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LegoGuy77777 was a minor youtuber in the SMG4 series.

He made a few videos on the video game Roblox. He is currently inactive on YouTube.


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He mostly appeared as a cameo in the Ssenmodnar series.

Ssenmodnar 3 (10,000 subs special :D)

In this video, he's seen waiting outside the toilet room of the Princess Peach's Castle while another guy is pooping for several hours.

Ssenmodnar 6 (New Year's Edition)

In this episode, he comes in the piano room of Big Boo's Mansion, but then hears the Dr. Dr. Eggman's voice saying "PINGAS!", and then gets afraid.

Castle Royale

He makes a cameo appearance with other people in this blooper.

SM64: Bad Star's Back! 300k Special

He makes a cameo appearance with two other citizens scared and stormed by the evil Ztar.

SM64: Cooking with mario and bowser 3!

He appears as a customer, but a Spaghetti Monster bites his head off killing him.

Color code

LegoGuy77777's color code may be based on the LEGO characters (hence his pseudonym), who usually have yellow skin. It can also mirror MarioMario54321's because of the colours used. Most of the shades are very marked and he has the LEGO color scheme.

  • Gray overalls
  • Dark yellow cap, harms, and shirt,
  • Dark blue gloves
  • Brown shoes (different to Mario's and nearly orange)
  • Yellow face
  • Nasturtium red hair


  • His pseudonym of "LegoGuy77777" is sometimes misspelled as "LegoGuy7777" (with four "7" instead of five). It's also never mentioned in SMG4's videos, along with the pseudonyms of several other YouTubers who usually make cameo appearances only, like SuperMarioFan590 and Superstarxalien169.
  • It is believed in SMG4 canon that he is dead since in SM64: Cooking with mario and bowser 3! the Policeman states that he was murdered. Even if his death in the video may be a little comedic, he hasn't appeared since.

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