Lakitu is a recurring character in the SMG4 series, debuting in the first blooper, The Cake Is a Lie!; overall, however, his appearances are mostly limited to the earlier videos.

Cameraman, mechanic and nerd, Lakitu is constantly filming Mario, and constantly riding a cloud that sometimes becomes invisible. SM64: Mario In Real Life!? (200 Vid Special). His latest cameo appearance is SMG4: Mario and the Anime Challenge. According to Mario, no one loves him. As of right now, he rarely appears.


In Super Mario 64, two particular Lakitus known as the "Lakitu Bros." do not serve as enemies, instead of becoming important characters. As self-proclaimed "seasoned cameramen", the Lakitu Bros. are tasked with filming Mario live on his latest journey: the Lakitu Bro. holding the camera could be rotated and zoomed around Mario with the C-Pad, allowing better camera angles during gameplay. The Lakitu we know from SMG4's bloopers is likely a parody of or reference to these characters. Lakitu, it seems, has grown tired of filming Mario's idiocy. He is quick to make snarky interjections to anything Mario says, rather than giving game advice as the Lakitu Bros. did.


Lakitu is a snide, sarcastic techie who seems rather fed up with not only Mario but also his current occupation. He is also a nerd and has much knowledge about technology, cameras, and photography in particular. He also seems to be pretty lazy/inconsiderate himself, as shown in Super Mario 64 Bloopers: Mario at the Olympic Games, where he forced Mario to train for the Olympics to get a 1,000 cash award for him against his will (rather than simply entering the Olympics himself).



  • He only gained more prominence in the first season. Starting in 2012, Latiku started to decrease in appearances.
  • He is the shortest-serving major character in the entire series, with his role only lasting for the first season.


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