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Let's chill out for a bit, I got some pocky here if you want some.

Lamar Roland Williams is a major character in Meta Runner and the first member of MD-5 that Tari meets.


Lamar is an African-American man who has an average build, and is slightly taller than Tari. He has lightish brown hair, sharp eyebrows, green eyes, a faint small mustache, and a goatee.

Lamar wears a black beanie with 2 yellow stripes and red triangle. which is likely its brand's logo, a black and yellow tank top with a hood, grey pants, a black belt with a silver buckle and some logos on it and black shoes. In season 2 not much has changed except extra detail on his jacket and the hair darken.

His Meta Runner arm is on his left, while his right is organic, with yellow and green wristbands.


Lamar is an otaku. A running gag is that he has a new body pillow in almost every episode he's featured in, each based on a character from Nova Explorers. This makes him seem like somewhat of a comedy relief, but he is intelligent and hates risks, shown from his disdain of Operation: Silent Demon.

He is laid-back and doesn't seem to mind the life he has chilled out in the MD-5 base.


  • Lamar originally had a blue color scheme on his shirt and hat, before it was changed to black, possibly to make said color scheme less similar to Tari's.
  • On the wallpaper of his Meta Runner arm's UI, he has 3 anime girls, which are references to Monika, Natsuki and Yuri from the visual novel/psychological horror video game Doki Doki Literature Club!.
  • his name may be a reference to the mucic artist by the same name (link is here)

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