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Not to be confused with his Beta version, Doll counterpart and his Malleo Bros version.

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i just...i just wished that i could prove my self...that i can be just like-a mario!

—Luigi in SM64: Meet the Luigi

Luigi Mario is one of the two deuteragonists (alongside Meggy Spletzer) of the SMG4 series.

He is a cowardly green-clad Italian plumber, Mario's younger twin brother/sidekick, an innocent citizen of the Mushroom Kingdom, and a loyal member of SMG4's Gang. He went on many adventures throughout the years and would often be there to handle Mario's shenanigans. Luigi is often a paranoid and easily scared manchild (mainly afraid of Boos), who is often humiliated by his peers. While he does have awesome and courageous moments, they are normally was very rare. He was commonly treated as a joke of bully-victim, being called gay and someone who "nobody cares about".

Despite the arguably cruel way he is normally treated, he is selfless and willing to commit for his friends.


He serves as the deuteragonist of the classic era, appearing as the tritagonist of Season 1, the deuteragonist of Seasons 2 to 6, and the tritagonist of the modern era, appearing as a major character in Seasons 7 and 8, a major character in The Waluigi Arc, a supporting character in The Rapper Bob Arc, one of the two tritagonists (alongside SMG4) of Season 9, a major character in The Anime Arc, the tritagonist of Season 10 and The YouTube Arc, one of the two tritagonists (alongside Tari) of SMG4 Movie: Meggy's Destiny: An SMG4 Movie and a major character in Season 11, SMG4 Movie: 10 Year Anniversary Special and The Genesis Arc.



Luigi apparently debuted in the SMG4 series in ???, where he and Mario were in an orphanage as babies.

As revealed in SMG4: Mario Babies, Baby Luigi once got lost at a mall and upon venturing into an adults-only area of the mall, found the vacuum cleaner. He quickly took a liking to a vacuum and proceeded to suck up anything he saw, which led to him sucking up King Boo’s son. This angered the ghastly king and led to him hating Luigi ever since.

As revealed in SMG4: SMG4's Origins, Luigi had the same life and personality as his mainstream self, and that when SMG4 crashed into the Mushroom Kingdom in his Guardian Pod, he was one of the many citizens of the Kingdom corrupted by the USB by accident, flanderizing him into a man-child with questionable sexuality and an even bigger coward than before.

Throughout the years, different versions of Luigi's backstory had been told, each of them contradicting his real one as well as each other.

According to Super Mario 64 Bloopers: How Mario was Born, Mario apparently pooped Luigi out (due to some problem in Mario's genetic makeup), which would technically make him Luigi's birthparent.

According to The (TOTALLY ACCURATE) Documentary of Mario, he apparently met Mario at an orphanage and thus, they are not exactly blood brothers. Nevertheless, despite their rivalry and Mario often mistreating him, the two had a powerful bond that lasted since childhood.

In SM64: Meet the Luigi, there were two conflicting reports of how Luigi became awkward and cowardly. According to Toad, Luigi was playing with a doll modeled around himself, but accidentally kicked it into a toilet. When he went to retrieve it (getting stuck in the toilet seat in the process), Wario came around and sitting on the toilet seat, proceeded to unknowingly poop on Luigi, scarring the green plumber for life. According to Mario, something bad must have happened to him in his childhood and the scene cut to a flashback revealing a Klepto kidnapping young Luigi.


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Luigi officially debuted in the SMG4 series in SM64, MK64, PM 64 Bloopers: Quest for a Console, where he bought the last Nintendo 3DS and Mario fought with him to win it over. Even though Luigi won, Mario stole and went back to Peach's Castle, but Luigi followed Mario and beat him up.

A running gag in the series was Luigi being abused and humiliated, such as by his own brother. The injuries he suffers ranges from being beaten up, shot, and burned to a crisp, to literally being lit on fire, crushed, and blown up or blasted to pieces. When not being physically attacked, Luigi was often the victim of verbal abuse, including many accusations of homosexuality. However, he also provided much comic relief due to being the butt of so many jokes. As a member of SMG4's Gang, he had been humble and kind towards the friends he had made along the way.

He once accidentally created the Luigi Dolls and attempted to rule the Mushroom Kingdom with the dolls, but he reverted back to being a hero after being defeated. As Mario's stupidity accidentally caused chaos and mayhem across the world, Luigi had hundreds of jobs to pay for his brother's damages. He once had two YouTube channels, but the first one was temporarily banned due to Luigi's intro being a ripoff, and the second one was due to Mario's streaking. When Saiko Bichitaru wanted to become a nicer person, Luigi was there to help her.

Waluigi's War

In SMG4: Stupid Mario Tennis Aces, there was a match of tennis between Luigi and Waluigi that resulted in Waluigi winning. After Fishy Boopkins and Waluigi became friends, Mario tried to convince Luigi to pay his hospital bills, but he refused after Mario told him about lending one coin earlier.

In SMG4: Waluigi's Time, Luigi flew horizontally with “fumes” as his “fuel” (Green Missile). After Mario shot Luigi with F.L.U.D.D., Luigi commented to Waluigi he imagined him as a dancer rather a bomber. Waluigi busted a move for real. Luigi couldn't help but dance and accidentally activated the negative zone. Mario explained that Luigi slows down time when he dances as King Dedede was pulled into Luigi's special move, but Waluigi was not there.

Mario and Luigi found him sulking in an alley, and Mario told him everyone has their special move; his is being naked. Luigi reminded Waluigi of all the sports games he had been in, to which Mario responded "Your special move will be smacking balls!". Waluigi wasn't amused, and the area went black, with a single spotlight centered on Waluigi. Mario suddenly gained interest as he and Luigi watched from a couch to the side. Waluigi claimed he just wants a special move that would make people know it was him, something unique, as Mario and Luigi had been in more sports games, so the ball smacking idea isn't unique. Luigi was moved to tears as he felt sorry for Waluigi.

Suddenly, Waluigi shifted character, and started shouting 'Wah' louder and louder like he's something up. A yellow aura appeared around him while Luigi started to panic. Waluigi 'Wahed' at the top of his lungs and seemingly went Super Saiyan. The silhouette alone frightened Luigi. Waluigi revealed himself as a muscular, shaggy, shirtless, deity with a Staff of Rejection featuring his cap and mock moustache, now wearing a headband similar to the visor he wore in Mario Tennis Aces, and wore pants similar to the overalls he normally wears, though he kept the shoes and gloves. This form is called: WaluRambo. Waluigi claimed he had found his power: the power of rejection. He fired a ball of energy at Mario, which upon contact, exploded into black fire and Mario was suddenly very sad. Luigi revealed himself, and freaked out at Waluigi did; he made Mario feel the pain he felt his entire life. He then fired at Luigi before taking his leave.

In SMG4: Mario And The T-Pose Virus, Luigi was playing with his dolls by having them in an explicit position. SMG4 however, was looking out through a window. Luigi then asked what was he looking at and SMG4 replied that he noticed that Shroomy had been stuck in a T-Pose for a long time now. Luigi wondered if it was a new kind of yoga but SMG4 thought that that kind of yoga was very strange and went over to check him.

Luigi then called for Toad and Mario, who although was angry that he was being interrupted from his dinner date with spaghetti naked, agreed to come over. Luigi showed what SMG4 was doing and Mario happily reported that he "[was] being a bird with Shroomy!" Upon hearing that, Luigi realized with horror that SMG4 had also become just a T-Posed person.

Suddenly, both Shroomy and SMG4 turned around and started approaching the castle, freakin Luigi out and worrying Mario. As Luigi barricaded the doors, Mario reassured it was nothing when suddenly, one of the T-Posers made a hole in the door, freaking Mario too. Thinking quick, he threw Toad as "Super Toadie Grenade" through the hole and reassured that Toad would solve the issue, just for him to become T-Posed too. Screaming in horror as the T-Posed characters, headed their way, both Mario and Luigi headed upstairs.

Mario and Luigi broke into the second floor panicking. They ran all the way to the next room upstairs. When the T-Pose Zombies arrived, Bob Bobowski went to join the Mario brothers, forcing Meggy Spletzer to deal with them on her own.

Upstairs, Luigi was panicking as to what they had to do with Mario saying they were all going to die. Bob suggested setting the castle on fire but Luigi disagreed because they were their friends. Mario suddenly remembered about Meggy and said she could handle them but when he peeked through the door, he realized with horror again that she became a T-Poser too, causing him to faint. Luigi and Mario quickly tried blocking the doors as more T-Posed characters struggled to get through the barricaded doors.

Bob decided to ditch the Mario brothers and headed to the roof, but not before praying for them after Mario complained of him ditching them. As Mario got distracted by Bob, the T-Posers burst through. The Mario brothers then headed up the roof, being chased by the T-Posers. As they tried to budge the door, they realized it was locked.

It turned out Bob had barricaded the doors with random objects. As Mario continued to struggle to open the door, Luigi quickly looked around to find a fire extinguisher. He tried to throw it at the head of one of the T-Posers, but it did nothing to halt the horde. Luigi cried thinking they were goners but Mario told him to stop crying and help him open the door. As they tried, Bob said they should not bother as he claimed they were too many T-Pose zombies on the roof.

Luigi cried that they were going to die with more T-Posers were fast approaching them. Angry, Mario activated his "Fat Powers" to break through the door. it worked but while Mario and Luigi celebrated, the T-Pose zombies grabbed Luigi and slowly turned him into one of them, much to the horror of Mario as he could not do anything.

Mario turned to realize with horror that the T-Pose zombies were upon him. Unexpectedly, Princess Peach showed up in a helicopter armed with a machine gun, who then fired away 1-Up Mushrooms at the T-Pose zombies. Any T-Pose zombie who got hit returned to normal. The outcome slowly returned all T-Pose zombies back to normal with Luigi being happy.

Once all the T-Pose zombies were back to normal, the helicopter landed on the roof and Mario was confused as to how she knew what to do. She replied that being the ruler of the Mushroom Kingdom, she had to know what caused the T-Pose outbreak and showed a T-Pose Shroom, the source of it. She then furiously asked who idiotically ate it, causing everyone to look at Shroomy, who recounted how he became a T-Pose zombie.

It turned out that Waluigi created the Shroom and made Shroomy eat it. Luigi wondered what was Waluigi's motive for the T-Pose Shroom. Boopkins though suggested that they should look at his card collection, causing Mario to ask who wanted to do anything but Boopkins' suggestion, causing everyone else to cheer for Mario's decision. They quickly boarded the helicopter and left Boopkins.

In SMG4: The Mario Café, Luigi and Toad were teleported to the Koopa Cafe to be Bowser's employees. Saiko was even less thrilled as they were not even getting paid for the work, even though Luigi tried to convince her that Bowser was not that bad.

In the café, Bowser assigned everyone their roles: Luigi and Saiko as the waiters (Luigi was happy while Saiko was understandably not pleased)

Bowser asked if they were all ready but everyone shown were not. He told everyone to get ready for the first customer, which was Shroomy. He had positive words for the café before proceeding to order a very complicated coffee and a side of eggs benedict. Toad rudely told him to go take a seat, as he angrily headbutted the cash register, printing the order as Luigi brought it to Bowser.

Mario cooked the "Eggs Benedict," which was a couple of fried eggs place at either side of one end of a sausage, and threw it at Luigi. Shroomy was still waiting patiently, and Saiko threw the coffee while Luigi brought him the eggs benedict. Shroomy downed his coffee and ate his eggs benedict in seconds. As he contemplated the taste, Luigi and Saiko looked at each other nervously. Fortunately, Shroomy enjoyed his meal, so Luigi and Saiko high-fived.

Suddenly, a huge crowd appeared outside, looking for a meal, concerning everyone. The customers stormed inside, trampling Luigi, and Bob even showed up requesting for the finest hoes and beer. Being a rude customer, Saiko threw him through a wall, causing Luigi to calm her based off of their earlier lessons.

The café was suddenly a ruckus. Luigi was buried in the orders while Bowser was struggling to make all of them. Bowser then heard people complaining about the service and leaving. That caused him to be so heartbroken that he had a heart attack and passed out. Toad attempted to leave as he had been planning, but Luigi, being the only other enthusiastic character, called an emergency staff meeting and literally shoved everyone into a meeting room. He then asked Steve to entertain the few customers who have not left.

Saiko was unhappy as her day was wasted with everyone, but Luigi attempted to motivate everyone with a song resembling the Car Rap from Parappa the Rapper. Toad threw a chair in response, salty as ever, especially the choice of song. Bowser woke up from his coma and said they needed a team-based system. Bowser insisted that putting their strengths into the correct roles would help. Everyone emerged from the meeting room, ready to get back in business.

Luigi convinced several would-have-been-customers who were still nearby with a bargain: 1% off of everything and extra dip, free of charge. Even Big Smoke was impressed. Luigi threw the orders to the tables. Bowser was overjoyed as his café was finally running smoothly, and played the Car Rap instrumental to celebrate. SMG4, Luigi, and Saiko moved to the music.

In SMG4: Mario SAW, Luigi woke up, finding himself and Mario in a room with a chain tied to his leg and a Piranha Plant mouth on his head. Luigi fearfully asked whether they might die or not. Mario then told Luigi that it was probably one of the fans that kidnapped him, before being interrupted by a person wearing a Majora's Mask replica on a screen. The person asked the duo if they wanted to play a game. Luigi panicked, whereas Mario asked if they could play a particular game.

The person instead said that in thirty seconds, the Piranha Plant heads would close on their heads. Annoyed, the person glitched out and the clock started to count down from 30 seconds. Luigi panicked, telling Mario to help him. 20 seconds remained, and Luigi asked the Piranha Plant to get off his head in a nice tone, but instead, the plant bit down harder on the green cap plumber, sending him into a total panic. 10 seconds remained, and Luigi laid on the floor hopeless. Suddenly, the two Piranha Plants got off the brothers' heads and greeted each other. They then walked off. The chain unlocked both brothers' feet, with Luigi remaining in shock. Then two more chains locked themselves onto the brothers' feet, dragging them into a dark tunnel.

Mario and Luigi kept on getting dragged by the chains, entering into the Tunnel of Doom, where they noticed a tunnel filled with obstacles. Luigi managed to avoid some of the obstacles. They then approached a Whomp, and although Luigi managed to go under it, Mario got stuck due to his obesity. The person wearing the Majora's Mask then sped up the chains dragging Mario and Luigi, resulting in the Whomp being dragged with Mario. At the end of the tunnel, the game's mastermind met them in person (only for Mario to throw things at him in anger), sending them to the next room as payback.

The Mario Bros. then found themselves in a room full of lava where they were hanging onto chains with buttons attached to their legs. The person told them that one of them needed to press the button attached to their leg, which would send them falling to their doom, while the other one advanced. If none of them pressed the button, they would both die from the rising lava. Luigi panicked over the idea, while Mario threw multiple items at the chains hanging him. Luigi eventually suggested that Mario swung over to him, although this proved unsuccessful. Luigi looked at the lava, and, with no other choice, told Mario that he was going to do the unthinkable; press the button to fall into the lava.

Mario pleaded with Luigi to not do so, but despite this, sacrificed himself, leaving his older brother into tears. Suddenly, Luigi commented that the lava tasted weird, with Mario in surprise, and then revealed that the "lava" was actually just watermelon-flavored, really warm Kool-Aid. The person then commented on the show, leaving Mario furious. He eventually drains the Kool-Aid room with a green pipe, bringing Luigi with it.

In SMG4: Mario The Scam Artist, Luigi was screaming while floating in sewer water calling for help. Shocked, Mario knocked out a nearby man selling fish, tied a rope to his body, and ordered Luigi to grab on. Listening to his brother's command, Luigi grabbed the rope and was pulled up by Mario using all his strength. Wario noticed Mario's effort to save his brother, and came over dressed as a nurse, offering to tend to his wounds. Although Luigi assured he was just tired, Wario ignored that and started repeatedly shocking him, setting him on fire, and extinguishing him. Wario then charged Luigi 30,000 coins for his service, but after Luigi revealed he had no money, Wario angrily tried throwing him back into the water and leaving him for dead.

Having enough of his rival's attitude when he saw how he was treating his brother, Mario kicked Wario aside and claimed he was no better than Waluigi. Wario threatened to fight Mario, finding it ridiculous that he would fight just to protect his brother. Just as Wario finished his sentence, he saw Mario and Luigi together protecting each other like brothers, reminding him of the fact that he lost Waluigi. Regretting what he did, Wario, depressed, headed back home.

At Mario's House, Mario asked Luigi if he wanted to come to Bob's Carnival. Luigi, however, was too busy taking a bath to remove the sewer smell off him.

In SMG4: The Mario Convention!, Luigi appeared at Glitchcon cosplaying Finn from Adventure Time. Luigi was amazed by everything in the convention, but Mario thought everyone was a weirdo and was unimpressed, therefore asking if he could go home. Luigi tried to convince Mario that conventions were "fun", but Mario wasn't having it, and said that he was "outta here". Luigi desperately tried to get Mario to stay by saying that there was "something for everyone". Intrigued, Mario asked if there was a "Spaghetti appreciation booth" here, and Luigi told him there might be. Luigi then told Mario to come with him too. Mario was still unimpressed, but he half-heartedly agreed to go with him. They first went to a Sci-Fi booth, of which Bowser was running it with a Darth Vader helmet on.

Bowser insisted that he was not, and Luigi and Mario started looking at the stuff Bowser had in his booth. Then, Luigi found a replica TARDIS (Time And Relative Dimension In Space) outside the booth. Mario asked Luigi what he had called him, confusing the word TARDIS for another name for retard. However, Luigi stepped into the TARDIS and pretended to be the Doctor from Doctor Who, when suddenly, the TARDIS de-materialized with Luigi inside it. Elsewhere, the TARDIS re-materialized a few feet away from the booth, with Luigi walking out of it.

Luigi and Mario were walking away from the Sci-Fi booth where the latter questioned the convention's excitement. Just then, Mario spotted SMG4 going around a corner and happily went to join him. SMG4, seeing the brothers, welcomed them to his "Tabletop Gaming Paradise!!!!" which was empty except for a lone Birdo in the corner. As Mario turned to leave, Luigi asked if they could play Warhammer 40K, much to Mario's disbelief, and SMG4 happily set them up to play.

Luigi and Mario have finished playing and headed to the celebrity meet-up. Then, Luigi noticed Hideo Kojima and begged Mario to get him an autograph. Although Mario went to sleep due to being uninterested, he happily accepted when Luigi promised that they would look for the Spaghetti Appreciation booth.

After turning some of the crowd (including Meggy) into T-Pose zombies, Kojima then revealed himself as Waluigi in his WaluRambo form and cackled evilly. He then threw a bolt of purple lightning at Mario, but Luigi tackled him out of the way just in time. Despite Mario's protests, Luigi pulled him away from Meggy (who couldn't be cured by 1-Ups alongside the other zombies) so the two could leave the convention immediately, joined by Boopkins and SMG4, while various characters became T-Pose Zombies from Waluigi's lightning bolts. As they neared the exit, Waluigi noticed them and threw a bolt at the group. While the rest managed to avoid the bolt, Luigi got hit and was transformed into a T-Pose Zombie. Mario, in tears, promised his brother and Meggy that he would come back for them as he ran away from the destroyed convention with SMG4 and Boopkins.

In SMG4: Mario and the Waluigi Apocalypse, at the ruined convention, Tari distracted Bowser, Luigi, and Shroomy with a rubber duck, but was later noticed by them and Master Hand.

When SMG4's Deathbus arrived, Mario called out to Luigi and Meggy that they will save them. Waluigi mocked Mario and SMG4 at their effort, as well as Bowser, Luigi, Meggy, and Shroomy for being idiotic guards. Waluigi's set was complete and was ready to show the world what true rejection feels like.

In SMG4: War Of The Fat Italians 2018, Luigi was being controlled by Waluigi during the challenges.

Challenge 6: Get Luigi a date

The sixth challenge, "Who can get Luigi a date?", suggested by Damian Johnson on YouTube, had both SMG4 and Mario try to get Luigi a date. At a clothing store, SMG4 said he would get him a suit, a tie, and some hair products and told him to stay put meanwhile and then added when he was done, he would look fabulous before leaving. Just then, Mario appeared with a wheelbarrow of spaghetti. Luigi wondered what would Mario do with that load and Mario said it was to get the ladies. In this case, by covering him with spaghetti. Mario then said to go out and get the ladies, which Luigi agreed. Later outside, a crow spotted Luigi covered in spaghetti since his ass was holy. More crows came and went to attack him, just as SMG4 returned with some cologne and the suit. Mario claimed he succeeded but Luigi was being attacked. However, the rules didn't say anything about animals wanting Luigi's ass, so technically, Mario is the winner for this round.

Due to the staff being destroyed, all of the T-Pose Zombies returned to their normal states. As a result, Waluigi became even angrier as the rest of the SMG4 cast celebrated.

The battle was not over, though. Waluigi challenged everyone to a rap battle. During the rap battle, Mario and SMG4 said that since he gained power by rejection, he must be weakened by affection. Therefore, there had to be someone who still loved him, even though Waluigi believed it was impossible.

Suddenly, Wario joined in the rap and in it, he apologized to Waluigi for always being an asshole.

The whole cast watched SMG3 giving therapy to Wario and Waluigi, helping them reconcile. Moved, everyone to be happy. SMG4 was happy that everything turned out to be okay but Mario realized that the Mushroom Kingdom was still destroyed. Since nobody seemed interested in restoring the kingdom, Tari suggested playing some more video games, to which everyone all happily agreed to.

Bob Bobowski Rapping Career

In SMG4: The Mario Purge (Halloween 2018), SMG4's Gang took shelter in Peach's Castle during the purge, where crimes committed by Teletubbies were legal for 12 hours. Luigi and Boopkins were playing Warhammer.

Suddenly, there was a loud bang outside. Mario grabbed Luigi in self-defense, though SMG4 was still not worried, believing it to be a Teletubby. However, it was merely Bob wanting to seek refuge as well. Though there were no Teletubbies visible outside, SMG4 did not want to risk opening the door, with Mario and Toad joining in, with Toad pointing out Bob would never do the same for them, and Mario claiming it to be punishment for Bob for leaving him and Luigi to die during the first T-Pose outbreak.

Eventually, Boopkins in a moment of desperation opened the gate just long enough to let Bob in. SMG4 allowed Bob to stay, but only because they could not risk letting any more Teletubbies in.

As if on cue, Luigi panicked as several of them have approached the entrance, led by the Tubbie Leader, a Po in a pumpkin mask. They were here for Bob and promised they will let the others be if they could just purge Bob in exchange for their safety. SMG4 still was not worried and did not care despite their claims of knowing their way in. The Tubbie Leader gave them five seconds.

After the countdown reaches zero, they broke in through the floors, and by then, even SMG4 lost his cool. Everyone was panicking.

Luigi and SMG4 made it outside the castle as Luigi attempted to call RMKP, but forgot their number (911), much to SMG4's frustration. They were slowly being approached by 2 Teletubbies, and Luigi finally dialed 911. The stakes were high for the two escapees as one of the Teletubbies threatened to shove a calculator up their butts. Luigi successfully typed the numbers and could not help but celebrate despite SMG4 getting clobbered in the background. Luigi made the call, but no one was there, as RMKP were not allowed to stop the purge.

Luigi and SMG4 were captured, and they found out everyone else had been, too.

Just when they were about to kill Bob, the clock struck, showing the time to be 7:00 am, indicating the Purge was over. The Teletubbies returned to their happy-go-lucky and stupid selves. Bob was apparently responsible for their anger, and when Boopkins asked why, Bob claimed it was the most badass illegal thing ever imagined: he kicked over a bowl of Tubby Custard that one of the Teletubbies was about to eat. Knowing the history of the Teletubbies and their tendencies with Tubby Custard, everyone angrily glared at him, but Bob still insisted he was a badass.

In SMG4: Mario And... The Well, Boopkins got stuck in a well and Mario and SMG4 tried to help him. Luigi showed up and furiously asked who was number one now (referencing the fact that Luigi is always Player 2) as he pulled out his Poltergust 3000 and slapped it to HyperDrive mode. He warned Mario and SMG4 that it would get spicy before slapping a button that says "NUT." Unfortunately, not much happened due to the distance between Luigi and Boopkins being too great. SMG4 and Mario simply watched dumbfounded as the Poltergust "warmed up." Bowser showed up and told Luigi he needed to be closer before grabbing the green-clad plumber by the legs and dangling him in the effort to reach Boopkins, but the well was still too deep.

Mario rooted for his brother despite the efforts being in vain, when Tari walked by and noticed what was going on. SMG4 told her Boopkins got his ass stuck in the well, much to Tari's shock. Bowser then gave up and told Boopkins to dig up before leaving. Tari phoned for help, which surprisingly came in the form of Jeeves and Shroomy. Tari claimed their street smarts should be enough to help them out.

Shroomy warned everyone to stand back, as it could get intense. Mario, SMG4, and Luigi stepped back as Shroomy lowered a rope down to the little green Spike. Boopkins attempted to climb the rope, but his arms were too stubby to climb it. Jeeves said he would round everyone up and they would pull him out. Bowser, Luigi, SMG4, Mario, Tari, Jeeves, and Shroomy pulled as hard as they could, and things were finally looking up for Boopkins. However, Mario noticed a shiny quarter on the ground, and he just could not resist. Unfortunately, in the two seconds he went to grab it, everyone else lost support as Boopkins fell to his doom within the well and died, or so everyone thought, as they were seen visibly upset while Toad acted as the officiant for Boopkins' "funeral", despite Boopkins' sudden claim that he was still alive.

Just then, a horn blared as a fire truck arrived at the scene, with none other than Saiko and Meggy aboard. Meggy declared the Woomy Brigade was here. Meggy then hopped down and grabbed the hose. SMG4 was unsure of how the hose would help Boopkins, but Meggy explained her plan: fill the well with water and Boopkins would float right up. Luigi was impressed and called Meggy a genius. Saiko suddenly announced that Boopkins died, much to Meggy's shock. Turned out Meggy was not counting on Boopkins eating a lot of rocks before falling in the well, though at least Boopkins was still alive.

Mario had lost hope, but SMG4 had a last resort. He quickly scribbled a wanted poster with 2 coins to anyone who helped Boopkins. Luigi doubted his idea, but as SMG4 put up the poster, people were stampeding to help Boopkins, and chaos ensued.

Suddenly Bob returned in a helicopter despite not knowing how to fully operate it. Boopkins was surprised to hear Bob's voice, as he was not expecting Bob to return. Bob lowered a ladder into the well, allowing Boopkins to climb out at last. Everyone cheered for Bob and his selfless deed. Everyone watched the duo fly off into the sunset.

In SMG4: The Mario Concert, Luigi was filming Bob telling a sob story of how his mansion burned down and advertising his rapping tour, claiming the footage a success. In addition, Mario and Luigi had to manage his tour. Mario refused, so Bob gave the sob story of having nowhere to live and that he would get AIDS and die. Mario just insisted nobody cared, but Luigi was quick to turn his brother's view around, and Mario would do it if he got paid. His pay was drawings of spaghetti, much to his excitement.

Bob proceeded to call his private jet (which was an airplane from Ryanair), which was odd because he was supposed to be poor, and that was the point of the tour. Bob insisted that of the seven jets he had, the one he called was for poor people. Luigi was shocked into silence, but Boopkins came running over asking if he could come on Bob's tour.

However, Bob said that the plane only fit one person, and the Mario Bros. were riding in his luggage. Luigi and Mario refused, but Bob threatened to shoot the brothers if they refused, forcing them to comply.

Bob's jet flew into an airport, crashed and exploded at the Terminal, and then he announced his arrival as he exited the airport. Bob broke out the tickets to help his cause and told the fans to pay his managers, which just so happen to be the Mario Bros. Since they were not prepared, they were hit with rapid-fire money.

At the concert area, Bob gave permission for anyone to take Boopkins out if they saw him. Luigi was obviously shocked, as he had no idea Bob would allow the murder of his closest friend.

Luigi was happily checking his clipboard when he noticed the inflating balloon a little too late. Bob claimed it was perfect while Luigi crawled out to tell Bob the fans were outside.

The concert was underway. Luigi thanked everyone for coming and announced the first opening act.

After the second act, Luigi announced the main event of the night. The lights went out, and when they got back on, Bob was there performing a new song. Boopkins said Bob sounded great, but, in a moment of Idiocy, said that he would sound better with a tambourine. Mario literally jumped out to stop him, while Luigi played good cop and insisted Bob would be done soon. In a moment of desperation, Boopkins ran right through Luigi and past Mario, who had fallen asleep standing up. Bob was on a roll but his flawless performance was cut short by Boopkins, much to his embarrassment. Bob called for security, which was Mario, and the chase was on.

After the concert was ruined by Boopkins, Bob dropped his microphone and ran out, pursued by Boopkins. The Mario Bros. were also on cleanup duty, but Mario insisted his legs were broken so he could not, and even broke them to prove it, much to Luigi's frustration.

Luigi was taking out the trash and happened to hear the conversation between Bob and Boopkins in the alleyway, and could not help but listen to Bob and how he got so far, but it did not matter because it was all ruined. A true rapper would have told Boopkins how much hard work and dedication they put into getting there, but not Bob. Bob had lied and scammed to get where he was, and even admitted that he pushed Boopkins down the well that one time.

Boopkins being down there was no accident; it was the perfect chance for Bob to be the hero and push his rap career. Boopkins was at the point of tears, and Luigi could not help but feel sorry for the two of them, especially Boopkins. In fact, Bobsgiving was all a scheme as well. Disguising the flamethrowers as fire extinguishers, the Bob juice being gasoline, and telling Meggy to go cook knowing she would burn down the house was all part of a sob story he could use to skyrocket to fame.

Boopkins was now crying and saying that was not nice, but that only made Bob even angrier. He then told Boopkins the truth about the real world: that it was not nice. This was a world where one was either an asshole or a pushover, or if one was a Bob or a Boopkins, ending his monologue with "I sure as hell don't want to be a Boopkins" as he stormed off. He vowed to run his career the way he wanted to: selfishly and alone, without someone like Boopkins or the Mario Bros. working for him. Mario had also seen it all and was still mad they never got paid. He was so mad he forgot his legs were broken until Luigi reminded him.

In SMG4: The Melancholy of Fishy Boopkins, inside Peach's Castle, Mario and the gang were playing Super Smash each other in the ass bros Ultimate until SMG4 entered, telling everyone about Boopkins' plight. As a result, the gang started arguing over how to make Boopkins better, which culminated into a fight. SMG4 angrily broke up the fight and told everyone to do it their own way. They accepted.

As Boopkins was trying to escape the castle, Luigi disguised Toad as Bob so that Toad could make Boopkins feel better by causing the latter to think that Bob had accepted his apology. At first, it worked until Boopkins hugged Toad so strong that it made him pass out from suffocation. Upon seeing his plan backfire, Luigi then revealed that the "dead Bob" was just Toad to not make Boopkins feel responsible for Bob's murder. After that, he brought Toad back to Mario.

In SMG4: Mario and The Diss Track, the Mario Brothers got kicked out of a restaurant after Mario was caught playing with the food. As Luigi started lecturing Mario for his disgusting behavior, they noticed that Bob had become immensely famous, and there were shirts, balloons, and posters bearing Bob's name. Deducing that Bob would do something awful to them, Luigi decided to go to the castle, but not before Mario stole another guy's balloons and floated away until he hit a random airplane advertising Bob.

At Peach's Castle, everyone was doing their usual hobbies, until Luigi burst through the door carrying awful news. Luigi explained that Bob had skyrocketed to fame, but the others (except Boopkins) thought he was just jealous of the Garo's success, with SMG4 assuming Luigi knew nothing about fame. But when they decide to watch one of his concerts on Live TV, however, Luigi's fears were confirmed when the concert, called the Ultimate Diss Track, showed nothing more than Bob hurling hurtful insults at his former friends (pointing out how Luigi is manipulatable), claiming they made his life miserable and ended the rap by lying that it was all true. Mario was not concerned at first, happy that they were at least on TV, but the others were deeply offended, horrified, and angry at Bob for humiliating them. Luigi then decided to tell the gang all about the cruel things that Bob did.

In an alleyway, Luigi then called Saiko name. Naturally panicking, she threw her phone at him, discovering who it was. He revealed to Saiko that Bob indeed hated them and manipulated her just to get more fame. She refused to believe it at first, but Luigi showed her what happened to Boopkins, who was shaking uncontrollably in sadness and was starting to lose his sanity after Bob insulted him. Seeing what Bob did to her former boyfriend, Saiko agreed to join Luigi.

Luigi then came back to the castle with Saiko, who was angry at Bob for manipulating her and for what she did to Boopkins but was unable to say the word "friend" at first (although she eventually did, which relieved him). Luigi was about to give her a pat on the back, but she proceeded to crush his hand in retribution, wanting her personal space. When the gang welcomed her, Saiko suggested an idea in order to teach Bob a lesson he would not forget.

They made a rap called Darkest Hour, where Luigi, Tari, Bowser, Boopkins, and Toad helped film and set up the rap. Their song (which revealed all about Bob's cruel acts) did so well that Bob lost his fame and all of his fans to Saiko.

Realizing his fame and life had been destroyed beyond repair, Bob saw his friends inside a store and attempted to reconnect with them, only for them to shrug him off and turn back on him on retribution for humiliating them all.

In SMG4 Christmas 2018: The Most Important Thing, the gang were all having a good time until Bob crashed through the castle's window, crushing Bowser in the process. He presented to them golden statues of themselves that he bought with what was left of his money but they were not interested.

Apparently, Bob tried to connect with them but they had ignored him. Bob repeatedly asked them to notice him. Soon, Mario had enough, releasing his extreme anger. Soon the others chimed in, with SMG4 explaining that they did not trust Bob anymore for using them just to gain fame and ordered him to get lost. Realizing his rap career (the diss track especially) had caused his friends to now hate him with a burning fire, a depressed Bob agreed to leave them alone, dumping his Santa costume and leaving the castle.

At a shopping mall, Luigi asked Mario if he was happy with Christmas shopping, just to see his mentally disabled older brother attacking a mall Santa for not giving him any presents. He, naturally, was shocked and had to calm him down.

After doing a rap in the mall, watched by SMG4's Gang, Bob then announced that it was his last rap song and that he was retiring to be with his friends. His fans felt betrayed and protested his decision, but his friends (Boopkins especially) were very pleased, if not initially shocked, with his decision.

As Bob was in his home enjoying his former life, his friends all gathered around him to celebrate Christmas with him. When Bob opened his gift, it was a picture of them with Bob taped to it. That resulted in the other characters opening their presents: Luigi got a new Game Boy Color.


In the beginning of Season 9, Luigi got a job at Moo Moo Milk He, Toad and Mario tried to infiltrate Moo Moo Milk to steal milk but was caught and sent to Moo Moo Milk Farm, where they accidentally ignited a war between the cows and Jeeves' Milk Guards. Mario framed Luigi, Bob and Boopkins for a car crash but he got arrested too and was sent to Desert Prison. However, their friends helped them escape from prison and evade Swagmaster6969696969 and Chris Gordman.

Anime Crisis

In SMG4: Mario's Illegal Operation, anime got banned after the events of SMG4: Mario and the Anime Challenge. In a garden, the Mario Bros. watched as a pile of anime body pillows started burning. Luigi complained to (and blamed) Mario for destroying anime, only for the plumber to say that anime was dumb anyway. The brothers then saw Fishy Boopkins trying to stop an Anime Secret Service agent from burning his last anime body pillow, but he failed and started crying. Luigi tried to comfort Boopkins, but Mario (as usual) did not care and refused to help him, causing Luigi to punch him. The trio then saw Lemmy Koopa and were persuaded into coming with him to an alley. Bob, who was waiting for them, then showed that he and Lemmy were helping the Anime Cartel illegally smuggle anime into the Mushroom Kingdom.

The group was then discovered by the A.S.S with SMG4, who started accusing his former friends of joining the "bad guys". He ignored Mario when the latter said that anime is what it is and ordered their arrest, but focused on Bob since he was holding a body pillow. Luckily, Bob was saved offscreen by his boss Francis while the others escaped, but not before Lemmy told Mario and Boopkins to help in smuggling anime. Luigi refused to participate since that was illegal. Mario, on the other hand, saw this as an opportunity to make money, with Boopkins joining in after being promised unlimited anime. The trio then left Luigi behind, much to his dismay.

In SMG4: Meggy's Bootcamp, in Inkopolis, Tari, Luigi, and Mario were dressed as military soldiers and Meggy said that Splatfest was in 2 weeks, so during that time, they will train. Luigi asked how he got into this, and Tari said that they needed a fourth member since Meggy's old teammates left, and also because Saiko and the others "went on holiday". Mario then exclaimed that Luigi is an expert and dodging and pulls out a Mini Splatling to prove to it. Luigi went into a panic and began evading the ink, which hit two Inklings and Kojima in the process. Luigi then grabbed Sheldon and began using him as a shield to block the attack. Meggy then slapped Mario's Mini Splatling away and said that this was serious.

The trio was forced to aim for a target. Luigi was up next, but he saw his Splat Dualie as a real gun and refused to use it, saying that it was too violent, which dumbfounded Meggy. Meggy decided that they should all just move on.

Their next goal was to navigate through an obstacle course that featured a barbed wire underpass and a rope suspended above the water. Luigi got through the underpass easily, but then Meggy activated Refurbished Mini Splatling that proceeded to attack Luigi and send him flying back to the start. After the others took their turn, Meggy proceeded to yell at Luigi and Tari for not finishing the course at all, saying that they were not trying hard enough. Suddenly, she paused before leaving the area dejectedly, with Mario following behind her.

Luigi and Tari were overhearing Mario and Meggy's conversation about how she had been so mean to them, and Luigi said that it's normal to get emotional over something one cares about, using Mario and spaghetti as an example. Meggy apologized to all of them, saying that winning Splatfest wasn't worth it if she were to lose her friends along the way. Now feeling confident, the gang became eager to train as they begin going over strategies, dodging enemy fire (as Luigi demonstrated while doing his Super Smash Bros. gestures).

The gang proceeded to celebrate their accomplishments of the day, but it was interrupted when Mario gets shot by purple ink. They all turned to the shooter, revealed to be Desti. Tari asked Meggy who Desti was due to the fact that she and Luigi had never met her before. Desti was about to introduce herself, but Meggy cut it short, saying that nobody cared. Desti then insulted her, which had no effect, but then she proceeded to call in the Octoposse, who came in the form of a helicopter. One Octoling is armed with a recolored Heavy Splatling and proceeded to shoot the gang as they take cover. While hiding, Meggy then realized that Desti was stealing their weapons. She boarded onto the helicopter and began her escape. When Tari asked what they were going to do, Meggy said, "Looks like we'll have to kick some Octoling ass..." much to the pleasure of Mario.

In SMG4: The Mario Showdown, Meggy, Luigi, Tari, and Mario crashed through Desti's house's ceiling. Meggy demanded her weapons back but an unfazed Desti pressed a button, activating several sentries. Meggy demanded a fair fight, but Desti refused to fight them since they had no weapons and shot them out of her hideout moments later. The Octoling then pressed her button again, this time fortifying her house.

Meggy drove her newly-acquired monster truck and ran into SMG4. Everyone except Bob had a joyous reunion with their friend. Boopkins introduced Axol, who asked for the help of everyone to unban anime. Everyone except Meggy (due to her dislike of anime) agreed to this, but she changed her mind when she found out the anime ban prevented Saiko from staying in the Mushroom Kingdom. Even with Meggy's agreement, she still requested that they help her get back her weapons. Axol agreed to help Meggy reclaim them and inquired about who her "nemesis" was.

As Meggy and her friends arrived at Desti's house riding on the backs of a Snorlax, a Charizard, and a Blastoise, she had her minions to shoot them down, but to no avail. One of Desti's own bullets was sent back into the barrel of her gun when the Blastoise shot a waterball, causing the gun to jam and explode. Desti found herself ejected onto the ground and was confronted by Meggy. Desti made a bet: if Meggy beat her in a one-on-one splat duel, she would give Meggy her weapons back, but if Meggy lost, they would have to pull out of Splatfest. Meggy agreed.

Mario counted down the start of the duel, but Meggy suddenly threw her gun at Desti and knocked her down. Meggy then told her friends to quickly take a gun and retreat. Axol drew Thomas the Tank Engine, they all boarded it, and leave Desti in their dust.

In SMG4: Mario Saves Anime, at Mario's House, where Luigi was bringing cookies. Axol stated that the plan was complete and asked who was ready to unban anime. Handed some paper, Axol tapped it twice with Inkweaver and soon, his plan was shown.

He said that all they had to do was to get him in front of Peach, the leader of the A.S.S, so he could convince her to unban anime. Axol then that Inkweaver is capable of any anime character he drew, drawing and summoning Monkey D. Luffy from the One Piece series. Axol said that the anime characters' intelligence and lifespan depend on the quality of the ink he uses, as Monkey D. Luffy screamed, saying that he had cancer before falling and disintegrating. Axol stated that if his plan was going to succeed, he needed better quality ink, like from his hometown, Inkopolis. He then started a dramatic backstory as all the lights except one on Axol dim. Axol once again tapped the floor with his Inkweaver twice and a flashback began.

After the flashback, Axol said that with his current, low-quality ink, he was only using 5% off the Inkweaver's power, so he needed some of Meggy's ink to use 50% of the pen's power. She transformed herself into a squid and produced a puddle of orange ink on the floor. This amazed Luigi, Tari and Archibald Asparagus, and Axol, but angered Mario. Meggy returns to humanoid form, slightly dizzy, holding a container of orange ink.

After being handed the container of ink, Axol stated that inkling ink was so hard to come by in Japan before putting it in Inkweaver. He then proceeded to draw Monkey D. Luffy again who this time, was in the mood of killing (the Ho). Axol stated that it's near perfection. Luigi asked Axol what was the first step and Axol said that they would need some extra hands. The Anime Cartel were soon under the obedience of Axol.

Mario, Fishy Boopkins, and Axol sneaked their way into the castle via Tari's instructions. Once in, Tari radioed Luigi that it was time for his part.

Responding to the call, Luigi acknowledged her. Accompanied by Bob (they swam through the water which Bob found disgusting in order to enter the underwater door of the castle), they both got ready to place some TNT.

Luigi and Bob were ready to blow up the floor which after a delay due to Bob, whom had misplaced the detonator and couldn't find it. Fortunately, Bob found the detonator and both he and Luigi retreated. With all agents taken down, Mario, Bob, and Boopkins headed to Peach's room.

Eventually, Peach saw the truth in that anime can actually be nice to have. She then unbanned anime and disbanded the A.S.S. With anime unbanned in the kingdom, Axol declared that he had to leave now that he had accomplished his goal. Despite his departure, Meggy loved how this had a "happy ending" and that they should focus on the Splatfest or so did she thought.

In SMG4: The Splatfest Incident, SMG4 and Luigi arrived at their locker room in the Splatfest arena and asked the gang if they knew where Meggy was. Tari said that she should be with of them, but Luigi then explained she was nowhere to be found.

The gang was shocked by this with Mario saying that the Splatfest was about to start. Saiko told them not to worry; she might've been training and forgot the time, but the Splatfest bell rang, with Luigi stating that they had to go. They pondered for a moment before deciding that Bob should be the substitute, much to his chagrin.

At Splatfest, Luigi nervously asked who was going to lead if Meggy was not here but Tari insisted that they were gonna be fine and that they must focus on their training. Callie and Marie then announced that the Splat Squad would compete against the Octoposse, Mario, Luigi, and Tari were shocked by how they would be fighting against them already.

The game started and Mario, Tari, and Luigi prepared to battle the Octoposse. Tari was shooting paint over the arena when two of Desti's teammates jumped out and prepare to shoot her. However, Luigi used his Green Missile Attack to take the hit instead.

After hitting a few of Desti's teammates, it seemed like Tari, Mario and Luigi were going to win, but Desti appeared from behind along with her team and started shooting the trio, sending them to their spawn points. Luigi decided that it was no use fighting without Meggy. The Splatfest ended and Desti's team won the round.

Back in the locker room, Mario, Tari, and Luigi are moping about their loss. SMG4, Saiko, and Boopkins arrived saying they couldn't find Meggy anywhere around the arena, shocking Mario and the others, who claim that something bad must've happened to her. An angry Mario quickly accused Desti of having something to do with this, but Desti arrived, claiming her innocence, stating that she had been waiting to get back at her for last time and that fighting against Meggy's team with Bob in it was a disappointment, hence why she was going to help the gang find her. Boopkins suggested that they should start looking for Meggy in her apartment.

At Meggy's apartment, Boopkins opened the door and discovered that it was strangely unlocked. The gang then enter her room, only to find the place in a complete mess, with furniture and household items in shambles, orange ink splattered over the each of the walls and floor, much to their shock and horror. Luigi then saw Meggy's Splattershot on the floor, saying that she would never leave it behind. Desti started to believe that Meggy was kidnapped and wondered who could've done it.

Boopkins then sniffed around to the kitchen and discovered a Naruto DVD on the floor, which was dropped by the kidnapper. Desti started to suspect that Axol was Meggy's kidnapper, much to SMG4's disbelief. Tari then made a point on Axol's grudge against the Inklings, who made fun of him for being an anime fan. Mario agreed with her, but Boopkins reminded them that he helped the gang lift the anime ban and that Meggy gave her ink to Axol for his Inkweaver, but Luigi suddenly thought that Axol took Meggy for her ink.

Desti decided to leave and look for Axol, but SMG4, Bob and Fishy Boopkins sided with Saiko, while Mario, Luigi and Tari sided with Desti. Mario declared a civil war, which prompts both sides to fight each other.

Bob attempted to attack Luigi with his "Duel-Wielding Waifu Jitsu" (hoping it would work this time) but Luigi casually dodged him, causing Bob to miss and hurt his ovaries again.

Boopkins and Luigi then told everyone to stop fighting and stay focused on finding Meggy (while SMG4 was choking Mario behind Luigi). Desti told Saiko's group that they could ignore all the clues they want and left. Before following Desti and Tari, Luigi then left as well, promising that they won't hurt him, with Mario following as well.

In SMG4: The Inkling Disappearances, the search for Axol and Meggy continued at the then deserted Inkopolis Plaza. Tari began to mention about where was everyone in the plaza, while Mario, being stupid as usual, told Luigi to hide somewhere, stating that his face was scaring the Inklings.

Tari nervously pointed at an anime character, which turned out to be False Ryuk. Luigi got utterly scared, and Mario tried to force Ryuk to give Meggy back. He threw a rock at him, which, however, did not seem to be very effective. Everybody got utterly spooked by Ryuk's stare, and Luigi suggested the team run away shortly before Ryuk attacked them.

The fight between Mario's team and Ryuk was onset. Luigi continued panicking and begged Mario to do something. Mario didn't come up of anything better than to shove a Bob-omb up Luigi's mouth and throw him at Ryuk. However, he successfully caught him, much to Mario's shock, and threw him back at Mario just before the bomb exploded and blew up both brothers. Ryuk took Desti with himself, and headed towards the tracks Inkopolis Plaza subway station, leaving the others shocked. Suddenly, Tari noticed a pole with a wire hanging around and told the Mario brothers to grab the wire.

While Luigi was left wondering what they had to do, Mario quickly got the idea and launched Luigi, who was still hanging on the end of the wire, at Ryuk. As Luigi managed to reach him, Tari pressed the green button, supplying the electricity to the wire and thus killing Ryuk. A while after Ryuk disappeared, the four noticed he dropped a map, which revealed that Meggy and the other Inklings were being held captive on Anime Island.

The entire team eventually met at Peach's Castle, and Mario's group reported that Meggy and the others were being taken to Anime Island. With this, and also with the fact that Mario's team encountered glowing anime characters in mind, everyone (except Saiko) came to conclude that Axol was the kidnapper. Saiko doubted that, but Luigi told her that it was not that much easy to ignore all the evidence anymore. Then Mario's team suddenly spotted Swag and Chris and got shocked. Bob told them not to worry about them anymore, as they were "cool" now. Mario agreed a while later, and there was only one dilemma left; how the crew was going to Anime Island, if Desti couldn't swim like all other Octolings and Inklings. This dilemma ultimately turned out to be solved by the Guards.

In a port somewhere in the Mushroom Kingdom, Swag stole a boat docked at the other side of the port. On the boat, everyone was doing their own thing: Luigi and Boopkins playing Yu-Gi-Oh (although Luigi mistakes it for Pokémon).

Desti called up to her new friends about who was ready to save her "annoying" rival. Everybody cheered on, but then a monster suddenly appeared right behind her. Everybody was shocked, while Mario shrieked out that the monster was Godzilla. False Godzilla then proceeded to shake the boat, with everyone screaming. Godzilla flew off to Anime Island, bringing Desti along with him. Tari then asked the crew about what should they do, Saiko told everybody to stick to the plan and go to Anime Island themselves to try and rescue the two rivals.

In SMG4: Mario and the Experiment, Mario and his friends were still heading towards Anime Island. Luigi took a nap. Suddenly, their trip was once again interrupted by False Godzilla, who made a reappearance following his abduction of Desti. The crew tries to take him down once again.

Seeing all their efforts were rendered futile, Tari complained that they need something stronger, to which Luigi responded complaining that they did not have anything stronger at all, utterly panicking. Boopkins summoned Joe Boopkins to fight Godzilla. The crew then decided to shoot the monster with the boat's cannons before Joe defeated Godzilla.

After the hard battle, the Mario brothers and Saiko finally spot the Anime Island on the horizon.

In SMG4: World War Mario, in the early morning of June 6, 2019, near the coast of Anime Island, troop transporters, carrying most of the former A.S.S personnel, as well as SMG4's Gang, were on their way to the shores. While Mario was singing, some others were worried.

Saiko reassured the others that they were finally arriving to save Meggy. Suddenly, they hear Luigi panicking, stating that he couldn't take it and wanted to be let off from the battle. Mario then reassured him that everything would be okay and asked one of the agents about it. The agent answered that they were doomed, and Luigi's attitude only worsened.

As the boat's door opened, the enemy forces began to open fire at the boat, killing most of the A.S.S agents instantly, leaving Mario, Luigi and SMG4 to scream in terror as they got off the boat. Luigi came to aid Bob with medical supplies and told SMG4 and Mario to go on ahead, and the two continued.

Mario, SMG4, Tari, Boopkins, Saiko, Luigi and Chris (who was injured) were in a trench where the former was patching up Chris who survived because the bullet missed his vitals while insisting that Chris needed to stay behind.

SMG4's Gang were finally on their way to the enemy base, running through the hallway and taking out each of the henchmen. SMG4's Gang then came across Francis at the end of the hall, who revealed that he was the mastermind behind the kidnapping of all the Inklings. Tari and the others realized that they made a horrible mistake of accusing Axol. However, Francis brought False Sephiroth to life.

False Sephiroth had already killed many of the agents who accompanied SMG4's Gang to Anime Island. Desti then proceeded to kick Francis, not only obtaining Inkweaver but also causing the chameleon's glasses to come off. The gang chased Francis to the room where the Ink Zuccer 2000 was.

Francis reclaimed Inkweaver. They distracted False Sephiroth with a rubber, which allowed Desti to grip the latter and throw him towards Axol. The manga artist then kicked him at Mario and SMG4 as they exchange their own series of blows, before False Sephiroth is finished off by a rock launched from the mouth of Fishy Boopkins with Luigi assisting via aiming (which triggers the Final Zoom effect from Super Smash Bros. Ultimate).

Upon witnessing their first win against False Sephiroth, SMG4's Gang cheered and congratulated themselves on their victory, not realizing that Francis still had Axol's pen. Their celebration was cut short when Desti got impaled through heart by another False Sephiroth's Masamune, mortally wounding her. Everyone watched in horror at what just happened as Desti collapsed to her death.

In SMG4: Final Hours, the whole gang mourned Desti's death. However, Francis, still wanting to fulfill his plans, drew 100 more False Sephiroth's and ordered them to attack the gang. With the gang surrounded, Luigi then asked Mario if there were any plans, but Mario decided to cosplay as Cloud instead, to no avail.

However, Bob, Swag and Chris came with a T-34 Soviet Tank and knock off Francis. They attacked and killed all 100 Sephiroth's with the tank, upsetting Francis. After Francis ran out of ink, Saiko hit Francis with her hammer, causing him to be surrounded by SMG4's Gang. The gang then attacked him. The impact caused Francis to be slammed against the ink tank, which caused Meggy's ink to spill out and pour on him and Inkweaver.

With Inkweaver fully charged, Francis created the most powerful anime character in existence, Super Saiyan God Goku, creating a shockwave that slammed SMG4's Gang against the wall. Francis then ordered Goku to attack them, in which he easily defeated everyone (even blocking Luigi's Green Missile Attack). As Axol was forced to drain Meggy's ink, which would've killed her, Goku destroyed the ink cage with Meggy inside.

SMG4's Gang was shocked in the turn of the events, but Meggy survived and was trapped under the rubble. Axol successfully created the character that is more powerful than Goku: Ultra Instinct Shaggy Rogers, astonishing SMG4's Gang. As Goku was battling Shaggy, Francis was left defenseless and was cornered by SMG4 and his friends. Saiko trapped him in a spare Zuccer tank and activated it, leaving him to die. Suddenly, Goku began to glow. Axol informed everybody that Goku was going to self-destruct, with Boopkins and Luigi panicking, since they didn't think they could make it out in time. However, Shaggy managed to round up the gang, Desti's corpse, the Inklings and Octolings and brought them back to the ship.

As Shaggy rushed back to save Meggy, Goku explodes, destroying all of Anime Island, and killing Francis and the Anime Cartel. Devastated from the apparent loss of Meggy, the gang began to mourn for the loss. However, Shaggy came back with Meggy. Mario, Luigi, and Tari then wonder why Meggy as Shaggy dropped her down. The gang, however, was shocked with the appearance of Meggy, who had became a human due to Ink Zuccer's influence.

At a nearby beach, a navy-style funeral for Desti can be seen being held, and the Mushroom Kingdom and Inkopolis citizens arrived to pay respects. The rest of the SMG4 gang cheered a grieving Meggy up and encouraged her to get back up when she is down; and even if she's not ready now, they will always be there to pick her up. Inspired by these words, Meggy thanked them for the encouragement and pushed Desti's coffin to the sea. Meggy and everyone else saluted their fallen comrade.


When Weegee Dolls took over the world, Luigi, Boopkins and Shroomy were frozen for 500 years, and with the help of New Super Duper Mario Plus Ultra, they found a time machine to travel back in time to kill Defective Weegee, preventing the uprising and altering the timeline.

Final Splatfest

In SMG4 Movie: Meggy's Destiny, at a training ground, Mario, Luigi, Meggy, and Tari were about to try out Professor E. Gadd's latest invention: the Ink Boi 3000, which would allow the humans to move around the field with ease. Luigi got a chair. SMG4 then announced a battle royale to test the inventions.

Luigi shot wildly from above but missed both targets. He then got defeated by Meggy. The entire group then went to Meggy's apartment for a pre-competition party.

At the party, SMG4 told Luigi and Axol about how he cried for ten hours when someone told him to make a 40-minute movie. They were about to play "Pin The Tail On The Boopkins", a game that Boopkins absolutely hated because it involved harm to him.

It was Day 1 of the Final Splatfest. In the Splatstacle Course, teams must brave through a huge obstacle course, and had 20 minutes to complete it. Teams had to rely on their agility and skills to overcome the obstacles.

The Splat Squad were introduced to the leader of Team Killer Ink, who taunted them as "Humans", commenting that Splatfest would "let anybody into Splatfest these days". The round consisted of an obstacle course that the team has to overcome. The first obstacle was a downward slide on thin poles, causing a few Inklings to fall into a deep hole and blowing up, therefore eliminating them. The second obstacle was a road packed with hidden buzz-saws. The third obstacle was using Zapfish plushies as basketballs to try and shoot hoops. The fourth obstacle was just some normal water sprinklers. This course was basically a freebie for the Splat Squad due to being humans but the other competitors were on the ground yelling in pain. The fifth obstacle was a building with platforms that occasionally folded down, eliminating an Inkling by falling into lava. Mario and Luigi easily made it through thanks to their origins. However, Meggy also failed to get to the top of the supposed building but instead of frying to death (and getting eliminated) she just flew up due to getting her bottom burned, confusing Luigi. The last obstacle was a jump on some pads over a deep square hole onto the finish line. Mario, Luigi, and Tari made it over just fine due to the Ink Bois, but Meggy refused to use her own. The team managed to save Meggy from falling into the pit (due to Killer Ink pushing her) up as the timer ran out. Team Killer Ink again taunted them for barely managing the obstacle course. Scene 5

It was Day 2 of the Final Splatfest.

It was now the second match of Round 2 of the final Splatfest. Earlier today, Team Killer Ink had already won the first match and moved to the finals. The Splat Squad, Drown Zone, Kelp Buds, and the Ink Brigade would be vying for the last spot before the final showdown. Marie and Callie described the second and final match of the competition as Tower Defense.

What would be happening was that clones of Squidward Tentacles would spawn onto the arena and each teams' job was to splat them with ink. Each Squidward splatted was worth 1 point. However, if any team member got splatted by another team, their team would be deducted 10 points. The battle commenced and waves of Squidward's came to shore. The team did well for a minute or two before getting kills stolen by enemy teams. Mario, Luigi, Tari, and Meggy tried their best to overcome the point deficit from other teams.

They eventually fell to second place, being beaten by the Ink Brigade, much to Meggy's utter dismay. As Luigi tried to help, Meggy, crying, ran off. Before the rest of the Splat Squad left, however, Mario stated that he smelled something fishy.

Mario sneaked across the Tower Defense Arena, Tari, and Luigi in tow, trying to find the source of his suspicions. Luigi worriedly asked Mario why they were back at the Tower Defense Arena. Tari chimed in, saying that they should be with Meggy right now instead of looking around. Mario, however, ignored them and searched the back of the arena. As he was looking near a bush next to the wall, he tripped over something, which was revealed to be a switch. When he pressed the green button, a cannon extended from the wall and shot fake Squidwards out of it. Mario excitedly proved his suspicions though Luigi was confused as to what that meant. Tari, however, angrily realized that the Ink Brigade used the cannon to cheat in Tower Defense.

After informing Callie and Marie, they all went to the roof of Meggy's apartment building where Meggy was. As the Squid Sisters began to explain, however, Mario ran through the doorway, followed by Luigi and Tari, knocking the Squid Sisters over in the process. Mario excitedly explained that he found out the Ink Brigade's treachery, but Tari and Luigi ended up explaining the details, much to Mario's enragement. Callie and Marie, half-dazed, confirm this and said that because Meggy's team was the first runner-up, they would go on to the next round by default. Tari and Luigi affirmed that they would do anything for Meggy. The gang then celebrated.

The next day, Meggy and her team arrived at the arena for the final round of Splatfest. Callie and Marie commented on how exciting the tournament has been so far and revealed that the final round will be a Turf War, with the Splat Squad going against Killer Ink. Both teams were itching to start the War, and Callie excitedly asked both teams if they were ready to start. Upon the teams' and the crowd's excitement, the Turf War commenced.

The Splat Squad started off strong, quickly gaining ground in the first few minutes. Team Killer Ink, however, was able to hold their ground, despite Tari knocking out another of their team, and they eventually hit Luigi.

With fifteen seconds left on the clock, the Splat Squad regained their lost territory, winning the Turf War. Then, their friends excitedly ran on the battlefield, and hoist all the team members up into the air and catch them. Bob announced a party at Meggy's apartment. Everyone excitedly headed over.

SMG4's Gang were having a party over Meggy's victory in the final Splatfest and played "Pin The Tail On The Boopkins".

SMG3's Takeover

In SMG4: Mario Gets【Woke】, at Peach's Castle, Mario and Luigi were fishing when Luigi caught an eel (much to Mario's jealousy) which proceeded to bite his groin. Then, the YouTube Remote fell and reversed the action. Luigi was relieved it was over while Mario was confused how it could have happened. Turning around, he saw the remote and started by pressing the fast forward option. Soon enough, the eel went back to biting his groin. Luigi was horrified over what Mario did to him and begged him to stop, although that fell on deaf ears. Proceeding to torture him, Mario enjoyed what was happening with the other functions. Liking the power had processed, Mario took the remote to try on other people, leaving Luigi to his fate.

Dr. Kawashima undid all the damages Mario did.

In S̶M̶G̶4̶: I Can't Believe It's Not SMG4!, at Peach's Castle, Mario arrived, having ruined the gang's playtime with Jenga, with a reasonable explanation that he got cast in an upcoming play, set to be shown in the Gielgud Theatre in Aubergine, Mushroom City, with a little story on his audition.

Later, the Gielgud Theatre opened to spectators, watching the play, with the gang attending. As the play started, in which it all seemed too familiar to the gang as the scenes were somewhat similar to scenes from episodes from Season 8, Season 9 and early episodes of Season 10.

It was only after the play ended that SMG4 finally raged when the play turned out to be a production of Snitch Productions, and ran off to find SMG3, who he knew had written the play.

When the Anti-Cast surrounded SMG4, he soon was backed up by the rest of the gang, which then quickly escalated into a fight. Then, Mario was able to stop the bickering between the two content creators and led to a truce between two factions (although SMG3 still had a grudge). The two factions finally came to an end, calling for peace with each other, and both went their own ways.

In SMG4: The Internet Graveyard, at Mario's House, Luigi was relaxing while listening to music on his AirPods, until an Oof Button suddenly appeared and abducted him. Luigi was dropped off at the Internet Graveyard, where he met Mario and a mysterious person (who Mario recognized as Axol) before the latter attacked the brothers. After a lengthy confrontation, Mario did the Naruto Run on him, making Axol regain his memories.

As Axol went sane, he told his story of how he ended up in the Internet Graveyard. They were suddenly ambushed by a colony of Ugandan Knuckles trying to take them away. They managed to escape when Axol fed them Tide Pods.

After showing his handmade anime Two Piece to the brothers and showing a bout of insanity, Mario asked Axol for a way to get home. He said the only way to leave the Internet Graveyard is to make a dead meme relevant again. Luckily, Mario happened to know a local expert on memes. However, since there was no reception in the Internet Graveyard, they needed to adventure to a Starbucks Coffee near the realm's temple to get Wifi. The trio travelled far and wide throughout the cursed realm for Starbucks. One of their escapades including a desert filled with irrelevant YouTubers (Such as Fred Figglehorn).

They eventually arrived at the temple, where they were immediately denied by the protectors of the temple access to the Starbucks. When everyone saw the protectors' toilet overflowing, Mario decided to use his plumbing skills to fix it. The protectors were overjoyed and allowed the heroes to pass. But before they could, the toilet suddenly broke away from its base and was sent flying towards one of the protectors, killing him. Outraged, the rest of the protectors chased the trio into the coffee shop.

Mario, Luigi, and Axol got into Starbucks, and thanks to the Wifi signal, Mario was able to call SMG4 on his iPhone for help, thus enabling him to revive the Harambe meme, allowing the three to escape the Internet Graveyard.

Back in SMG4's room, SMG4 asked how they got there in the first place. Wondering where Harambe was, Luigi, Axol and SMG4 saw him flying out to the sky, with the three admiring him flying into the sunset.

In SMG4: Deleted, SMG4 and the rest of the gang confronted SMG3 (who had stolen the YouTube Remote to destroy SMG4) at Snitch Productions Castle, where he and the Anti-Cast had already travelled into the debut episodes of members of SMG4's Gang to alter the events. As SMG4 and the others travelled to their debut episodes, SMG4 warned them if they were to run into their past selves, a black hole would be created.

Back in SM64 Bloopers: Can Ganondorf come out to play?, Mario used Luigi as a shield to escape the skeletons shooting them and arrived in the sewers of Ganondorf's Castle. Instead of meeting Bob, they were met with Rob the Scarecrow who offered them corn, as usual, that have blocked their way into the sewers. Instead, they ran, scared from how ugly he is. Rob towered over them with corn. Mario and Luigi then left to find another way to raid Ganon's castle, leaving Present Bob to be sent to the Internet Graveyard.

Back in ???, Mario and Luigi, as babies, were in a foster home. Before the two brothers could meet eye to eye, Weegee Doll appeared and got rid of Baby Luigi and sat in his place, telling Baby Mario that he was his brother. Present Luigi then arrived but faded away to the Internet Graveyard before being able to do anything.

In SMG4: A Totally Normal S̷͍͖͉̙͚͎̑̃̿͑̆̇̚͠M̸͇͇̦̮̌̿Ğ̴̫̗̖͎͔̳4̶̞͇̰̎̀́̚ Episode, Luigi, his friends and Susan Wojcicki reached Starbucks in the Internet Graveyard and contacted Mario, who was frozen in a void by SMG3. They revealed their survival to Mario and Susan freed the plumber, with SMG4 instructing him to steal SMG3's phone that had access to the SMG4 channel's hacked account to re-upload the debut episodes they appeared in, and provided a portal for Mario to go after SMG3.

As the gang awaited their Italian friend at Starbucks, Mario landed in the center of the room. As they ask if he received SMG3's phone, Mario continued to lie down and refused to show his face. Being given the impression that he was grieving, the gang felt that he failed and grew upset. Mario then stood and turned around, smiling, as he revealed the phone in his hand. As his friends smiled, SMG4 used the phone to bring everyone back, and the final battle had begun.

In SMG4: War Of The Fat Italians 2020, SMG4's Gang and Susan came out of warp pipe after re-uploading their respective debut videos. They saw SMG3 and Anti-Cast doing another video, who shocked upon seeing them, attempted to delete the gang again, only to be stopped by Susan. When Susan attempted to retrieve the remote, it paused her and possessed JubJub Boopkins. It then teleported both the gangs with challenges to declare which was better and was worthy of the channel.

Round 3: Luigi vs. Weegee Doll - Go Without Saying "Weegee"

Luigi panicked as he tried not to say "Weegee," only to cheated after Mario complemented his performance in this round.

Round 6: Luigi vs. Melony - Survive Watching Axol's Two Piece

Axol showed Luigi and Melony his anime Two Piece, where Watermelon-Kun finally confessed to Apple-chan. Luigi, however, had his Super Nut activated due to the extreme romance shown in the anime, therefore making him lose this round.

Round 18: Luigi vs. Whimpu - Beeg SMG4 Lifting

Luigi and Whimpu looked at Beeg SMG4 in shock. Luigi, saying "LET'S-A F*CKING GOOO!!", tried to lift Beeg SMG4 first, becoming his buff self. However, while he did manage to briefly lift Beeg SMG4, he got crushed. With the assistance of bodybuilders, Whimpu lifted Beeg SMG4 off the ground and Luigi.

Round 19: SMG4 vs. SMG3 - SMG3's Monologue Story

SMG3 offered to present his monologue, but when everyone got bored, he puts it in the form of a play. He got Boopkins to come up. SMG3 grabbed him and dangled him over the edge of the building, much to everyone's shock. He threatened to drop Boopkins to his death if he didn't get the YouTube Remote. JubJub spat out the remote to SMG3, prompting him to leave Boopkins on the rooftop, starting the Rap Battle shortly after.

SMG3 then ate the remote, therefore gaining its power, SMG3 then tried to freeze everyone by pausing them but only managing to hit Whimpu. He summoned some Oof Buttons and sent them after the cast, including his own gang who had already turned against him. As the characters fight the Buttons, SMG4 pummelled SMG3 to the ground below.

After the battle, everyone confronted SMG3 (who had finally lost the remote to them) and allowed the unpaused Susan to banish him to the Internet Graveyard. SMG4's Gang along with the former Anti-Cast celebrated their newfound friendship and victory. The team then left the area as Bob announced Rob's party at Steve's Corn Farm, to the latter's delight.


When Meggy was depressed over not having a passion in life after winning Splatfest, SMG4's Gang tried to help her in many ways. Luigi helped Mario in trying to make her into a good cook. Eventually, Luigi and the rest bought Meggy a ticket to Port Aurora so that she could have a vacation and find her calling. Luigi was with his friends when they said goodbye to Meggy.

Mystery of SMGs

In SMG4 Movie: 10 Year Anniversary Special, SMG4 made a party to celebrate the 10 year anniversary of his channel and invited friends, memes, and even his enemies from the past and present, with SMG4 inviting SMG3 and his dead memes as well, despite the latter's warnings. After the party, the dead memes became corrupted, forcing the gang to fight. In spite of their best efforts, they lost, forcing them to barricade in the castle and SMG4, SMG3 (who became the lord of the Internet Graveyard), Mario, FightingMario54321 and Nintendofan997 were abducted.

The rest of the gang managed to escape the castle with the help of Hobo 1 and Hobo 2, who they were trying to get SMG4's attention to warn them about SMG0, an extraterrestrial virus that was dangerous to life and must be contained, and that they had escaped before until SMG0 followed them. Hobo 1 and Hobo 2 proceeded to tell the only way to defeat it by using a Guardian Pod, USBs that both SMG4 and SMG3 (who were in the Dark Web at this point) used to arrived in the Mushroom Kingdom. SMG3, through the live stream, told them they could use his Guardian Pod. Luigi overheard Hobo 2 mentioning an avatar.

Fortunately, the gang managed to arrive at SMG0's Cathedral (where Mario, SMG4 and SMG3 were held captive) just in time with SMG3's Guardian Pod. The gang fought off the zombified Mario Recolors while the Hobos (who revealed themselves to be SMG1 and SMG2) contained SMG0 within the USB, while also getting themselves sucked in as well. After Mario was saved, the gang deducted that he was the avatar SMG2 was referring to.

Soon, the Mario Recolors were brought back to life by SMG3's USB, now living in the established township of Bloopersville. With peace returned, SMG4, FM and X turned the corrupted memes back to normal and SMG3 returned to the Internet Graveyard with them. The gang relaxed on the top of Peach's Castle while reflecting on all that has happened.

In SMG4: The Day HE Arrived., SMG0's Guardian Pod arrived in the Mushroom Kingdom and was floating above Peach's Castle. As the gang stared at it, mouths agape, "Axol" appeared recovered from his brief abduction by SMG0, and denied the previous events that happened while also acting out of character.

In SMG4: Doomsday but Mario is Okay, Luigi brought board games to play with his friends at the castle, and got caught up in the impact of the blast and radiation from the bomb that was meant to destroy SMG0's USB and the castle. Still, the Guardian Pod was still too strong to be destroyed.

In SMG4: The Final Piece, the gang (including Swag and Chris), apparently searching for Axol, Mario and SMG4, fought Eldritch Axol (the SMG0-possessed Axol) back on the rebuilt castle, who exposed into a figure that resembled SMG0's true self, releasing Mario from captivity. Eldritch Axol fended off the gang, and went into the castle to find Mario.

As Eldritch Axol held the SMG4 and SMG3 hostage, the rest of the gang barged in as well to fight him. As the rest failed to defeat Eldritch Axol, Melony (who had been transformed into a human by the Fierce Deity Mask) had programmed Tari to transform her arm into a rocket, while Luigi and Boopkins distracted him. Eldritch Axol was thrown outside. Eldritch Axol managed to fight of the whole gang (including SMG1 and SMG2), and went back to his plans.

Eldritch Axol was using meme energy and Mario to create a new universe for himself, which would cost the destruction of the SMG4 Universe. As the gang protested, he touched the crystal sealing Mario, and dropped into the moat, emerging as a gigantic form, thus beginning the final battle to save their universe and everyone in it.

In SMG4: War Of The Fat Italians 2021, Eldritch Axol stared down roaring at the gang in his final form and the gang were desperate. SMG1 and SMG2 distracted Eldritch Axol so that the gang could go after Mario's crystal, which travelled into the portal. The gang, as well as SMG3, went into the cannon and dived through the portal. As they made their way to the end of the portal, another appeared created by Mario's crystal to stop the gang. It then swallowed SMG4. SMG4 was spat out of the portal before explaining that in order to reach the end of the portal, they had to complete the challenges set up by the crystal so that they could make it and save Mario.

Who can do the best impression of Luigi? (Luigi vs Mario clone)

At a contest, many people tried to do a very good Luigi impression, but the Mario clone won the challenge. Luigi then admitted that the Mario clone did have a good impression of him.

Who can go the longest being nice to Luigi? (Boopkins vs Mario clone)

Luigi presented his mint condition Digimon collection to the Mario clone and Boopkins. Boopkins complimented him nicely, but the Mario clone asked Luigi if he's gay, giving Boopkins a chance of winning.

Who can beat Belle in speedrunning? (Luigi vs Mario clone)

Belle let the Mario clone and Luigi choose what games they could compete with her in. Luigi challenged her to Rock Simulator 2014, a game she had no idea how to play. She eventually gave up and left, making Luigi the winner by doing absolutely nothing.

After completing the challenges the gang found Mario in the force field. Then SMG0 appeared, briefly showing his true form. The Mario clone started to become larger and soon became Mari0. As the gang panicked, Melony stood up and told the gang to fight. SMG3 came up with the idea to free Mario from the force field using Mari0. He, SMG4, SMG1 and SMG2 held hands to allow Mario to absorb all of the corrupted memes to become powerful enough to grab Eldritch Axol, giving Melony enough leverage to go into his brain.

Melony slashed her way through Eldritch Axol, killing him at last. This meant the gang had won as Mario reverted back to his normal size. All the memes headed for the portal started to head back down to their rightful worlds and homes. Melony broke down crying over the fact she had to sacrifice Axol, with Meggy and the others watching with concern.

Days later, the gang came to console Melony in Axol's apartment in New Donk City. After SMG1 and SMG2 left, the gang then gave their suggestions to Melony about the ideas for the conclusion of Two Piece.


Luigi wears a green hat with an "L" symbol. He wears a long-sleeved green shirt and blue overalls on the inside. Luigi is a fair-skinned, tall human with a slim face. He has short brown hair and a dark brown mustache. He has bright blue eyes and wears white gloves and brown shoes. His former Super Mario 64 design is a green Mario Recolor.


Luigi is kinder and more understanding than nearly all of the other characters in the SMG4 series. He is often cheery, enthusiastic, fun, and ready to lend a helping hand. Compared to other characters, his personality is not drastically changed from his canon personality. He also relies on common sense, unlike Mario, who usually tries to solve problems with violence.

Luigi's pacifism

His main weaknesses are his cowardice (though he was fully willing to rescue his brother twice despite this), in which he gets very nervous when doing something dangerous or immoral, and his easily-exploited kindness, which often results in him being treated like a doormat. Luigi is actually triple the wuss his mainstream self is, already freaking out upon seeing Goombas and knocking into a stranger's house. He also seems to be childish, being shown to play with dolls. Like his mainstream self, Luigi suffers from an inferiority complex, constantly overshadowed by his older brother's popularity and basically being treated as a nobody.

However, when pushed too far beyond the limits of his tolerance, he has been seen to get angry. In these rare instances, he is very unrelenting and mean, such as when he teamed up with Waluigi, though he usually reverts back to his normal personality when he calmed down.

A running gag in the SMG4 series is that Luigi has a tendency to celebrate things too early, which often results in misfortune befalling him. For example, when some of SMG3's forces attacked him, Luigi managed to hold them off. However, even though he was still in hostile territory, he began to celebrate, which resulted in Shrek sitting on him and capturing him.

Luigi is shown to sacrifice himself for others, offering to sacrifice himself to help his friends in serious moments as shown in SMG4: Mario SAW and SMG4: The Minecraft Plague.


Why are you gay?

Mario to Luigi in SMG4: Studying for Exams...But you're friends with Mario

What are you, [fricking] gay?

Mario's recurring quote to Luigi

Luigi reading a Playgirl magazine.

Luigi had often been accused of being gay. While he usually denies this, he had shown homosexual behavior many times. In Super Mario 64 Bloopers: Operation G.A.Y, he tried to kiss Nintendofan997. In Super Mario 64 Halloween Special 2011, he was seen downloading "gay pictures". In Super Mario 64 Bloopers: 99% Idiot, his therapy confirmed that he's homosexual. In The Mario Channel: MARIOBUSTERS, he was "confirmed" gay. In SMG4: War Of The Fat Italians 2021, he suggested a husbando for the conclusion of Two Piece.

In SM64 Bloopers: Smexy Soccer, when Mario told SMG4, Wario, and Toadsworth that he be taking them to "a party with sexy girls", Luigi was the only one to be displeased. In SMG4: War Of The Fat Italians 2020, he was shown to be sexually attractive to Watermelon-Kun (a character from Two Piece). He also does many weird sexual things to Luigi Dolls, For example: in one of the bad ending in Mario Simulator Interactive! (500k Subscribers), he was seen making out with one.

From the SMG4 Season 2 to SMG4 Season 7, he was attracted to Princess Daisy, so he may be bisexual, albeit with a heavy bias towards males. This had been backed up by Luke Lerdwichagul and Kevin Lerdwichagul in a Hobo Bros video.

Criminal Record

Luigi had committed various crimes in the SMG4 series, most of the time by accident. He also got framed of crimes by his own brother, Mario.

  • Murder, Assault, and making somebody cry at his ugliness: In Super Mario 64 Bloopers: A Lost Luigi, Luigi accidentally kicked a man into the sea, threw a ruby into a Toad out of anger for lying to him, and when he said "hi" to a nearby man, he freaked out at how ugly Luigi apparently was and fled. This led the Police to try and arrest him.
  • Demonic Rituals: In SMG4: Mario Preschool, Luigi accidentally summoned Satan the Devil (who was a good friend of him) while teaching preschoolers about shapes. This led to him being arrested offscreen.
  • Mass Murder: In Super Mario 64 Bloopers: Crime Time, Luigi accidentally murdered a boat of passengers in Donkey Kong's Jungle Parkway while making a bet with Mario. He did this again (though this time it was a deliberate attempt to prevent Tom Nook from closing down Bob and Breakfast 2) in SMG4: Mario's Bed and Breakfast, where he trapped a few Nostalgia Critics inside the hotel's spa room, then set the room's temperature to 999999999° Celsius, which possibly killed them.
  • Drinking and Driving: In R64: We're going on a Luigi hunt, a drunk Luigi mindlessly drove around in his kart and both accidentally crashed into Mario's spaghetti while the latter was having a lone picnic, and into a wall. This ended up being his undoing, as an angered Mario chased him around and demanded him money so he could buy new spaghetti.
  • Kidnapping: In SMG4: Mario Goes To College, Luigi overreacts when he sees Heavy's astral form turn into a ghost, causing him to use his Poltergust 3000 to capture him. Later in the same episode, Luigi does this on purpose to Mario's astral form when the latter disrupted the former's ascension.
  • Various offenses (framed): Luigi has been framed by Mario many times. One such case was in R64: Mario for Hire. when Mario blamed Luigi for destroying Bowser's kart and touched Heavy Weapons Guy's sandwich and gun. At the end of the blooper Luigi framed Mario back, because of how more of a joke he was.

Powers and Abilities

Despite his cowardice, Luigi has many abilities that he rarely uses on the field.


  • Cowardice: Luigi's biggest flaw is his extreme cowardice, which he feels whenever doing something immoral or dangerous. In the SMG4 series, this cowardice is so ridiculous, Luigi freaks out whenever he sees anything that looks scary to him (including Goombas). He only shrugs off this weakness whenever his loved ones are in danger.
  • Overconfidence and Recklessness: Luigi sometimes can't help but celebrate when something good happens to him, which results in misfortune befalling him.


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