Kiddy Kong

Kiddy Kong is Dixie Kong's cousin and Chunky Kong's younger brother. In SMG4, he appears in SMG4: Mario VS Donkey Kong where they are entering Donkey Kong's first lair. Mario replaces Dixie Kong with a red balloon replica but it fails and the security guard lets Dixie and Kiddy pass anyway but not Mario. Mario then finds another way to get in.

He is seen again in SSENMODNAR 12 - STOLEN SPAGHETTI EDITION when Steve was making Prank Phone calls, but soon gets a death threat, a knock on his door leaves him nervous when he trys to answer it, the one to answer is Kiddy Kong but is then Blown away by Steves Rocket

He appears at Orphans R' us in SMG4: Bowser Loses Custody Of His Children.

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