(SMG4 2016 intro plays)

(The blooper starts when the camera zooms in on Mario's retarded face.)

Mario: OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOH. (Mario is staring at the spaghetti vending machine, he starts humping it multiple times.)\

SVM: Please insert a coin to purchase spaghetti. (Mario looks at the coin symbol with 'x0' at the top right corner, noticing that he has no coins.)

SVM: We have a variety of spaghetti from Parmesan to Italian and our special is-(Mario then shoves a Toad in the money slot.)

SVM: OH SWEET JESUS WHAT ARE YOU DOING STOP IT OH GOD-(the scene cuts to the truck with Heavy inside who is driving while he is having a seizure and singing The Heavy Song.)

(cut back to Mario who is still shoving the Toad inside the money slot.)

Mario: *Angry German Kid sounds*

SVM: HOLY SHIT HELP ME HELP ME CALL THE POLICE I AM BEING ASSAULTED PLEASE! (the vending machine gets knocked out and lands onto the road where Heavy is driving on. Heavy stops singing when he spots it.)

Heavy: Shit! (He screams when he turns the truck around but it bumps into a building. He exits the truck when Mario turns around.)

Heavy: Never, make me angry. (the camera zooms into Heavy's broken face.) It costs $400,000.

Mario: How about a nice game of I DONT GIVE A SHIT! (Heavy grabs his throat and lifts him up.)

Heavy: I promise you, pain without end. Ooh! (He noticed that he is wearing a red hat, which means he is from the RED team.) You, stupid! Come help defend!

Mario: What? I'm not part of your stupid "red" team thing! (This makes Heavy extremely angry and his face gets expanded.)

Mario: Aah! Fine! (Heavy does a creepy smile.)

Heavy: Yes! (He throws Mario into the truck and drives off with him while he sings.)

Heavy: Come sing with me!

Mario: Mamma Mia... (The "If Mario Was In TF2" intro plays while Heavy is dancing to the song "Space Jam" by Quad City DJ's.)

(The blooper continues with Heavy driving into the badlands

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