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The Kraken Krew is a motorcycle gang who first debuted in the episode, SMG4: The E G G as major antagonists. Fishy Boopkins' recently-born younger brother JubJub Boopkins formed a bond with their leader, Ghost Rider, due to his jacket bearing a kraken on the back, which so happened to resemble Joe Boopkins' face, his actual father.

Physical Appearance

The members are mostly made up of Team Fortress 2 members such as Heavy Weapons Guy and Medic, albeit with a costume swap to make them look more like biker gang members.

The leader, however, is Ghost Rider, who takes on his appearance from the live-action superhero films Ghost Rider and Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance.



  • It's left ambiguous as to what happened to them following JubJub being reunited with his father, but it is doubtful that Joe Boopkins would allow the gang to harm his son.
  • The only Team Fortress 2 mercenaries who are not part of the crew are the Scout and the Demoman.

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