The King Pipe on his chair, as seen in the cideo "Problematic Pipe Problems".

The King Pipe is the only known ruler of the sentient pipes of SMG4's video "Problematic Pipe Problems", in which he led a revolt against Mario for incompetent plumbing.

Physical Description


King Pipe is a green, cylindrical Warp Pipe, as are almost all of his sentient subjects. As them, he's faceless, and communicates almost only via pipe sound effects that are altered in pitch and speed.


Somewhat of note is that King Pipe is one of the only Warp Pipes known to wear clothes, although the monarch's outfit is simple at best. To demonstrate his position of royalty, King Pipe wears a ruby-studded crown on his lip.


King Pipe's first appearance in SMG4's videos, and likely his only major one, was in the blooper "Problematic Pipe Problems". In this episode, he spawned Warp Pipes all over the grounds of the Princess Peach's Castle to attack Mario; when the plumber decided to investigate, King Pipe locked him in a cage. After Mario taught the pipes how to plumb themselves, however, the king freed him and allowed him to return home, therefore making him one of the few villains to survive after a blooper he/she/it antagonized. King Pipe would make a second appearance in SMG4's videos, 4 1/2 years later, in SMG4: 3 MILLION SUB FAN COLLABORATION! as one of the skit characters.

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