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META RUNNER Season 2 - EP 4: Transfer Student is the fourth episode of Season 2 of Meta Runner and the 14th video overall to be uploaded by GLITCH.

This episode was aired on 6 November 2020.


Tari attempts to track down MD-5 and goes into a game where... she has to date people?!?


In her room, Tari boots up and enters the "Pocket Gakusei" game in search for Lamar. While there she meets a girl names Kizuna AI who agrees to help her find her friend.

Meanwhile with Belle she meets up with Theo who he calls her "Shouty lady" and Belle annoyingly goes along with it. She performs a glitch to help Theo escape leaving Lucks' minions in horror! Inside, Belle tells Theo to find Lucina's files. Back with Tari and Kizuna find a adorable girl named Satsuki chan, but she doesn't respond, Kizuna tells Tari how it works.

Theo finally finds Lucina's files but the security find theo, luckily Belle had a idea, she makes Theo create alot of coconuts and performs a massive clever trick as they wait for the file to load! Things go well as the bots were defeated and the file is sent, suddenly one of the Guards sees Theo but not belle as she hid. Lucks decides to make Theo feel more at home. Theo soon wakes up realising he's home, but his foot strangely gets stuck in the sand, he tries to move but no avail, he asks the elder tomato what's happening but he begins to glitch out, all the ultra jump mania enemies surround Theo, with no coconut or help the young boy is in real trouble, Lucks leaves Theo to his fate.


Main Characters

Supporting Characters




  • This is the very first Meta Runner episode to have a special guest who does not speak English. The guest is the popular virtual YouTuber, Kizuna AI.
  • This episode is not played with its usual ending, Steady. Instead, it was played with the ending theme song of Pocket Gakusei. During the ending, it shows Satsuki and Tari hanging out while also showing glitchy pictures of a very worried Theo.
  • While looking for Lucinia's file, Theo comes across "Spletzer files" and blueprints for the "W.A.H. Launcher", referencing Meggy Spletzer and the Waluigi Launcher.
  • This episode along with Heart to Heart are the first and currently only episodes to date to have titles not based on game/electronic jargon. It's about Tari's first time playing Pocket Gakusei. In short, this title is a reference to the in-series mobile dating sim (game),Pocket Gakusei.


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