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META RUNNER Season 2 - EP 10: Fatal Error is the tenth and final episode of Season 2 of Meta Runner and the TBA video overall to be uploaded by GLITCH.

This episode was aired on 18 December 2020.


Thank you all so much for watching the show. We hope you enjoy the final episode of Season 2 💙.


Fatal Error takes place after the events of Episode 9 where Tari faces against Evelyn.

Before that, the 2 vans are nearing the Main Building of Tascorp. Masa, Belle and Sofia have a conversation on whether Tari and Theo is able to beat the game in time (specify needed for sentence).

Meanwhile, Evelyn fires another laser of monster entities as Tari defeats them. Tari shouts towards Evelyn for a fair fight, 1v1. Another set of monsters spawn as Tari takes care of them, but after doing so, Evelyn hurls a large lava rock towards Tari. Tari counters with some sort of reflect hammer ability, taking out the monsters around her as well as pushing back Evelyn.

Responding, Evelyn hurls a smaller rock than the one before, Tari reflecting it back to Evelyn. The 2 play a sort of Ping Pong match with the rocks when Evelyn's arm began to overheat. Realizing this, Evelyn blasted the rock back as a final hit but Tari goes into a calm mind before reflecting the rock back into Evelyn's face.

Though as Evelyn gained balance, she threw one part of the stage towards Tari, though she misses and supposedly Tari uses the stage piece to project herself into the sky. In an attempt of stopping her, Evelyn fires another monster entity laser but Tari deflects it with a mid-air spin attack, hitting Evelyn and dropping on a nearby platform half-submerged in lava.

Though the flag was in her reach, Tari refrained from grabbing the pole as Evelyn rose up once again. Tari askes her to turn off her life cheat for a fair match, but Evelyn denies and responds for Tari to not complain to her. In addition, Evelyn strikes Tari's platform, forcing Tari to progress through the stage until Tari ends up on a long, open platform, allowing Evelyn to grab her off the ground, Tari losing her hammer.

Evelyn cheers, chanting that she's won and Tari is finished. Tari replied that she is finished which leads to Theo who was charging up the Coconut Burst Jump, releasing it above Evelyn, purposefully missing the pole. Evelyn makes a snarky remark about Theo missing, wasting their time. Though this grabbed Evelyn's attention to presumably trying to grab Theo, getting herself stuck in the previously mentioned platform.

Tari makes a note about the bad collision detection when Theo throws down his coconut shell while crossing the large gap on the platform Evelyn is stuck on. Evelyn makes one last tease about Theo missing before Theo responds "Oh, did I?". The Coconut shell's memory shifts around until it lands onto the same hammer which is in an infinite spin. The hammer spins against Evelyn, continuously repeating damage, causing Evelyn's Meta Runner arm to completely overheat, breaking down. This immobilizes the abomination which allows Theo to climb it and grab the pole, clearing the stage and the game's cache, removing the glitch code set before.

Theo then finds himself back at the beach, where the credits are playing. Tari then shows up next to Theo, saying she knew what she was doing all along. The two then embrace, reveling in their victory. Theo then briefly panics, wondering if they're out of time, but Tari calms him down, and then sends Theo out of the game cartridge. However, before Tari leaves, she suddenly spots a mist of purple sparkles that then materialize into Lucinia. The two converse for a bit, and Lucinia reveals to Tari everything that happened during the failed experiment (although we don't know that yet).

Suddenly, Tari wakes up in Lamar's car, and sees Theo in the backseat. They all rejoice, but Tari reminds them that they still have to execute the next phase of her plan: busting out Masa, Belle, and Sofia. Reluctantly, Lamar agrees to continue, noting he doesn't have much of a choice, and activates the car's battering ram on the front.

Meanwhile, in the TASCorp van, Lucks is in a panic, as he discovers Tari was successful in rescuing Theo, and Evelyn is pleading with Lucks over the phone to give her another chance, but Lucks mutes her, deeming her un-useful. He begins contemplating his next move, when suddenly, Lamar's car rams straight into the van. However, it doesn't go as well as last time, as the van appears unscathed and Lamar is knocked unconscious from the collision.

Lucks threatens Tari and her friends for a trade for the server cartridge to spare Masa.

Enraged, Lucks leaves the van and draws his revolver, ordering Tari to leave the car. Reluctantly, Tari does so, and Masa is then dragged out of the van. Lucks threatens to kill Masa unless Tari hands over the cartridge, but Tari and Masa reveal they can't because they already released all the data on the cartridge to the media as hundreds of billboards across Silica City suddenly change from various advertisements to breaking news outlets that Lucks has been exposed as a scandal and an arrest warrant for Lucks has just been issued by local police.

With Lucks distracted, Masa fights Lucks and manages to get the upper-hand, grabbing Lucks' gun. Lucks congratulates MD5 for winning, but then questions them about what happens next. Masa simply replies "TASCorp dissolves, you go to jail, and all the world finds out how you were responsible for Lucinia's death." However, when Masa says the last thing, Lucks chuckles, and reveals the truth: Lucinia's not actually dead. Belle attempts to retort, saying they saw everything: the video, the lab, and the explosion. But Lucks counters Belle's retort, saying they never saw a body.

Lucks begins revealing everything about what really happened. True, the explosion gravely injured Lucinia, but not fatally. A TASCorp medical team was able to heal Lucinia's wounds, but despite their best efforts, Lucinia never woke up. During Lucinia's time in stasis, Lucks came up with a theory: what if the A.I. that Sheridan had attempted to upload into Lucinia's Meta Runner arm had taken pieces of her consciousness during the surge that caused the explosion? If he could find the A.I., he could rip the pieces of Lucinia's consciousness from it and then revive Lucinia. Belle questions Lucks about why he hasn't found the A.I., but Lucks simply replies: "We did. She's standing right next to you.", focusing on Tari.

Theo suddenly asks if Tari is just like him. Tari says she is, in a way. She then reveals everything that Lucinia had told her while she was in the server: when the explosion interrupted the experiment, pieces of Lucinia's mind were fragmented. Some were lost in the TASCorp server, while others were merged directly into the A.I. itself. Lucinia's been a part of Tari this whole time, and Tari says that Lucinia can be revived if Tari gives Lucinia what makes her, well, herself.

Lucks says it's so ironic Masa fought him for so long, yet he was trying to save Lucinia. If Masa had just been loyal- Belle immediately yells for Lucks to shut up, and says he's a really special type of messed up. He lies so much, and even managed to convince himself he's not a monster. She also says that everything that happened to Sheridan and Lucinia happened on his watch. He knew it was dangerous and allowed it anyway. All he does is look out for himself. And then she questions back, where did that get him? Right there. Surrounded by everyone he hurt, all alone. Sofia tells Tari that no matter what, she's her friend and nothing can stop it. Lamar then says no one needs Lucks anyway, and points at the TAS Corp Agents fleeing. Theo says back he didn't understand a thing, but he agrees with everything his friends said. Tari thanks everyone, and then says they should probably start running. Sofia agrees, saying they already broke a few laws right there.

However, Masa is still pointing the gun at Lucks, and when Sofia asks for them to leave, Lucks tells Masa he's going to jail, everything that Masa wanted is happening. But Masa is still not convinced, and tells back Lucks would still worm his way out of jail like he always do with his problems. Lamar, realizing that Masa is contemplating pulling the trigger on Lucks, asks for him to not do what he’s thinking, with Belle adding that Lucks is already finished, he can't escape this time, no matter what bribes he has up his sleeve. Theo says in his opinion to lock Lucks up like he did to him. Tari then says to Masa they won, and asks for Masa to put the gun down. Masa agrees and lowers the gun. Just as all seems fine, his arm starts malfunctioning, and he notices a chip on his arm, the same he used to malfunction Marco's arms. He tries to fight back, but the controlled arm points the gun to Lucks. Instead of running or showing any signs of fear, Lucks simply says his final words: "So you are behind this... Hmph. Well pla-" and the gun fires, ending his life.

Lucks' death

Lucks' corpse collapses to the ground and a high beep starts playing in the background as a horrified Masa looks at his dead body. He drops the gun and wipes the blood from his face, too traumatized to even move or process the events that are transpiring. Sofia, just as shocked as everyone else, questions what Masa has done, and Tari says they're out of time, also saying something inaudible due to the voices being blurry. Lamar, desperate, tells they have to go, and when Sofia tries to say something he yells again that they need to leave. Tari tries to stop him and says they can't leave Masa and saying he needs help.

Lamar says back they can't help him if they're all in jail, and Belle tells for them to go. They look at her, and she simply explains she doesn't belong with them anyway. Besides, she also has dirt on her hands from working at TAS Corp, and once again tells for them to run.

Running, Tari looks back one last time to the back, and she sees Belle putting her hands up as the police arrive, Masa still staring at Lucks’s carcass, and the crowd of citizens, one being Sheridan, watching the scene. Tari and Sofia start crying as they, Lamar, and Theo run through alleys as they continuously keep getting blocked off by the police. Suddenly, a bright light flashes in front of them. Marco then arrives saying: "Well, well, well... Looks like you could all use a ride.". The credits roll.

Post Credits

No way! Dr. Sheridan is still alive!

Evelyn is still very upset in the car after she lost to Tari, and still tries to convince herself she's better, and Tari is just a freak, and then she says if she had Tari's abilities she could defeat her. She receives a call at the same moment, and thinking it's her father, she answers immediately the call, saying visibly annoyed: "Yes daddy, I'm coming home, I'm in the car already.". However, it wasn't her father, and the mysterious man (Sheridan) answers: "Oh I'm sorry my girl, I'm not your father... But, I am a man, that can do many, many things for you. See I couldn't help but overhear your little um... Speech... I'd like to help! How serious you were when you said you wanted Tari's abilities?". Evelyn questions who is the man, and how he got her number. The man (Sheridan) tells back: "Oh, getting into meta runner arms is easy if you know what you're doing, as for who I am, Well... I have gotten a few names and aliases recently, but for you, my dear, you can call me... Sheridan.".


Main Characters

Supporting Characters



  • This can be considered the darkest episode of the series as a whole, as a character was killed on screen.
  • This episode reveals that both Dr. Sheridan and Lucinia Porter are actually alive.
    • It also reveals that he is Masa's annoying neighbour from the episode, Firewall.


  • The Legend of Zelda: During the battle between Tari and Evelyn, the "Dead Man's Volley" mechanic is referenced by the aforementioned rivals knocking a large stone back and forth, similar to how Link and Aganhim perform this during the latter's boss battle in A Link to the Past.


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