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META RUNNER Season 2 - EP 2: Firewall is the second episode of Season 2 of Meta Runner and the TBA video overall to be uploaded by GLITCH.

This episode was aired on 24 October 2020.


Theo causes trouble for Lucks as Tari continues her life inside TAS Corp's walls.


The Episode starts with Lucks coming down an elevator to check Theo out for the day. On the Big Screen he pulls up the video of the room that Theo is in. Lucks welcomes Theo and he says that he wants to get out of the room that he is in. Lucks replies saying the room will make it so he wont continuously glitch. He adds that tascorp is working on a way to break Theo out of there somehow. Just then Lucks put a stool in the room. Theo gets an Idea to use the stool to glitch in it and bust his way out of the room. He goes through the wall and Lucks is shocked and confused because he doesn't know where Theo went. Lucks went to check and The computer showed that Theo had busted his way into the tascorp server.

Theo, Now in the server, runs across running for freedom. He hops around these blocks which appear to be connected with the computers at tascorp. This causes the computers to glitch. Lucks first tries to stop Theo using a data partition which sets a red wall to block Theo from continuing to escape. It fails however as Theo uses his coconut to jump over it. Next Lucks send in a quarantine system which sends in some bots to capture Theo and send him back into the room. Theo is picked up and is being taken back to the small room. He Used his coconut to break the bot which makes him fall into one of the computer blocks. This gets sent over to the next scene at the training rooms in tascorp.

Tari and Evelyn Claythorne are practicing Hidden Heros for the upcoming showmatch. As they are fighting, Evelyn trapped Tari and beats her again. Just then Theo Fell into one of the computers where Belle Fontiere is standing next to. Belle is confused of what Theo is doing inside one of the computers. Theo asks Belle where to go from the server but just then, the quarantine bots come back and capture Theo and Belle screams for him to come back. Tari and Evelyn don't know what is happening but Belle replies with nothing and tells them to get out of the room that they are practicing in.

Back at the containment room. Theo is captured back and the stool he used to break himself out was taken away. Lucks looks at Theo with a disappointed face and Theo questions if Lucks is still planning on breaking him out but Lucks doesn't answer and leaves Theo. Lucks questions all of his workers how he broke out but no one understands how he did. Lucks tells them to analyze what happened until they figure it out.

Back in the training hallway Evelyn is pretty upset that she has to share her upcoming showmatch with Tari and says "Tari has the charisma and gaming talent of a malfunctioning bot boy". Just as Evelyn says that, she bumps into one of the tascorp workers who drops a Pocket Gakusei Tablet. Tari picks it up and Evelyn snatches the game and said she would hide her face as well if she played an online anime dating sim. Evelyn also begins to call Tari an otaku. She replies saying there isnt anything wrong with being an otaku and she adds that some of her best friends are Otaku's as well. Evelyn Walks away asking who would ever play this game but Tari seems to know one person that would. The scene then gets cut to MD5 back in the low tiers.

Lamar Williams, Sofia Porter and Masa Shimamoto all talk about a plan to take down TASCorp. Sofia explains how Belle found Sofia's phone atTASCorp. Masa asked if Sofia could send the decryption case to hack in but Sofia can't because TASCorp upgraded their security system after their previous failed attempt to take down TASCorp. If Sofia Attempted to give the file to Belle, it would be blocked by tascorps firewall and sent to Lucks to warn him. Masa was disappointed but Lamar brought up the fact that Tari and Theo were their friends and they could help but Masa replied that they weren't their friends because Theo was a spy and Tari was involved with Project Blue and Dr. Sheridan. Just then the annoying neighbor comes to ask Masa something but notices that he still has visitors. So the neighbor leaves. Back to the conversation, Lamar Replies back saying they made a promise to protect them but they couldn't. Masa thought about it and he agreed to help. He asked Sofia if there was any way to get a new arm. Sofia replied saying that they may not be able to buy one but if they try hard, they can win one at a competition.


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  • This is the second episode where Tari does not appear in the thumbnail, the first being Bad Split.
  • The trick that Theo uses with the stool is a reference to the BLJ (Backwards Long jump) Glitch from Super Mario 64


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