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Not to be confused with Luigi or Weegee.

Weegee! Weegee! Oh yeah! Oh yeah!

—The Luigi Doll's chant.

Luigi Dolls, or Weegee Dolls, are classic recurring characters in the SMG4 series.

They are sentient dolls that resemble Luigi. They first appeared as background characters in Super Mario 64 Bloopers: Super Happy Magical Fun Fun Island, although they have gained a significant role in Ssenmodnar 7 (TOAST Edition) as one of the important skit characters, alongside SM64 Bloopers: Luigi Labyrinth and SMG4: The Weegee Uprising where they attempted to hug other people to turn them into them. In SM64 Bloopers: Luigi Labyrinth, they were revealed to have been faulty clones of Luigi created from a research facility by accident because Luigi brought his toy Luigi plush with him due to his cowardice.

One of the Weegee dolls was recruited by SMG3 to represent Luigi at his theater show and became a member of the Anti-Cast becoming one of the seven former secondary antagonists of the YouTube Arc. Presumably, he was the second-in-command of the group, as SMG3 entrusted him with the YouTube Remote to ensure Mario was banished to the Internet Graveyard. He was also in charge of erasing Luigi, one of the first characters to appear in SMG4. In SMG4: War Of The Fat Italians 2020, that Weegee Doll turned against SMG3 along with his peers.


Luigi Dolls communicate by using voice clips of Luigi from Various Super Mario games. Luigi Dolls have been seen eating mushrooms, but it is unknown if they eat anything else. They also breed and mate, just like any other living thing on earth(at least ones who use sex system). They are also found in the Weegee Planet, as seen in R64: Stupid Mario Galaxy.

Powers and Abilities

Powerlevel: A

  • Transformation: By making contact with a person via hugging them, Luigi Dolls can infect them and make them become a Luigi Doll, albeit temporary. Although it seems like it is easily avoidable, it can be dangerous if many Luigi Dolls work in numbers pursuing their victims. In SMG4: The Weegee Uprising, this power has greatly enhanced, with many of the victims being transformed Luigi Dolls permanently, continuing to stay in this form for 500 years. Despite this, transformed victims still retain their personality and defining appearance.
  • Summoning Hell Gate (Poppy Edition only): Only the Luigi Dolls from the Poppy Playtime series are only able to open Hell gates.

Notable Luigi Dolls

Defective Weegee

Main article: Defective Weegee

A Luigi Doll that appears in SMG4: The Weegee Uprising. It sought to take over the Mushroom Kingdom in the name of the Weegee dolls and to end oppression of them. It succeeded but fortunately, Luigi, Fishy Boopkins, and Shroomy, with the help of New Super Duper Mario Plus Ultra, went back in time and stopped it from initiating its takeover plan.

Luigi Doll/Weegee Doll (The YouTube Arc)

Main article: Weegee Doll

This Luigi Doll first appeared in S̶M̶G̶4̶: I Can't Believe It's Not SMG4! as a playcast member and subsequent member of Anti-Cast. It acted as Luigi's doppelganger and as SMG3's second-in-command. It eventually sided with SMG4's Gang in SMG4: War Of The Fat Italians 2020 to help take down SMG3.

Poppy Doll

Main article: Poppy Doll

Poppy Doll (Known as Poppy) is a Luigi Doll that seems to be female. It can teleport to Hell Papa John's. It appears in SMG4: If Mario Was In... Poppy Playtime.



  • The Luigi Dolls in question originated from Mario Party.
  • A Luigi Doll was used as the Super Smash each other in the ass bros Ultimate Luigi, called looege.
  • A smaller Luigi Doll appears in R64: We're going on a Luigi hunt. However, because of its different appearance, it has been generally regarded as separate from the main Luigi Doll.
  • The SMG4 doll version (when hugged by Luigi dolls) has a 2 instead of a 4 on his hat.
    • Ironically, there ends up being a character named SMG2, who is very different.
  • It is unknown whether the Luigi doll who joined the Anti-Cast has the same abilities as the other Luigi dolls.
  • Luigi Doll is the most appearing member of the Anti-Cast, appearing in 33 different episodes.
    • This is attributed to the fact that Luigi Dolls are a species and not an individual character.
    • It is the only Anti-Cast member to not have any confirmed recurring appearances. It is also the only Anti-Cast member to have had a genuinely evil history.
      • However, the Anti-Cast Luigi Doll finally makes its return in SMG4: Mario Babies alongside with most of the other Anti-Cast members in the flashback.

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