Long SMG4 is a recurring character in the SMG4 series. He is a stretched version of SMG4. He is commonly shown as a rival of Beeg SMG4.


The Totally Legit Learning Show With SMG4

In his debut appearance, he only appears as part of a screen transition alongside Beeg SMG4.

Mario The Supreme Leader

He appears as one of the religious figures believed to be the true God, in conflict with supporters of Beeg SMG4 being the true God. This caused the toad servants to inform Mario about this conflicting, causing Mario to come out and combine both Beeg SMG4 and Long SMG4 into Bong SMG4, much to the approval of both groups.

War On Beeg SMG4

He appears when Professor E. Gadd fused SMG4's hair with a demon hand from The Upside Down to create him. There, he grew bigger until he was touching Beeg SMG4, punting him back into space and saving the Mushroom Kingdom from the collision.



  • According to SMG4: Mario The Supreme Leader, both Luigi and Fishy Boopkins support Long SMG4.
  • Outside of SMG4 canon, he was created by the user Viclis in mid-2019. He was first related to Beeg SMG4 after a user compared them together on Twitter.


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