Not to be confused with the blooper.
Minecraft Herobrine

Herobrine in the blooper named after him.

Herobrine Persson is a mythical character from Minecraft. Creepypasta claims that he is Notch's undead brother, despite the fact that Markus Persson has no siblings. Rumored to play a malicious role in the game, Herobrine ostensibly tries to kill the player while building structures on top of the terrain. His one appearance thus far is the blooper of the same name, Herobrine, in which he is a main character.

Physical Description

Herobrine looks almost exactly like Steve. Both are box-like pixelated humans with brownish skin and dark brown hair, and both wear the same deep blue trousers, gray shoes, and tucked-in short-sleeved cyan shirt. However, Herobrine's appearance is set apart from Steve by the former's blank eyes, which glow a bright white even in the dark. Thus, someone unaware of those small differences could easily mistake the two Minecraftians for each other, as Mario has.


Mario & Smg4 vs Herobrine

Herobrine about to kill Mario and SMG4.

A long time ago a traveler from afar was walking. Then the sky had a baby.

Herobrine's death

Herobrine burning to death.

After Herobrine was born, he supposedly ate a baby, making him evil. In Herobrine, he appeared while Mario was mining with Steve. Mario took him home after mistaking him for Steve, but SMG4 recognized Herobrine and knew how dangerous he was. When he arrived home SMG4 told Mario Herobrine was dangerous and he shouldn't keep him around. Later, Herobrine blew up the house and began chasing the two. After a while, he caught them and trapped them in a giant tornado. As Herobrine was about to kill them, the sun rose, and he burst into flames. Mario ignored his screaming and pleas for help, leaving Herobrine to die in the fire.

He reappears in the Halloween special, SM64 Halloween 2016 - SPAGHETTI.EXE for only some small time. After the Creepy Mario Statue summons him as well as some other creepypastas like the Tails Doll and Suicide Squidward, Herobrine is the first to face off Mario and Slendy, but he got punched by Slendy and died in a matter of seconds.

Powers and Abilities


Herobrine gaining power from a full moon. Also of note is that the blooper Herobrine portrays him with no mouth.

According to creepypasta and myths, Herobrine cuts leaves off of trees and builds random pyramids in the game world. This behavior isn't shown at all in Herobrine. Instead, Herobrine gets his power from a full moon; at his strongest, he can create explosions and giant tornadoes. At sunrise, he loses this power, then burns up from the sunlight as a vampire would.


  • Herobrine does not in fact appear in Minecraft, as this article confirms by discussing the game code.
  • Herobrine appears to be creeped out by Notch. This detail may be a reference to the "Herobrine canon", in which Notch buries his brother after his death (but before he becomes Herobrine).
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