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Jax is the tritagonist of the Glitch Productions show, The Amazing Digital Circus.


Jax is a rather tall and lean character resembling a light purple rabbit with long ears, yellow eyes, and yellow teeth usually seen in a smile. He wears a pair of dark pink overalls with a large pink pocket and gold buttons, along with a pair of yellow gloves.


He is a rebel, doing what he wants when he wants it. He's apathetic, sarcastic, and not too caring other's feelings or even his own imprisonment as in his own words, "fine with doing whatever, as long as he gets to see funny things happen to people." He often pranks the other humans, with his common victims being Ragatha and Gangle.


  • According to Gooseworx on Twitter, she said that Jax is her favorite character, calling him "awfol boye".[1]
  • Jax's name may be on the species "Jackrabbit".
  • On July 9, 2023, Duz1771, who made both fanmodels of Pomni and Ragatha has made a fanmodel of Jax into GMOD and SFM, just 6 days after his announcement. Link to Model
  • Jax, along with Gangle, is one of the more direct inspirations/references to Popee (being based on the main titular character of that show) as confirmed by Gooseworx on Tumblr.
  • His attitude and tone are very similar to Niles, who is also voiced by Michael Kovach.
  • Jax's lean body, wide smile, and large head and hands could point to him being based on 1930's "rubberhose" cartoon characters. He also might be inspired of prominent rabbit character, Bugs Bunny, both have gloves (mostly white and also rarely yellow in his earlier shorts and its remake), and it seems he always act like trickster everytime someone threat him, especially many of his famous enemies in most of his featured shorts by Warner Bros. Cartoons. And thats why he is called Bugs Bunny in the German Version from the Gloint queen.
  • In the pilot, Jax's teeth never separate when he speaks, but do when he's being strangled by Zooble.
  • Gooseworx confirmed on Tumblr that Jax is 22 being the youngest in the circus, Zooble is also 22 but half a year older.
  • Gooseworx has confirmed that no one in the circus likes Jax.
  • Gooseworx implied Jax was the last member of the main cast to be created as his creation made her decide to Cut Kaufmo’s role down.
  • His Indonesian voice actor, Richard M.R. Toelle sadly passed away on Febuary 6, 2024. He was replaced by Ian Saybani.
    • Coincidentally, both Richard and Ian voiced MrBeast in Indonesian.
  • The German voice actor also spoke the intro in German.
  • Gooseworx has confirmed everyone in the circus, including Jax, has a reason why they act the way they do. She also stated that Jax is a troubled individual and we'll learn all about him someday.



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