing at Luke's jokes along with everyone else one last time.

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