Not to be confused with his beta version, doll counterpart and his Malleo Bros version.
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Number one, motherf*cker!

—Luigi, when he was gonna launch a Bullet Bill at Wario.
Number one, motherfucker!

Luigi Mario is a classic major character and the deuteragonist of the SMG4 series.

He is a green-clad Italian plumber from the Super Mario franchise, Mario's younger twin brother/sidekick, an innocent citizen of the Mushroom Kingdom, the lover(?) of Daisy (it's unknown if they still date), and a loyal member of SMG4's Gang. He went on many adventures throughout many years and would often be there to handle Mario's shenanigans.

Rather than being a lovable coward sidekick to Mario, this Luigi is often portrayed as a paranoid and easily scared manchild (mainly afraid of Boos), who is abused and humiliated by his peers. While he does have awesome and courageous moments, they are normally very rare. He is commonly treated as a joke of bully victim in a couple of bloopers, being called gay and someone who "nobody cares about". In SM64 Bloopers: Luigi Labyrinth, he became a villain who tried to rule the kingdom with Luigi Dolls. Despite how inferior he was treated, he is selfless and willing to commit for his friends.


Like Mario, Luigi's exact origin is a mystery. In Super Mario 64 Bloopers: How Mario was Born, Mario apparently pooped Luigi out (due to some problem in Mario's genetic makeup), which would technically make him Luigi's birthparent. This was retconned in The (TOTALLY ACCURATE) Documentary of Mario, where he apparently met Mario at an orphanage.

In SM64: Meet the Luigi, there were many conflicting reports of how Luigi became awkward and cowardly. According to Toad, Luigi was playing with a doll modeled around himself, but accidentally kicked it into a toilet. When he went to retrieve it (getting stuck in the toilet seat in the process), Wario came around and sitting on the toilet seat, proceeded to unknowingly poop on Luigi, scarring the green plumber for life. According to Mario, something bad must have happened to him in his childhood and the scene cut to a flashback revealing a Klepto kidnapping Luigi.

A running gag in the series is that Luigi is abused and humiliated, such as by his own brother. When not being physically attacked, Luigi is often the victim of verbal abuse, including accusations of homosexuality. However, he can also provide comic relief due to being the butt of so many jokes.

Originally, Luigi looked like a re-texture of his brother Mario, just like many other characters in SMG4's videos. However, beginning on March 7, 2016, his appearance changed slightly to better match his current look in the main Nintendo canon, but still as a Super Mario 64 sprite.


Luigi's old appearance

He once had two YouTube channels, but the first one was temporarily banned due to Luigi's intro being a ripoff, and the second one was due to Mario's streaking. However this is only in SMG4's canon, and not in real life.


Uh... Bro? Are you sure about this?

—Luigi's cowardice gets the best of him.
Luigi is kinder and more understanding than nearly all of the other characters. He is often cheery, enthusiastic, fun, and ready to lend a helping hand. Compared to other SMG4 characters, his personality has not been drastically changed from his Nintendo counterpart. He also relies on common sense, unlike Mario, who usually tries to solve problems with violence.

An example of Luigi's pacifism: trying to stop Toad from running over Koopas.

His main weaknesses are his cowardice (though he was fully willing to rescue his brother twice despite this), in which he gets very nervous when doing something dangerous or immoral, and his easily-exploited kindness, which often results in him being treated worthlessly like a doormat. This version of Luigi is more likely to get scared than the mainstream one, already freaking out upon seeing Goombas (which funnily enough, are the weakest enemies in the Mario franchise) and knocking into stranger's houses. He was also shown in The Toadassass-ination to be stupid as he is seen protecting Koopas when Mario told him to throw them at Toad. Like his mainstream counterpart, Luigi suffers from an inferiority complex, constantly overshadowed by his older brother's popularity and basically being treated as a nobody.

"Okie-dokie, look out!"

—Luigi when serious

However, when pushed too far beyond the limit, he has been seen to get angry. In these rare instances, he can be very unrelenting and mean, such as when he teamed up with Waluigi, though he usually reverts back to his normal personality when he calms back down. Luigi has also often been accused of being gay. He usually denies this, but he has shown homosexual behavior many times. However, he was attracted to Daisy in SM64: The Adventures Of Mario And Luigi Ep 4, Super Mario 64 Bloopers: Awkward Weddings but has also watched ***** men on SMG4's computer, so he may be bisexual.

A running gag in SMG4's videos is that Luigi has a tendency to celebrate things too early, which often results in misfortune befalling him. For example, when some of SMG3's forces attacked him, Luigi managed to hold him off. However, even though he was still in hostile territory, he began to celebrate, which resulted in Shrek sitting on him and capturing him.

In some recent videos, Luigi has been shown to be a bit suicidal, offering to sacrifice himself to help his friends in serious moments.

Criminal Record

Luigi has committed various crimes in the series, most of the time by accident. He also sometimes gets framed of crimes by his own brother, Mario.

  • Murder, Assault, and making somebody cry at his ugliness: In A Lost Luigi, Luigi accidentally kicked a man into the sea, threw a ruby into a Toad after the latter lied to him, and when he said "hi" to a nearby man, he freaked out at how ugly Luigi apparently was and fled. This led the policeman in the video to try and arrest him.
  • Demonic Rituals: In Mario Preschool, Luigi accidentally summoned Satan the Devil (who was revealed to be a good friend of him) while teaching preschoolers about shapes. This led to him being arrested offscreen.
  • Accidental Mass Murder: In Super Mario 64 Bloopers: Crime Time, Luigi accidentally murdered a boat of passengers in DK's Jungle Parkway while making a bet with Mario.
  • Illegal Operations: In the Anime Arc, Luigi reluctantly joined the Anime Cartel (a criminal organization which, following the anime ban, smuggles the now-illegal anime into the Mushroom Kingdom), to lift the Anime ban. This charge was possibly dropped.



Despite his cowardice, Luigi has many abilities that he rarely uses on the field.

  • Green Missile Attack: Luigi's iconic move from the Super Smash Bros. series, Luigi charges the attack and upon finishing, propels himself like a missile at incredible speed, hitting a nearby opponent and send them crashing into another room. Stupid Smash Bros (where Luigi was brainwashed), SMG4: The Splatfest Incident where Luigi used it to defend Tari, and Final Hours were the only instances where the Green Missile Attack failed (in the former, Mario dodged the attack, and in the latter, during the SMG4 gang's fight with Goku from Dragon Ball, Goku managed to catch said attack without flinching).
  • Superhuman Strength: Although not as strong like his brother Mario (who even managed to lift a control panel of a train, mind you), Luigi has a great level of strength, which was best demonstrated in High School Mario, where he managed to lift Mario (who according to New Year, New Mario, weighs 14,000 pounds, which equals 7 tons), threw at Bowser a milk carton which was somehow enough to hit the Koopa King and send him flying, and even hitting him and making him crash into a truck.
  • Superhuman Speed: In Mario's JackassLuigi outran an ENTIRE bull stampede. Since bulls usually run 20 miles per hour, this feat is very impressive in itself.
  • "Death Stare": Originating from the meme of the same name, Luigi gives a person a disapproving and menacing glare as he passes by. In Smexy Soccer, a Boo was utterly horrified by the Death Stare (which is ironic given Luigi's phasmophobia, which means extreme fear of ghosts, and the Boo is a ghost).
  • Superhuman Agility: Due to his skinniness, Luigi is extremely agile, being able to jump much higher than Mario. More ridiculous is his ability to dodge, as shown in Wild, Wild Mariowhere he managed to dodge several gunshots from Wario and Waluigi, without tiring (although he was left traumatized from the constant dodging).
  • Great Dancing: Luigi is an expert dancer (having shown so many times in Meet the Luigi, much to Lakitu's frustration), having practiced it many times while Mario was away.
  • Bilingual: Due to his Italian heritage, Luigi knows both the Italian and English languages.
  • Negative Zone: Also inherited from the Super Smash Bros. series, Luigi initiates a strange dance which causes a green sphere to appear and anyone standing near it to feel dizzy and trip uncontrollably. In Waluigi's Time, Mario states that Luigi can slow down time with this ability.
  • Swordsmanship: In SMG4: Stupid Luigi's Mansion, while fighting King Boo, Luigi used his Poltergust 3000 as a sword to engage King Boo in a ridiculous sword fight.
  • Poltergust: The recurring gadget from the Luigi's Mansion series, Luigi uses this vacuum cleaner to suck up any ghost he sees.   


  • Cowardice: Luigi's worst flaw is his extreme cowardice, which he feels whenever doing something immoral or dangerous. In the SMG4 series, the cowardice is so often ridiculous with Luigi freaking out whenever he sees anything that looks scary to him (including Goombas, which are the weakest enemies ever). He only shrugs off this weakness when his loved ones are in danger.
  • Overconfidence and Recklessness: Sometimes, Luigi can't help but celebrate when something good happens to him, which results in misfortune befalling him.


  • In "Super Mario 64 Bloopers: Crystal Funhouse", Luigi is called "Luigi Gaywalker", but it is likely that "Gaywalker" is referring to his role in Mario's Star Wars battle as opposed to being his actual surname. The line "No! I like being Gaywalker!" further supports this possibility.
  • Luigi owns a Nintendo 64 (and a Nintendo 64DD).
  • He apparently has a Ph.D., as shown in "R64: A Dose of Dr. Mario"
  • It's revealed in "Super Mario 64 Bloopers: Operation G.A.Y" that he wears female underwear (Princess Peach dress). This fact is shown many times in other episodes.
  • In "Guards N' Retards: Prisoners" and in "SwagQuest", Luigi is seen driving a kart and making an angry face at the prisoners (to Mario in SwagQuest). This a reference to his "Death Stare" from Mario Kart 8, which is very popular on the Internet. The Music playing while Luigi doing it is "Ridin'" from Chamillionaire.
  • In some bloopers, the characters say that Luigi is a girl (though this might be a lie). In "Ssenmodnar 5 (WAT O_O Edition)" one of the facts about Mario says that Luigi is actually Mario's sister and in Bowser and the Nightmare Stone Bowser says to SMG3 "I already zapped Mario and his sister" (Luigi).
  • In SwagQuest, Luigi said that he was in love with Daisy. This confirms he is not gay despite the constant running joke.
  • Luigi seems to have a thing for Luigi dolls, as in both Meet the Luigi and in one of the bad endings in Mario Simulator Interactive, he's seen making out with one.
  • He once tried desperately to gain swag, as shown in "SwagQuest".
  • Luigi sometimes wears grey overalls.
  • Luigi wins by doing nothing in the episode DerpTV: Mushroom Kingdom's Got Talent and Stupid Mario Party. This is a reference to the popular "Luigi wins by doing absolutely nothing" meme.
  • Luigi is a skilled dancer, as seen in the videos "Mario 64: Love for Luigi. (Valentine's Special) and SM64: Meet the Luigi" He's also a very professional gambler, as shown in the blooper "Casino, Cards, and Chaos."
  • He is a fan of Adventure Time, which is likely why he chose to cosplay as Finn.
  • Luigi appears to be a good friend of Satan, as shown in SMG4: Mario Preschool.
  • Luigi seems to like playing Dark Souls 3.
  • In almost every season (not counting Mario), Luigi is the most frequent character in SMG4 but in Season 9, Meggy Spletzer appeared in more videos than him.
    • However in Season 10, he once again is the most frequent character, appearing in nearly every video so far.

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