Kermit drinking tea. This is not from SMG4.


Kermit dancing with Frankie and Samus.

Kermit the Frog is a Muppet created by Jim Henson. He first appears as a cameo in SM64 Guides: How to Get dem Coins. dancing with Frankie and Zero Suit Samus and then makes a major appearance in Retarded64: Mario the Olympian as one of the competitors in the Olympics.

In SM64 Valentines 2017: GET THE GIRL!, A Shy Gal chooses him because Kermit is a "great DJ". Later, Kermit plays some songs on the DJ booth. He reappears as a minigame hoster in Retarded64: Stupid Mario Party. In SMG4: If Mario was in... Baldi's Basics, he appears as a pizza man who due to Mario not knowing math ends up giving 300,000 dollars to him.

Just don't forget, "He's gonna make the whole world deaf, from all of your screams, Do dola do dola do..."


Kermit is a green frog with vertical single-stripe-pupils and a yellow collar. During his cameo in SM64 Guides: How to Get dem Coins, he wore a Hawaiian T-shirt and Khaki shorts. However, in some of later videos, he didn`t wear these clothes and now he has a new voice now similar to Fishy Boopkins (Kevin Lerdwichagul), but almost like the actual character.



  • The reason Kermit wore a Hawaiian T-shirt is because his model is ripped from the game Muppets Party Cruise, where Kermit wore the said shirt.
  • Kermit is a great DJ.
  • He and Mario are enemies.
  • He knows a thing or two about fingers up butts.
  • In recent appearances, Kermit is a news anchor, and he is voiced by Kevin Lerdwichagul, using his Fishy Boopkins voice, albeit in a higher pitch.
  • He's gonna make the whole world deaf, from all of your screams, Do dola do dola do...
Hey bro. Where's the spaghetti at Hey bro. Where's the spaghetti at?
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