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Hitbox: SMG4 In Real Life is the third episode of Season 1 of Hitbox and the four hundred and sixty video overall to be uploaded by SMG4.

This video was done in collaboration with Invincible Worldwide, which is also the channel collaborating for the series. It was aired on November 21, 2018.


SMG4 goes to buy some memes... but he soon realises that he is in grave danger...


SMG4 makes his way down an alley until he reaches a door. After knocking on the door, it opens, and he enters a large black room. SMG4 then calls for an unnamed meme dealer, as he was supposed to meet said meme dealer in that place so he could get some memes. After getting no response, he continues to explore the area and comes across three figures, each wearing a white mask and brown robe, praying before a shrine dedicated to a man in a pink costume (pictured) with meme related objects on said shrine (A Waluigi plush, a Mario-resembling sumo, and a Thomas the Tank Engine Transformer). SMG4 asks if they are the meme dealers, but then they turn their attention to him and approach him, moving their heads all the while. Panicked, SMG4 tells him that he doesn't need memes because he still has a fresh bag at home, but then the figures run at him, Naruto style. SMG4, now frightened, tells himself that he should've stayed with Bob, and engages in battle with the figures. After managing to deal some blows to him and SMG4 doing the same, the figures assemble for their final form, in which they stack themselves and spin around, and they successfully knock out SMG4.

SMG4 then wakes up to find that he's been tied to a chair next to the shrine, and the figures approach him again. SMG4 begs for them to untie him, threatening to make a meme video about them if they don't. The figures then remove their masks and robes, revealing themselves to be meme goblins. After seeing their real identities, SMG4 concludes that it was obvious that they were behind the current events, and asks what they did to his meme dealer. The meme goblins are excited, as they plan to sacrifice SMG4 to their "lord and savior" (the man in the pink costume in the picture) and proceed with the ritual. The green meme goblin picks up the Waluigi plush and holds it by its legs as it begins to make noises and the screen changes into psychedelic colors, signifying the start of the ritual, but then the red meme goblin interrupts him, stating that he wanted to be the one to do it. After a brief argument over who gets to do the ritual, the meme goblins literally start fighting amongst themselves, while SMG4, still tied to the chair, watches. After successfully knocking the green meme goblin through punches, and the yellow one through a stick duel, the red meme goblin picks up the Waluigi plush, which had been dropped during the fight, and resumes the ritual, approaching SMG4 slowly as the latter begs him not to do it. As the red meme goblin says "All hail the meme lords", SMG4, startled by this, take advantage of the situation and reveals himself as a meme lord to the red meme goblin. While at first doubtful, the red meme goblin discovers that SMG4 really is a meme lord after checking his ID card, and immediately shows respect by bowing down to him. Satisfied that he is finally getting recognition, SMG4 orders the red meme goblin to free him, which the latter does. SMG4 then asks what they did with his meme dealer, and the red meme goblin confesses that he, along with the other two meme goblins, ate the meme dealer. SMG4 decides that he's had enough for the day, and goes home, taking the red meme goblin with him as a pet and calling him "Kevin".


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