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"Change of plan... I no longer just want her abilities for TAS Corp... I want her!"

Lucks is the main antagonist of the Meta Runner series. He is the CEO of TAS Corp. and intends to use Tari for her ability to warp into video games.


At some point before the start of the show, Lucks developed the Meta Runner technology, revolutionizing the gaming industry.

One day, while running some clean-up after a failed speedrun attempt by Belle, he was alerted to Tari and her ability to go into games. He was quick to bring in his team to study it and accidentally brought Tari out of the game. Despite his attempts to smooth talk her, Tari fled and Lucks has his team discreetly chase her through the night. Though Tari, with the help of Lamar, eluded him, Lucks vowed that she would be his one day.


Lucks is a Caucasian male with blue eyes, slicked-back blonde hair and light beard stubble. His usual outfit is a blue business suit with a white undershirt and black tie.


On the surface, Lucks appears to be a man very much in control of his emotions. No matter the situation, he always speaks with an even keel whether it's giving orders or threatening a subordinate. Just beneath that, however, he possesses some strong anger issues and has no problem with making other suffer for his goals.

Lucks seems to be an opportunist as he sees almost anything as an opportunity in some kind of way, and seeks to take advantage of it. This leads to moments of obsession, such as his desire to make Tari his. He doesn't care who he hurts or what gets destroyed along the way as long as it suits his goals. He does have some measure of self-restraint, taking precautions not to raise attention when possible.

It can be seen, however, that he will go to extreme lengths when necessary to achieve his goals, such as when he shoots Masa's forearm off, or entraps Theo in a comatose-like state after destroying his game cartridge, as 'collateral' to keep Tari loyal to TAS Corp, and dissuade MD-5 from giving TAS Corp anymore trouble.


  • Lucks seems to have much power and influence in Silica City, as his company, TAS Corp seems to be #1 in the production of gaming tools and enhancers, and even has the Chief of Police in his pocket.
  • Despite being head of one of the biggest gaming corporations in the city, Lucks is noted as having no skill with video games whatsoever.
  • Lucks was originally listed as “Lux” in the official trailer description on YouTube.
  • Lucks went through a redesign since his appearance in the trailer, this was because the team felt it would better fit his character.

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