Mangle (or "Toy Foxy"), is an animatronic fox from Five Nights at Freddy's 2.

Character description

Mangle is a newer model of Foxy.  Due to the kids playing with it, it was damaged and turned into some kind of "take-apart" recreation plaything.  It is a mess of parts with no plastic suit covering its bare endoskeleton limbs, and its endoskeleton head is detached from the suit head.  The only sounds it makes is a loud screech and radio static.



  • Mangle was turned into a weapon called the "Mangle Lawnchair (Launcher) <3" by Mario after it was killed under mysterious circumstances.
  • Mangle is the least active animatronic in SMG4's videos.
  • Mangle makes "The Most Annoying Sound In The World."
  • It was the only toy animatronic that was not possessed by William Afton.
  • After a lot of debate about whether Mangle was a boy of girl, Scott Cawthon only said that Mangle's gender was "yes".
    • However, there's absolutely no evidence of Mangle being a girl. The Phone Guy called Mangle a "he", so it's heavily implied that Mangle is a boy.
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