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—Final words before her death, META RUNNER - Season 1 Episode 1: Wrong Warp

Lucinia Porter was the late sister of Sofia Porter that appeared in the beginning of Meta Runner. She first appeared in the episode "Wrong Warp". In "Game Plan", it was revealed that she died in the explosion while working on Project Blue with Dr. Sheridan.


Lucinia was a young woman with bright long fuchsia hair, pale fair skin, and a slender build. She was shown to wear a black tank top and dark-blue shorts with a navy hoodie tied around her waist, as well as black tube-socks and thigh-high black leather boots. Being a Meta Runner, she had a mechanical left arm she used in gaming competitions, which seems to resemble Tari's model.


Not much was known about her, but she appeared to be a Meta Runner in TAS Corp.'s employ. She was shown to have a strong friendship with Belle Fontiere, and seemed rather shy and unassuming. In addition, she was associated in some way with Dr. Sheridan, given she was present when his laboratory exploded.


Lucinia was one of TAS Corp.'s notable Meta Runners, enough that she appeared in company ads. She became acquainted with Belle Frontiere and the two became close as a result.

Eventually, she became affiliated with Dr. Sheridan and Project Blue. She aided him in his research until the fateful accident that destroyed his lab, presumably killing her in the process.


  • She was part of Project Blue as shown from Game Plan.

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