Koopa Cafe is a Cafe in the Mushroom Kingdom, making its first appearance in SMG4: The Mario Café.

Bowser made Mario and various others work here to pay off his debts, as the former had killed off many of his minions.

Shroomy was the first customer.


"Former" Workers

Workers that couldn't work there because of Mario's "Sitting".



  • Venti Ice Skinny Decaf Hazelnut Macchiato No Whip Ultimate Grand Super Craft Party Coffee Deluxe
  • Eggs Benedick
  • Tasteless coffee (which is actually water)
  • Eggs and bacon plate
  • Mushroom omelette
  • Hamburger
  • A large bacon (with extra bacon)
  • Mushroom soup (hold the mushroom or not)
  • Extra crispy deep fried donut

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  • Though Bowser claims that Mario had wiped out his minions, many Goombas and Koopa Troopas can be seen at the restaurant as customers.

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