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Mario's gonna do something vERY ILLEGAL

—Mango, SMG4: Stupid Mario 3D All-Stars

Mango is a character from SMG4. He is Mario's possible main on Super Smash each other in the ass Bros. He first appeared on SMG4: The Tari Abnormality as the main antagonist.


On first glance, Mango appears to be a seemingly mindless AI with no personality other than showing extreme hostility towards enemy characters (as shown by assaulting Mario and Tari with a gun upon first sight) and speaking unintelligibly. However, he seems to share most, if not, all traits from Mario, such as his love for spaghetti and capability of communicating with his real-world counterpart, only being much more violent just as programmers made him to be.

Despite this, Mango actually hates fighting and has grown to be paranoid, miserable, and cynical (originally, he was programmed not to feel emotion at all) from doing it non-stop for 56 years, being programmed with no friends or family, expecting his death everyday he wakes up, tasting only the blood of his victims, and worse, getting nerfed by the developers with each game he's in. Thus, Mango sees his life as an "infinite hell" and it is implied that he had developed suicidal thoughts throughout his life as a result, and hopes that someone can put out of his misery as he is unable to do so.


Mango was a character from the Super Smash each other in the ass Bros. series. According to Mango himself, he doesn't like fighting, yet has been doing so non-stop for 56 years straight. Worse, the developers keep nerfing him with every game. Thus, Mango considers his life an "infinite hell".

After Mario and Tari accidentally teleported themselves into the game thanks to Mario's stupidity, Mango noticed them and attacked, despite Mario calling him "sexy". In order to prevent him from attacking any longer, Mario lied to him that there was a "naked spaghetti party" going on at the castle. Believing the lie, the excited Mango ran back to the castle at top speed.

Upon finding there was no party, he angrily confronted Mario and Tari at the room of the endless stairs. When Tari asked him why he even fights in the first place, Mango told his sad story about his terrible fighting life, causing Tari to feel remorse for him. Mario however does not care, and tells Mango he just posted cringe before shoot him dead, putting him out of his misery.


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