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If Mario Ran Nintendo is the third episode of Season 8 and the TBA overall to be uploaded by SMG4.

This is also the ??? of the If Mario was in... (Series). It was aired on January 20, 2018.


Mario becomes the boss of Nintendo and helps develop their next major title.


The video begins with Mario climbing up the glass windows of the Nintendo Headquarters wanting a new game since he had already finished Super Mario Odyssey. On his way up, a few Nintendo employees saw him on the glass windows confused as to why he was on it. He climbed up even more. Eventually, he reached a game plan room where a discussion on the next Mario game was ongoing. After some time, Scout had an idea. He went over to propose Super Mario Gun but Heavy Weapons Guy said no because it was stupid. Instead, the new game idea was New New Super Mario Bros. Everyone celebrated the idea, even Mario. Heavy suddenly saw Mario had been eavesdropping on the discussion and called for his termination.

Mario quickly ran for his life and then hid in the CEO's office. In it, Shigeru Miyamoto could be seen doing work while listening to music. He suddenly had a bathroom urge and headed there, hoping he would not take that long. Just as he left, Mario entered the room with nowhere else to hide. Thinking quick, he disguised himself as Shigeru Miyamoto with his spare hat and tie. His pursuers, two Nintendo guards then burst into the room but they only saw "Shigeru Miyamoto" in it, since Mario had matching hat and tie. Thinking Mario was gone, the guards left.

As Mario celebrated his getaway, Reggie entered the room wanting to ask his boss something. As Reggie did knock beforehand, Mario could be seen "working". Turned out Reggie needed his boss's help in developing a new game. Mario agreed and in the game studio section of the headquarters, several employees were trying to make a new game as expected. It was a game called New Super Mario World, a simple dodge game which Mario commented that it was bad. Reggie exclaimed that he knew why the game could not be developed well and made clear to the employees that they made the boss mad.

Mario decided that the game needed his input to become much better. At the character designing, Mario said that the characters used were old and needed to be replaced. The employee agreed and after a while, made a new character called "Moria" that looked similar to Mario. Mario hated it and said he had to do everything himself. With Reggie's support and the employee looking shocked, he created a new character, "Chris deh Caveman". Reggie loved it and Mario said that the game needed more changes. He switched backgrounds which included Filthy Frank, eventually settled for a flaming background. Just as he was transforming the game, Reggie indicated that the game sound needed help too.

In the recording studio, Mario commented on how the current sound, the piano version of the Super Mario World Title Screen music, was bad and wanted some action music. The employee agreed and changed it to a western theme music. Mario was still unsatisfied and wanted it to be faster. Eventually, it got so fast that it became a rock music and his hands are on fire. Mario liked the music and left. As he got out of the studio, Reggie told him that some investors were waiting for him to go full in-depth on a villain that Shigeru Miyamoto introduced the day before. In the meeting room, Mario tried but failed to convince the investors about a made-up villain, which had a Dark Bowser face pasted onto a Barney. Reggie asked how it went but Mario sidestepped that question by saying sure. He then hoped for Mario to present the new game at the next Nintendo Direct, which Mario happily agreed to.

In the Nintendo Direct, after the audience was introduced to Reggie, he commented on how he enjoyed playing with himself and then introduced the audience to upcoming titles. The first game was Super Smash Bros. Motion Control Edition. In the clip that followed, the narrator asked if the audience was sick of always losing and wanting to beat up their friends, in this case, Mario always losing to SMG4. The narrator then showed the Super Smash Bros. Motion Control Edition in action and said it used the same "shitty" control as The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword. It eventually ended with Mario beating SMG4 out of the house and dancing in the house.

Then, a few more games were showcased: Wii Music 2, which had updated graphics, a brand new instrument, a xylophone with Wario playing it, and had lifesized controllers, Super Mario Farming Simulator, where Mario just gave up on life to become a farmer, gave the player the ability to plant crops (in this case weed), take care of cute farm animals, and fight aliens, which promptly killed Mario, Nintendo Labo, just like its real-life counterpart, allowed the player to build things from cardboard although in this case, Mario assembled a giant killer robot to ride and destroy other people, and Doki Doki Nintendo N Club, a Nintendo-exclusive dating simulator which featured Reggie, Shigeru, and Aonuma all dressed as girls.

Reggie then returned still dressed as a girl to remind the audience that Nintendo loved him and proceeded to show a new game featuring him, The Legend of Reggie: A Link Between ass and told everyone that the game would come out on November 22. The last game for the direct, which was stated to be a landmark production, was the game Mario edited heavily on. It was claimed to have taken 10 years to develop with a hobo even saying it was a contender for Game Of The Year award. The game was New Super Flappy Craft Party Modern Warfare & Knuckles 3D and that the game was on the new Funky Mode. In it, it has Chris try to dodge a bullet spray from the bad guy Mario made up. After a while, Chris lost all his lives and everyone in the audience was gone. Mario with his typical idiocy thought they all liked it but from Reggie's expression, they did not.

The following day, Mario asked who was ready to work but the company was in a state of ruin. He wondered if it was a party but after asking Reggie what happened, he learned that the company was doomed. He asked why was this a problem if Nintendo kept a billion dollars in the bank to which Reggie replied it did but someone spent it all on spaghetti. Mario realized he doomed the company but still asked Reggie for pocket money.

Meanwhile, Miyamoto finally finished using the toilet but when he took off his headphones, he heard with horror that his company was doomed and quickly went outside to calm the situation down. Reggie realized that his boss was here which he concluded that the "boss" he spoke to just now was an imposter and became mad at him. Miyamoto told him that the company should be saved first and subsequently, a montage of Miyamoto doing everything to help his company played. Reggie quickly presented the game, Cooking Mario, to the audience at another Nintendo Direct. The game featured several new items such as new motion controls, actually cooking the joycon, and new amiibos. Reggie then commented on how he was jealous of the amiibo Mario's ass and that his pingas was ready for it. He then thanked the audience for watching.

When Miyamoto reported that Nintendo's sales have been sky-high and their stocks were back to normal, everyone celebrated, including Mario. However, Reggie was still pissed at Mario for nearly ruining Nintendo, causing him to evolve into a pissed Reggigigas. Mario tried to back off but Reggigigas punched him through the building.


Main Characters

Supporting Characters

Minor Characters


  • Peach Toadstool (appears as a green faceless model in one of the windows Mario was climbing)
  • Dr. Eggman (background for a monitor in the background)
  • Filthy Frank (momentarily appeared when the background was changed)
  • Goomba (as an investor for Nintendo)
  • Koopa Troopa (as an investor for Nintendo)
  • Monty Mole (as an investor for Nintendo)
  • Kirby (character controlled by Mario during Super Smash Bros. Motion Control Edition)
  • Wario (appears in Wii Music 2 playing the xylophone)
  • Shulk (in Super Smash Bros. Motion Control Edition)

Music used

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  • All the games presented in the both Nintendo Directs are parodies of other games or franchises except for Nintendo Labo:

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