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King Dedede is a minor character in the SMG4 series.

He is Kirby's arch-nemesis and the main antagonist and/or anti-hero in Nintendo and HAL Laboratory's long running Kirby video game series. He is the greedy, lazy, evil, self-proclaimed king of Dream Land which is located on the quaint Planet Popstar

Certain installments have him play a heroic role instead of a villainous one, such as Kirby's Return To Dreamland and Kirby Star Allies.


King Dedede resembles a large penguin, dressed in a red royal finery, with his emblem on the back. King Dedede himself is blue-skinned with a yellow mouth beak, he has a red cap lined with a yellow or gold rim and a white ball at the top. he has blue flipper-like hands with yellow mittens, a tan piece of clothing, a girdle with red and yellow zig-zags.

Sometimes, in SMG4's bloopers, King Dedede might just appear with his head and arms on a Gmod NPC.


King Dedede made his first appearance in R64: Stupid Smash Bros, in the video he appears after Mario dodges Ness and Lucas's attacks. He appears behind Mario using his final smash known as the Waddle Dee Army.

Dedede later appears in SMG4: Mario Battle Royale as one of the fighters that survived getting dropped off the plane. Shortly afterwards, Kirby began chasing him with a rifle. Due to the fact that the penguin had no weapons up his disposal, and the fact he tripped, Dedede stood no chance against the puffball. As a result, he quickly got eliminated from the Battle.

Dedede made a more prominent role in SMG4: If Mario Was In... Kirby Star Allies, in the video he would try to defend his food stash from Mario and Kirby as it was a misunderstanding. When his food stash was stolen by the Halberd, he and Kirby would fly after the battleship to rescue Mario and save the food.

On board they discovered that Meta Knight did not steal all the food as he was tied up. They did find Darth Vader who was actually SMG3 in disguise stealing all of Dream Land's food. Once SMG3 was defeated, Kirby, Mario, and Dedede would have a picnic on the ground.

In SMG4: The Japan Trip, while Saiko was being chased by the police, she pinned the blame on an idle Dedede, causing the police to attack the penguin (and presumably arrest him), allowing her to escape.



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