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Henry Stickmin is the titular protagonist of the Henry Stickmin series, and a character appearing in SMG4: If Mario Was In... Newgrounds.


SMG4: If Mario Was In... Newgrounds

He is first seen trying to escape from his prison cell by using a sandvich. The sandvich summons Heavy Weapons Guy to break down the cell door. Henry does his "distraction dance" as he leaves his cell, only to find himself face to face with a guard. SMG4, who had found his way to Henry's cell along with Mario through the toilet, insults the guard, causing the guard to collapse. SMG4 and Henry celebrate, only for them to be locked in a golden cage by the security system, which threatened to self destruct the room. They get blown up because Mario was too busy eating spaghetti to help them.

SMG4: The Other Universe

He is seen talking to Meat Boy before being run over by Tedi. They are later seen running in panic when Zero destroys the universe.

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