(SMG4 2016 intro plays)

(The blooper starts when the camera zooms in on Mario's retarded face.)

Mario: OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOH. (Mario is staring at the spaghetti vending machine, he starts humping it multiple times.)\

SVM: Please insert a coin to purchase spaghetti. (Mario looks at the coin symbol with 'x0' at the top right corner, noticing that he has no coins.)

SVM: We have a variety of spaghetti from Parmesan to Italian and our special is-(Mario then shoves a Toad in the money slot.)

SVM: OH SWEET JESUS WHAT ARE YOU DOING STOP IT OH GOD-(the scene cuts to the truck with Heavy inside who is driving while he is having a seizure and singing The Heavy Song.)

(cut back to Mario who is still shoving the Toad inside the money slot.)

Mario: *Angry German Kid sounds*

SVM: HOLY SHIT HELP ME HELP ME CALL THE POLICE I AM BEING ASSAULTED PLEASE! (the vending machine gets knocked out and lands onto the road where Heavy is driving on. Heavy stops singing when he spots it.)

Heavy: Shit! (He screams when he turns the truck around but it bumps into a building. He exits the truck when Mario turns around.)

Heavy: Never, make me angry. (the camera zooms into Heavy's broken face.) It costs $400,000.

Mario: How about a nice game of I DONT GIVE A SHIT! (Heavy grabs his throat and lifts him up.)

Heavy: I promise you, pain without end. Ooh! (He noticed that he is wearing a red hat, which means he is from the RED team.) You, stupid! Come help defend!

Mario: What? I'm not part of your stupid "red" team thing! (This makes Heavy extremely angry and his face gets expanded.)

Mario: Aah! Fine! (Heavy does a creepy smile.)

Heavy: Yes! (He throws Mario into the truck.)

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