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Jigglypuff is a minor character in the SMG4 series. It is a dual-type Normal/Fairy Pokémon introduced in Generation I in the Pokémon series.


Jigglypuff is shaped like a round ball, with pink skin, large blue or green eyes, catlike ears, and a tuft of fur on its forehead.

It can inflate its body like a balloon but has never been seen doing that in SMG4's bloopers. They can also sing in soothing voices to put opponents to sleep (unless of course, they have the ability that prevents their opponent from doing so), but in one blooper, a Jigglypuff has a much more lethal ability: it can sing in a tone that makes heads explode into a coin.

Appearances by Episode


In SMG4's videos, a wild Jigglypuff appeared in the blooper "WELCOME TO POKEMANS!", in which it jumped rope on Luigi and later transmitted him a disease called Jigglyaids, causing the green plumber to faint. This event, in fact, happened in a Pokémon video game SMG4 was playing.

A Jigglypuff also made a cameo appearance as a news reporter in the video "Bad Star's Back!" at Delfino Plaza, being bothered by the Old Man Star singing IceJJFish's "On the Floor" on a boat, while it was doing a report on Fox News Channel, talking in a Fox News microphone.

A Jigglypuff appeared in "Stupid Smash Bros." where it was sent out to fight Mario, but before Pokemon Trainer can give a command, it fell asleep.

A Jigglypuff also appeared in "The Ultimate Smash Bros" where it was sent out by Luigi, using Sing to put everyone asleep (Donkey Kong included).

Another Jigglypuff appeared in "Super Mario Guides: HOW TO CATCH POKEMON" during Method 7. In it, Mario places a Substitute doll that plays music as a Jigglypuff comes by. As it presses on the doll, it plays music, and Jigglypuff seems to like it. Mario attempts to sneak up on Jigglypuff while it is distracted, but before Mario can catch it, Jigglypuff turns around and spots Mario (complete with a red "!" appearing over its head) before using Sing in a not-so-soothing tone that makes Mario's head grow big and then explode into a coin. Jigglypuff then says, "Yeah! Let that be a lesson to you, dipshit." It then walks off with extended arms and legs while "Rollin'" plays, prompting Method 8 to begin.

A Jigglypuff appeared in Hitbox: Pokemon Highschool.

Axol summons Jigglypuff to help Melony sleeps in SMG4: The Bed.. Unfortunately, it got popped by Super Ultra Comfy Bed Deluxe.

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