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META RUNNER Season 2 - EP 3: Unreal Engines is the third episode of Season 2 of Meta Runner and the TBA video overall to be uploaded by GLITCH.

This episode was aired on 30 October 2020.


MD-5 travel to Silica City's most dangerous part of town to find Masa a new Meta Runner arm. Only doing so comes with a price.


The episode begins in an arena surrounded by cheering spectators. A Tas-Corp Meta Runner plays against Marco in Turbo Crash 9. The point of view then shifts to the screen, where Marco defeats his competitor in the game. Marco then turns to the Meta Runner and tells him to "pay up". The Meta Runner pleads for his Meta Runner arm, telling Marco he'd be nothing without it, to which Marco replies with that since he's in the low tiers, he's already nothing.

The player is taken away right as Sofia Porter comes to say hello to Marco. Marco asks what she is doing here and she replied with a "Just Visiting" statement. Right then Masa Shimamoto and Lamar Williams come into the scene. As Sofia was introducing them to Marco, he already known who Masa was and how we was decommissioned by Derek Lucks back in the arena and calls Masa "Lucks's Golden boy".

Sofia then continues to tell Marco that they need a new meta runner arm for Masa. Sofia tells him they want to play for one. Marco agrees but tells them they need to pay an entry fee to enter. He tells them to pay the fee or leave. Lamar just then offered to wager his meta runner arm in order to play a match of Turbo crash 9. Marco agreed and said they would play A Co-op deathmatch just as long as Masa entered in as Lamar's Partner. Masa agrees and says he can beat Marco with one arm tied around his back. Masa then proceeds to pat Marco's shoulder while he pushes it off. Lamar asks Marco who his partner is. Marco replies saying that he doesn't need a partner and pulls out 2 extra robotic arms that were attached to his pack. Marco tells them that the game will start soon and they better be ready. The scene cuts to the intro. Which then gets cut into The next scene at tascorp.

Tari is trying to find Evelyn Claythorne. Tari enters Evelyn's room only to find all sorts of cats, pictures of Evelyn and a room filled with the color pink. She gets these thoughts out of her head and attempts to search all the drawers for the Pocket Gakusei Tablet. As Tari finds the tablet, Evelyn comes into the room and Sees Tari acting very suspicious and is confused of why she is in her room. Evelyn notices that Tari is hiding something behind her. Just as Evelyn is about to see, Belle Fontiere comes into the room to see Evelyn and Tari in the room. Belle walks over and Tari shows the tablet to both of them. Evelyn replies saying that Lucks said Tari is not allowed to have her own video game and adds that Lucks will be very mad when he finds out. Belle seems to have an idea and tells Tari to come with her and tells Evelyn to stay back. Evelyn whines saying that she wants to see Tari get punished but Belle snaps right back telling her to wait back.

Belle and Tari leave Evelyn's room. Belle then tells Tari to take the game. Tari is confused of why Belle isn't going to tell Lucks, but Belle replies that she doesn't care about his rules, and says it is only an anime dating sim. Tari thanks her and Belle tells her to not mention it or they are both busted. Just as Tari Leaves, Evelyn comes back and was sad that she missed Tari's punishment. Evelyn really wanted to know the details so she asks Belle everything that happened.

The scene cuts back to MD5 In the Rustworks. Lamar and Masa are practicing Turbo Crash 9. Lamar drives and Masa shoots the gun. Sofia is concerned for them but Lamar ensures her that him and Masa will be fine. Just as he says that Masa begins to struggle. Lamar then regrets the decision but the game was already about to start. Sofia wishes them luck. Marco gets a microphone and welcomes everyone to the Rustworks. He said in todays match, they had a special guest from the top of the world to rock bottom. "Masa Shimamoto". The game then starts with Marco saying "Start Your Engines!" Lamar regains his confidence Masa Replies "Lets do this".

The countdown begins and all cars begin to race. Lamar and Masa try to focus, just as Marco comes through and destroys many cars. He laughs and Lamar replies he taking him and Masa to the blocks where there is always a good weapon spawn. There is another enemy car already there. Lamar tricks him and kills him. They receive a grappling hook.

Just then 3 enemy vehicles corner them. Lamar find an opening to get away and the 3 vehicles chase them. Lamar and Masa needed to try to find a good place to split them up. They go in the tunnel and continue to be chased. Lamar Gets angry and says "Yall want my arm? COME AND GET IT!" He proceeds to trick between the blades and one of the cars get sawed. Lamar replies to the kill "I *saw* that coming". 2 of the vehicles continue to chase Masa and Lamar. They enter a corridor where they shoot falling spikes onto one of the vehicles which destroys it. The last Vehicle attempts to get away using the Ramp over the giant gap. Masa decides to use his grappling hook to pull the vehicle back when it made the jump. It crashed to the side. Lamar compliments Masa and he replies "Just trying to lend a hand". They jump the gap and exit the tunnel.

When they enter the open, they noticed that all the other players are gone. Masa Hears a noise and shoots his hook to the side right as Marco comes in with a lot of gear and armor. Turns out Marco farmed about half the players in the game to get all those upgrades. Marco Proceeds to chase Lamar and Masa all over the map. At one point, Masa finds a weapon to defeat Marco But Marco gets them out in the open with the rocket launchers and their engines blow out. Marco says its been a pretty good game but all good things must end. He Attempts to crush them with the spike wheels. But Marco's car sputters and and his engine blows out. His 2 Extra robotic arms Begin to malfunction. Marco tries to fix them but Masa Shoots the chain of a giant yellow skull above Marco's truck. Which falls and destroys it.

MD5 Won but when Masa goes to Marco after the match. He Pats Marco's shoulder again. Marco whipped it away with fierce blow and said the game didn't count because he could have won if his arms didn't Malfunction. Masa replies saying "Imagine having to play a game with only half your arms". Marco then thinks that Masa cheated but Lamar and Sofia tell him to back off and the rules are no excuses and no special treatment. Since MD5 Won they wanted their prize. Marco told them to take the prize and get out. As MD5 was leaving, Marco notices that something might have been missing from his arm pack but he doesn't seem to know what is missing.

As MD5 is driving back, Lamar was happy that they won, but also a little confused. He asks Masa if he really did cheat. Masa replies saying that he didn't and thought Lamar trusted him. When Lamar turned away. Masa Quickly pulled some sort of chip out. This was the chip that Masa Put on Marco to Make his arms Malfunction. Masa Turns it off and puts it back in his pocket, as the episode ends.





  • It appears that Turbo Crash 9 greatly seems to resemble Twisted Metal, with quite a few cars in Turbo Crash 9 resembling cars in Twisted Metal. The Big Belcher looks to be a cross between Darkside and Manslaughter, the ice-cream truck appears to look quite a bit like Sweet Tooth, and Lamar and Masa's vehicle greatly resembles Roadkill, it seems.
  • This is the first episode where Theo and Lucks are absent.
  • The title of the episode is based on the Unreal Engine, a game engine created by Epic Games, who is one of the funders of the Meta Runner show.
  • The device that Masa attaches to Marco can be seen just after he pats his shoulder the first time and just before the second. Its on the fourth or fifth light.
  • This is the third episode where Tari does not appear in the thumbnail, the first two being Bad Split and Firewall.

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