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|home = The Ocean
|home = The Ocean
|family = [[Fishy Boopkins]] (son)<br>[[JubJub]] (Son)<br>
|family = [[Fishy Boopkins]] (son)<br>[[JubJub Boopkins]] (Son)<br>
[[Laa-Laa]] (wife)
[[Laa-Laa]] (wife)
|dislikes =
|dislikes =

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Mr. Boopkins, also known as Joe, is a minor character in the SMG4 series.


He is the father of Fishy Boopkins. He is a massive sea monster sporting a blue suit, a red tie (both similar to that of Octodad's), and also possessing two enormous tentacles that can destroy just about anyone or anything in his path.

Fishy Boopkins often calls upon him in desperate times by shouting "Daddy! He's being mean to me..."

His model is actually Octodad with a Cthulhu head edited on.

In terms of personality, Fishy Boopkins' dad will always be hostile towards those who torture his son. However, he can also be helpful, such as sending people to where they need to go.

In SMG4: Mario and the Experiment, Fishy summons his dad to take down Godzilla. However, he proves to be a much more difficult opponent than what he normally faces. Thanks to Mario unintentionally launching himself out from the cannon and grappling Godzilla, Mr. Boopkins wins.



  • Mr. Boopkins is a combination of Octodad and Cthulhu.
  • It is unknown where he lives, or how he gets to Fishy Boopkins so quickly. Though the latter is probably just comedic effect.
  • Mr. Boopkins might actually be in business underwater,as he wears a business suit, even equipped with a tie.
  • It is unknown who his wife is, or if he is even still married. However, Fishy Boopkins is seen calling for his mother when attacked by T-Pose Zombies, indicating that she is still alive.
    • In the Hobo Theatre, Fishy Boopkins' mother was revealed to be Laa-Laa.
  • In the Hobo Theatre, his first name was revealed to be Joe, and he was depicted as Kermit The Frog with the Cthulhu mask. It is unknown why the change was made.
  • His style is inspired by Octodad.

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