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MARIO THE MAIL MAN! is a video uploaded on June 14, 2017 by TheAwesomeMario.


Today Mario is gonna show you how to deliver some mail!


At Mario's House, Mario checks his piggybank for money to buy spaghetti but doesn't have any so he askes Luigi for some. Luigi suggets Mario to get a job, but Mario refused as he doesn't want to work. Luigi sends him flying to Smexy Town so Mario can get a job. Mario finds a newspaper about hiring someone to be a mailman and gain money and 12 seconds later he's delivering newspapers but somehow manages to burn a town 20 minutes later. He heads to Post Office N' Shit to get his cash only to be rejected since he burnt a town and mentions that that Parakarry did 3 times better than Mario. Mario gets mad and attacks ParaKarry so Office Guy gave him 5 dollards. Mario enjoys his bought spaghetti while Parakarry is being burnt alive.


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