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Koopa Troopas, or Koopas for short, are minor characters in the SMG4 series.

As a species of turtle, Koopas are often members of Bowser's army, and thus attack Mario, as shown in multiple Mario games.

In-game, Koopa shells can be ridden (or be kicked in other games) after being detached from the enemy's body. Without its shell, the Koopa will be shown in its underpants, and run around embarrassed. Shell-surfing protects Mario from several hazards such as lava burns and damage from weak enemies. The shell will break if it hits a wall, however.

In SMG4 series, Koopas are minor characters that don’t appear that often, with the exception of their leader, Bowser. They are said to be very retarded and they like to call people fat. Their in-game behaviors are also used for comedy. There are also female variants with eyelashes, but they don't appear often.

Notable Koopa Troopas


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