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Hitbox: If Smash Bros Ultimate Was Real is the fourth episode of Season 1 of Hitbox and the four hundred and sixty-third video overall to be uploaded by SMG4.

This video was done in collaboration with Invincible Worldwide, which is also the channel collaborating for the series. Click Crew was also present for this episode. It was aired on December 18, 2018.


Smash Bros Ultimate has come alive! But Waluigi isn't too happy about it all...


The video starts with Kevin and Luke announcing that there's 1 week left to get the Christmas merch, whilst hitting each other.

The actual episode opens with Fox and Jigglypuff in a match, fighting each other. After Fox wins, he compliments Jigglypuff on it's improved fighting skills, which the Pokemon is happy to hear. The two approach Mario, who is sitting down and eating cake, and says that it was an honor fighting them. Fox asks if he and Jigglypuff can have some cake, and Mario says "No", to which Jigglypuff responds by smacking Mario, knocking him down and allowing it and Fox to eat the cake. Then, the 3 are approached by Waluigi, who was watching Fox and Jigglypuff earlier from behind a tree. Waluigi asks from them the whereabouts of the new Smash Bros. fighters, but instead they laugh at him and state that it's top secret. Angered, Waluigi tells Fox, Jigglypuff, and Mario that they will regret what they said to him, but Mario continues to egg him on, asking "Whatcha gonna do?". Further angered, Waluigi picks up Mario and demands from him the whereabouts of the new Smash Bros. fighters, threatening to tear him a new butt if he doesn't, making the Italian plumber panic, as he is very fond of his butt. Fox orders Waluigi to put Mario down, and Waluigi instead throws him at Fox and Jigglypuff. Fox and Jigglypuff then attempt to fight Waluigi, but he easily gets the upper hand and defeats both of them. After turning his attention to Mario, the plumber tries to run from Waluigi, but the attempt proved to be fruitless as Waluigi easily caught up to Mario and tackled him. Mario surrenders and promises to reveal to him the whereabouts of the new Smash Bros. fighters. Hearing, this, Waluigi laughs in triumph, but when Mario sheepishly asks if he can have his cake, Waluigi slaps him, knocking him out.

The scene then cuts to Piranha Plant's house, where it is busy folding its laundry. Waluigi then enters the house and confronts Piranha Plant, accusing it of betraying him and that the spot in Smash Bros. was rightfully his (A reference to the internet memes involving how Piranha Plant was accepted as a playable character in Smash Bros.Ultimate instead of Waluigi). In response, Piranha Plant shrugs at first, but then through gestures tells Waluigi to let it go and move on. Offended, Waluigi tells the Plant that it will regret it's "words", and proceeds to fight it. Despite the plant's attempts to defend itself, Waluigi gains the upper hand over it, much like with Fox and Jigglypuff. Right when Waluigi is about to finish off Piranha Plant, he notices a portrait depicting the two together. He then drops his weapon and reminisces about the good times he had with Piranha Plant and bursts into tears. After Piranha Plant recovers from Waluigi's attack, Waluigi tells it that he cared so much about being in Smash Bros. that he lost sight of what was important: their friendship, and the two reconcile