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Lemmy Koopa, occasionally known a Little Lemmy Koopa, is a silly Koopaling who appears in the Mario games who appears to be obsessed with Circus Balls.


In SMG4's series, he mainly just had cameos until SMG4: Stupid Mario World where he had his first major appearance. Bowser Jr. sends Lemmy and his siblings to defeat Mario and Yoshi. Lemmy is encountered in the Caverns. Lemmy tries to prevent Mario and Yoshi from ever escaping the Caverns and he is shown to hate being ignored. Mario and Yoshi managed to escape the cavern thanks to Mario tricking Yoshi into eating a giant rock melon which increased Yoshi's weight enough to make an exit and they snuck past Lemmy while he was watching Anime and made their way to the sky.

Lemmy has been seen on more than one occasion to be acquainted with Fishy Boopkins, as they share a penchant for watching and obsessing over anime. This was most recently seen in "Mario's Illegal Operation," when he was working for the Anime Cartel to smuggle in and illegally distribute anime goods.



Stupid Mario


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