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Inkweaver is a magic pen that was constructed by Axol, and is currently owned by Melony. It first appeared in SMG4: The Japan Trip.

It was stolen by the Anime Cartel, as Francis wished to make an island full of waifus.

It was once stolen again by the Teletubbies while Axol was on his Snorlax going through the river.

It was broken in SMG4: The Internet Graveyard, but was shown to be still used as a weapon as seen in the SMG4 Movie: 10 Year Anniversary Special.

In SMG4: If Mario Was In... Anime, Mario found the missing piece at the Internet Graveyard and Axol was able to restore the two missing pieces together.

As of SMG4: The Final Piece, it fused with the possessed Axol's right arm to become a weapon.


Living Drawings

Whoever uses the pen can bring anything they draw, usually anime characters, to life. The more skilled the artist, the more powerful the creations they can make. Axol, being the most skilled with Inkweaver and artistry in general, is the only character shown to be able to wield it to its full potential. However, they tend to only last for a few minutes and are lacking in intelligence.

When Inkweaver uses Inkling ink, the characters become stronger, smarter and they last longer. However, they will still disappear after a set amount of time, unlike Saiko Bichitaru who can last indefinitely. (Due to the fact that she was created by Fishy Boopkins using a Magikoopa's Wand instead of Inkweaver). However, it is implied that they can last for an entire lifetime if the Inkweaver is fully charged, as Ultra Instinct Shaggy was created back in SMG4: Final Hours in 2019, and can still be seen flying around in space in SMG4 Movie: 10 Year Anniversary Special in 2021.

Despite being made of ink, the ink characters do not dissolve in water. As shown during SMG4: Mario and the Experiment, a Godzilla can attack anyone approaching Anime Island, however this could be contradicted by his colossal size.

As an ink pen, Inkweaver will only work so long as it has ink supplied to it. More powerful creations also seem to require a larger amount of ink to bring to life.

However, the Inkweaver needs professional use for its creations to be able to function properly. Poor drawing skills will mean the creations will die quick or not being able to function properly no matter what ink it came from.

It lost this ability due to being broken as revealed in SMG4: The Internet Graveyard, reducing it to a fighting staff.

The two pieces were found and put together in SMG4: If Mario Was In... Anime and it regained its ability.


While planning a way to restore Anime to the Mushroom Kingdom, Axol activates the Inkweaver's orb which shows a visual of Peach and her guards. He uses the orb's ability again a few moments later, revealing visions of his past at Inkopolis regarding as to why he made the pen in the first place.

Ink Boi Upgrade

As of "Meggy's Destiny", E. Gadd modified the Inkweaver so that it works like an Ink Boi, allowing Axol to swim through Inkling ink.

High Durability

The pen has been shown to be able to suffer enormous amounts abuse, which allows it to be used as a melee weapon. The tip of the pen, unfortunately, is not, and it snapped off after Axol fell from a high height with it. It's possible that it broke before falling, as during the flashback scene shattering sounds are heard.

Anime Seeker Upgrade

Frustrated at loosing his title as the number one anime artist, Axol installed a Gadd built anime seeking device into the staff of the Inkweaver which let it travel to anime worlds in search of the missing tip, dragging Mario along with it.






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