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MARIO'S 100K SUB SPECIAL! is a video uploaded by TheAwesomeMario.


SMG4 and friends try to stop Mario from finding out he's got 100K subs...


The video begins with SMG4 checking his channel which had about 1.4 million subscribers. He then pondered if he should look at Mario's channel to see his subscriber count, with the consideration of thinking that he cheesed his way to 60 thousand. However, when he checked it, he saw it at 100,000 instead, shocking him.

Later on, SMG4 rushed announcing something terrible just to see Mario near him. Knowing he must keep Mario unaware for as long as possible, SMG4 passed it off as needing a tissue to clear up a mess, which Mario believed and left. Relieved that Mario didn't know the truth, SMG4 gathered everyone else in Peach's Castle's basement where there were panicking. He then told them that if they all wanted to live, they all must keep Mario off the internet.

Plan 1

Mario was trying to use his phone to connect to the castle's internet but it was not working. He, frustrated, asked SMG4 if his internet was working but he said no too. This only caused Mario to go to an internet café, shocking SMG4.

Plan 2

As Mario was using his laptop in said café, SMG4 gathered everyone to stop him quickly, which Bowser did by "accidentally" falling onto Mario and spilling his meal onto his laptop. Now with a ruined laptop, Mario cursed at Bowser who claimed he couldn't get up by himself and left to buy a new laptop.

Plan 3

At the laptop store, Mario was angry at how the store had no more laptop, which the clerk pointing out that someone, none other than SMG4, paid for all the laptops. He went over to SMG4 who claimed he was a laptop collector. Although he managed to repel Mario away, it caused Mario to head to his house to use the laptop there, much to SMG4's chargin.

Final plan

As Mario was happy that he could use the internet, he went to check his channel. Surprised to see he gotten 100,000 subscribers, he danced like crazy, unaware that SMG4 was going to set his house on fire as payback for what happened when he got 50,000 subscribers. Even when his house was burning, he still danced for a while until he realized that his house was set ablaze, causing him to swear.

Real Life segment

Luke Lerdwichagul thanked the viewers for watching the video and pointed to them that it was actually Harry who needed the thanks as the channel content creator.



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