Kevin Lerdwichagul (born 21 June 1994) is Luke Lerdwichagul's older brother, who first appeared in SM64: Mario In Real Life!? (200 Vid Special). According to him, Luke has never completed a Zelda game. Kevin is a "true Zelda fan" who has played all the games. He is the current acting CEO of Glitch Productions and a writer for many of the recent and current videos. He's the ex-boyfriend of Ellyn Barclay. He's also the voice of Fishy Boopkins and Axol.


He is the voice of Axol, Fishy Boopkins, and many other characters. He is also the writer of SMG4.

Hobo Bros

Kevin has made a bigger role in Hobo Bros, as the main character with his brother Luke. Together, they play games and mainly troll around with each other in a failed attempt to win against each other.

Glitch Productions

As mentioned in one of the mail videos, SMG4 and Kevin created a company called Glitch Productions. The company is responsible for the management of SMG4, Hobo Bros and Meta Runner. Currently, he is the CEO of the company.


  • He has appeared in every episode of the SMG4 show as well as The Hobo Bros.
  • As shown in the "MY PRAYERS HAVE BEEN ANSWERED - SMG4 Mail Time" vid, he is a fan of Yu-Gi-Oh.
  • At the time of his first appearance, he was thought to just be SMG4's friend. However, in The SMG4 Show, he was revealed to be his brother.
  • He is a The Legend of Zelda fan.
  • His favorite Pokemon is Snorlax.
  • He is the voice actor for Fishy Boopkins, Kermit The Frog, and Axol.
    • In an episode of the Hobo Bros in one of the NSMBW gameplays, "THE BIRTH OF FISHY BOOPKINS AND THE DEATH OF BOWSER JUNIOR", Kevin confirmed that he doesn't like Fishy Boopkins (yet doesn’t loathe him).
  • Kevin loves Anime.
  • He used to have a DeviantArt account called "oceanweapon" where he posted comics, drawings, and animations related to anime and video games, particularly Zelda and Fire Emblem.
    • An episode on Hobo Bros (as part of the Hobo Pod series) revealed that he owned several more channels.
  • Kevin is the writer of the more recent SMG4 episodes, starting in 2016-17.
  • He is good at Martial arts, unlike his brother Luke (possibly).

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