Jeff the killer is the titular character from the Creepypasta of the same name and a minor character that appears in SM64 Halloween 2016 - SPAGHETTI.EXE and SMG4: Detective Mario & Pikachu.


In SM64 Halloween 2016 - SPAGHETTI.EXE he is one of the creepy pasta that the Creepy Mario Statue summons and knocks out Mario.

SMG4: Detective Mario & Pikachu is his second appearance he murders a guy but Mario blames SMG4,because he beat him at Smash Bros.

He made a cameo in SMG4: The Mario Hustle in the crowd next to Hideo Kojima.


  • His voice clip is from the infamous my name Jeff meme.
Hey bro. Where's the spaghetti at Hey bro. Where's the spaghetti at?
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