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Where is she ?

—Kaizo Koorumaniru, upon learning about Saiko's disappearance., SMG4: DO NOT ENTER

Kaizo Koorumaniru is a major character in the SMG4 series.

Created by Jarrad Rumble, Luke and Kevin Lerdwichagul in the 5 million subscribers livestream, he made his first appearance in SMG4: DO NOT ENTER and later his first physical appearance as a 3D model in SMG4: Mario meets a demon and is shortly beheaded and he served as the main antagonist of the said blooper.


According to an Instagram post by Luke, Kaizo is the main protagonist of Saiko's game, dubbed "Kevin's School", in which Fishy Boopkins was playing in his perspective in SMG4: Doki Doki Mario Club. He is a demon from hell looking for love in high school.[1]

Kaizo wears a red jacket with white paddings, a black t-shirt and black pants. He has gray horns and yellow eyes.


Kaizo appears to be a demon humanoid with short, unkempt white hair, green eyes and long horns. He wears a long-sleeved shirt containing a stickman, wears knee-length shorts and boots. He also carries a scythe that transforms into a pair of drumsticks.

His official appearance kept most of his characteristic appearances in the concept art, with the addition of a headband and now wears a red jacket with white paddings, a black t-shirt and black pants.


His physical appearance showed that he has an edgy personality of that of a delinquent. He is also known to be violent as Saiko Bichitaru, presumably much more when he beheaded Mario in self-defence in SMG4: Mario meets a demon and is shortly beheaded. Due to his history of chaotic activities he had along with Saiko, he is very maladjusted, resorting to destruction and carnage without any degree of remorse. Unlike Saiko, who maintained a sense of control over her actions for the sake of her friends, Kaizo is a person who refuses the idea of changing and will resort to walking out on people who do not share the same ideas as him. He is against anything to what he considers as wholesome, even willing to kill a puppy.


SMG4: Doki Doki Mario Club

As he was not conceptualized at the time of this video, he indirectly took the role of the protagonist in the game Kevin's School, whose perspective is played through Fishy Boopkins.


Up until this episode, Saiko had learned of her origins and wanted to find a way to get back into the game, and in order to not let her friends know, she had hid Fishy Boopkins' laptop with the game in a room that restricted anyone of entry apart from her. In this episode, Mario thought that his "dreams" lie beyond the forbidden room and fought so hard with Saiko to gain access, eventually doing so.

Mario stumbled upon the laptop, and turned on the game. There, Kaizo made his first appearance, albeit illustrated, asking the protagonist about how his date went. He was then supposed to bring his friend to Saiko to teach combat moves for the upcoming battle royale, but upon learning that Saiko was absent, he was shocked, while also causing the game to glitch.

SMG4: Mario meets a demon and is shortly beheaded

In his first physical appearance, he was brought out of the game by Saiko using Tari's cyborg arm, and when Mario found him just as he came in, he provoked an attack, only for him to behead him in self-defence. Once he was out, he found out that Saiko had lost her dynamic after spending 4 years missing and had hung out with her new friends often. When they reunited to play one song together, Kaizo stopped midway as he noticed that Saiko's commitment to chaos and violence had toned down and encouraged her to break her table lamp to get her spirits up, much to the protest of Tari, who did not like the idea of Saiko going violent as she used to. Saiko, nevertheless broke the lamp anyway to appease Kaizo and they went in a rampage across town, much to the concern of Luigi and Tari.

Numerous attempts were made by Luigi and Tari to try to bring them to their senses, but almost every attempt had been warded off by Kaizo. Ultimately, Luigi and Tari used their ultimate attack (a powerful hug) to bring Saiko back to their senses, much to the chagrin of Kaizo, who did not like that Saiko had changed and walked away from them towards the woods after being disappointed at her for not being what she used to be.

SMG4: Mario Gets Lit

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SMG4: The Meme Games 2022

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Criminal Record

Due to his edgy personality and disregard for the law, he has of course committed numerous crimes.



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Fan reaction for Kaizo's design following his creation has been mixed. It has mainly been criticised for both his anime-influenced appearance (which has become a repeating staple in SMG4's original characters), and especially his devil horns, which fans say makes him look overly edgy. But this was only because his appearance was chosen via polls during the live stream.


  • He's the second male original character to have a humanoid appearance, the first being Whimpu.
  • Kaizo's white hair, fanged teeth and connections with scythe weapons bears similarities to Soul Evans from Soul Eater. His demonic origins also seem to draw inspiration from Dante from Devil May Cry.
  • Kaizo's name appears to be similar to Saiko.
  • In his concept art, Kaizo is holding a pair of drumsticks. From this, it is assumed that he is a musician, most likely a drummer.
  • His first name was inspired by Kaizo Mario World, also known as Asshole Mario. His surname is a combination of two words, with Kooru (凍る) meaning freeze, and -niru (煮る) meaning simmer, with the -ma part joining the words together.
    • The two words in the surname contradict each other, much similarly to hot and cold, implying that he has a temperamental and aloof personality.
    • However, another explanation would be that if translated into a single word, then his surname means freezing paint, which does not make sense unless the word freezing could also hint his aloofness.
  • Unlike Saiko, Kaizo was taken out of the game using Tari's Meta Runner technology instead of using Kamek's wand.

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