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I wonder what's for dinner...

—King Harkinian

King Harkinian is a minor character in the SMG4 series.

He is a character from the infamous CD-i Zelda games. He first appeared in SMG4 N' Pals: Seaside Stupidity Part 2 in Admiral S. Swipe collection.


SMG4 N' Pals: Seaside Stupidity Part 1 and Part 2

King Harkinian makes a cameo as part of Admiral S. Swipe’s collection.

SMG4: Marioception

The King makes a cameo inside SMG4’s dream.

♫ The Ultimate Smash Bros ♫

He makes a minor appearance as one of the fighters in the song, eventually getting defeated by an unknown fighter during the episode.

SMG4: The Grand Mario Hotel

He makes his appearance as a Mario himself, reminding Stupid Mario that all the Marios are coming to eat dinner.


He appears as one of the items Bendy drops on Mario.

SMG4: Mario Battle Royale

Harkinian makes a brief appearance sitting inside the plane, during which Master Hand announces about the new Battle Royale about to take place. The King was eventually eliminated by an unknown fighter offscreen.

SMG4: The Super Dudes

In the opening, King Harkinian casually strolls inside the mall, wondering what’s for dinner. Mario knocks the King out of the way, causing Hyrule’s Dinner King to exclaim, “Oh! Shit!”

SMG4: Super Challenge 64

He appears getting run over by Mario doing a challenge.

SMG4: Stupid Mario Maker 2

As part of the item box’s wide variety of items, Harkinian’s head appears as a brief cameo when the item box taunts the Mario Bros.

SMG4: SMG4 Runs Out of Memes

He appears in SMG4's YTP.

SMG4: Nintendo Gets Deleted

Link summons clones of him.


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