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Tari's First Game Warp is a first animated short and a short preview clip for the upcoming Meta Runner series.


A short clip from our upcoming animated series Meta Runner! Tari warps into the 3D Platformer; "Ultra Jump Mania". She meets the game character Theo and... has a hard time getting use to platforming mechanics.


Tari finds herself face-to-face with the protagonist of Ultra Jump Mania, Theo. Tari eventually manages to convince the boy she's human and not a boss enemy. The boy then introduces himself as Theo and explains she's on Simple Flip Island. While Tari is still confused, Theo wanders off to do some platforming.

Tari chases after Theo, making her way through the level a little more clumsily, and learns that Theo is aware of his nature as a game character. Stopped by a high wall, Tari suddenly discovers she has the ability to perform in-game maneuvers. After learning Theo is on his way to the next level of the game, Tari attempts to distract him by claiming monsters were after the goalpost, only for Theo to drag her along with him.





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