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I think in the end... I'm just a guy who's trying to go through life. I'm not the smartest person, and I don't have much friends. But as long as I have my spaghetti, I'm good.

—Mario in SM64: Meet the Mario.

Mario Mario, also known as Mario the Sexy Plumber, is one of the two main protagonists (alongside SMG4) of the SMG4 series.

He is an idiotic Italian plumber, the best friend of SMG4, the abusive older twin brother of Luigi, the avatar of SMG4, SMG3 and the SMG4 Universe, the designated hero (a loose term, albeit not originally) of the Mushroom Kingdom, the former arch-enemy of Bowser, the former love interest of Princess Peach, and the co-leader of SMG4's Gang. Mario is an immensely dumb, narcissistic and troublemaking person, befitting the comedic nature of the series. Despite his good intentions, his selfish and stupid behavior often antagonizes and ruins people's lives. Yet when things are at their absolute worst, Mario proves capable of even an ounce of selflessness and compassion. He cares very deeply about his friends, especially his best friends, and his brother Luigi.


He serves as the main protagonist of Season 1, one of the two main protagonists (alongside SMG4) of Seasons 2 to 8, the main protagonist of The Waluigi Arc, a major character in The Rapper Bob Arc, the deuteragonist of Season 9, one of the three deuteragonists (alongside Fishy Boopkins and Saiko Bichitaru) of The Anime Arc, the deuteragonist of The Anime Arc Aftermath and SMG4 Movie: Meggy's Destiny, the main protagonist of Season 10 and The YouTube Arc and the deuteragonist of Season 11, The SMG4 Movie: 10 Year Anniversary Special, The Genesis Arc, Season 12 and the Revelations Arc.



As revealed in SMG4: Mario Babies, Mario was friends with Bowser in kindergarten , until they started fighting over a plate of spaghetti on a table. As they were too small to get to the table, they used numerous objects around to climb up to the table, (including a young Old Man Hobo, whose hair was accidentally burned out by Bowser) but upon Bowser noticing Princess Peach walking by, he became smitten with her and sabotaged the plan by taking one of the dolls Mario was using to climb to the table and giving it to her as a present. When Peach rejected the gift, an angered Bowser proceeded to grab her and hold her hostage. Mario, annoyed with Bowser, kicked away a Koopa Troopa Shell the future king of Koopas threw at him. The shell bounced back and hit the table with the spaghetti plate. Out of curiosity, Mario ate the spaghetti, finding it so tasty that he became obsessed with the food ever since and grew a mustache.

As revealed in SMG4: SMG4's Origins, Mario was once a normal intelligent plumber who was heroic and protective of Peach and the Mushroom Kingdom from Bowser. After the events of Super Mario 64, Mario and Peach, who still loved each other at the time, witnessed SMG4's Guardian Pod crash-landed in the Kingdom. They went over to inspect the Guardian Pod. Mario attempted to come closer to the Guardian Pod until it zapped him, turning him into a retarded glitchy parody of himself. Mario proceeded to get naked and threw the princess far into the sky, causing her to get furious with the plumber and thus becoming a naggy, bossy and selfish "friend" of his, as well as ending their relationship. SMG4, seeing this, proceeded to record Mario and post it online. This restored Mario’s sanity, but still left him quite stupid. SMG4 then realized the potential he has by recording Mario’s antics and from then on they become an iconic duo. One day, while SMG4 was filming Mario and Bowser spinning, they witnessed the arrival of SMG3 in his own Guardian Pod. When SMG3 chased SMG4 for calling him stupid, Mario told the camera to not do drugs. They later dumped SMG4's Guardian Pod into the Dark Web and accepted everyone had already become mentally unstable due to the Guardian Pod's influence. Mario then offered SMG4 a room for him in Peach's Castle.

Throughout the years, many different versions of Mario's backstory had been told, each of them contradicting his real one as well as each other.

According to Super Mario 64 Bloopers: How Mario was Born, he was born out of a cosmic event and crashed in Nintendo's headquarters. While on a playground, Mario reproduced (due to a problem in his genetic makeup) and gave birth to Luigi (which would make him Luigi's birthparent). After taking refuge in a dumpster, SMG4 found the two brothers and offered them jobs. Mario himself debunked this story, as the book detailing this was written by some hobo.

According to The (TOTALLY ACCURATE) Documentary of Mario, he was born in 1928 in Italy. However, Mario's Father was apparently disgusted at his appearance and tried to kill Mario with a combat knife to "prevent it from laying eggs." This incident was accidentally photographed by either his mother or a doctor for his celebration card, where Mario was mistaken for a girl. Instead of being happy though, his parents abandoned him on an alley (it was possible that it was the father's idea and the mother was reluctant) and sped off, accidentally crashing and dying. As a result, Mario grew up without any parental love, resulting in his stupidity and selfishness.

2 years later, he was found and taken to an orphanage where he met Luigi and formed a bond with him (though Mario would occasionally mistreat him). When he and Luigi attended high school, Mario wasn't much of a great student but was nevertheless popular at the time. He, however, had a tendency to dance in the shower and it was also here where his spaghetti addiction started. At some point, Mario started taking drugs. These led to horrible consequences, however, and he started acting completely insane and weird, such as trashing an office and speaking in German despite being Italian, spooking his classmates on a pool, dancing on the roof, and finally burning the school down to the ground, much to the principal Larry Fattman's frustration and resulted in him hating the man forever. As a result, Mario's reputation hit rock bottom, and it would take 2 to 3 years before he recovered.

Afterward, he and Luigi searched for a job and joined The Plumber Academy for Idiots, and though Mario did not graduate (as he apparently must have missed 3 years of class), he still got the job. Some years later, Mario was called by Peach to help clean up her castle (or as she put it, "clean her shit"). There he met Bowser for the first time and traumatized the Koopa King by making him drop his sandwich. Ever since then, Mario visited the castle more often (though his stupid antics resulted in Toad, who initially liked him, to hate him and everyone else in the castle, turning the once-happy mushroom into the grumpy midget he is today). At some point, Mario also became Nintendo's mascot, but due to rumors about him taking drugs again, he was fired but retained his mascot status.


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Mario debuted in the SMG4 series in Super Mario 64 Bloopers Short: The Cake Is a Lie!, where Peach sent a letter to Mario, inviting him to come to her castle and have some cake. A joyful Mario arrives and enters the castle, but there is no cake to be found. When he asks Toad where the cake was, the fungus replied by saying that Peach sent him the invitation just so he could show up. Her intentions were to see if Mario, despite being fat, could still fit through the pipe to the castle. Angry for being fooled by Peach, Mario went outside to find the princess and proceeded to throw her into the castle wall before he exploded into a coin.

Over the years, Mario had been on many zany adventures as the co-leader of SMG4's Gang, which included: making new friends, fighting enemies, causing mayhem everywhere he went, trying out different jobs, starting a cooking show with Bowser and making a short-lasting YouTube Channel. He had an annual event called War of the Fat Italians where he would compete against SMG4 in challenges and rap battles.

Waluigi's War

In SMG4: Stupid Mario Tennis Aces, Mario was all set to join the Tennis competition hosted by Jeeves. However, he learned his first opponent was a rabid Chain Chomp, who proceeded to attack Mario and crush the plumber's legs, thus eliminating him from the tournament. Angered that he could not participate, Mario decided to instead to help train Fishy Boopkins after learning of his humiliating loss to Waluigi during a match. He trained Boopkins into an incredible tennis player, hoping to use Boopkins to win the tournament and get the prize money to pay for a hospital treatment and fix his legs. Unfortunately, Boopkins despite all of his training, ended up losing to Waluigi again due to a foul, thus denying Mario his prize money. Realizing this, Mario begged Luigi for money, but the green plumber refused and left Mario with his broken legs.

In SMG4: Waluigi's Time, Mario, after having his legs healed, learned of the existence of the newest game Super Smash each other in the ass Bros. Ultimate, and that he would be added into the game as a playable character. While having a friendly match with Luigi, spraying his F.L.U.D.D. device on him, he was greeted by Waluigi, who was trying to find himself a special move in order to get added into Ultimate as a playable character rather than an assist trophy. As much as the Mario Bros. tried, they were unable to help Waluigi gain a unique move, resulting in the Wah-Man sulking over it. At that point, Waluigi discovered his "Rejection" powers, and proceeded to test these powers out by briefly cursing the Mario Bros. with uncontrollable sadness (by making them feel the pain and hate Waluigi felt his whole life). After Waluigi was briefly accepted, but then rejected again, he briefly lost his powers, likely snapping the Mario Bros. out of the trance offscreen.

In SMG4: Mario And The T-Pose Virus, Mario was annoying Toad as usual, jumping around the castle foyer and eating spaghetti until Luigi told him of a weird T-pose Shroomy was doing outside and that SMG4 went outside to investigate. However, it turned out Shroomy was under the effects of a plague that made whoever was infected by it would take up a T-Pose, as well try to infect any other being that was not their own. After Shroomy and SMG4 tried to break down the door, Mario, realizing how serious things had gotten, threw Toad at their direction, futilely hoping that Toad would fix the problem. This only made things worse, as Toad also got infected and along SMG4 and Shroomy, chased after the Mario Bros. Horrified, the two attempted to escape to the Tick-Tock Clock room with Bob Bobowski, unintentionally leaving Boopkins and Meggy Spletzer to get infected.

When the T-Pose Zombies tried to break into the room, Bob selfishly refused to help the Bros. hold down the door and instead made his way to the roof through the tower's staircase, where he barricaded the door leading outside. Angered that Bob would leave them to die like this, Mario used his "Fat Powers" to break down the door and escape the zombies. However, while he and Luigi were celebrating, the zombies took advantage and proceeded to grab Luigi and infect him. Horrified and infuriated, Mario blamed Bob for Luigi's transformation, and proceeded to kick Bob off the roof and into an entire swarm of T-Posers and left him to die. However, realizing that he now had nowhere else to go, and that the zombies would inevitably infect him, Mario braced himself, but then he heard helicopter blades from behind. He found Peach, who somehow knew about the T-Pose virus, proceeded to fire 1-UP Mushrooms and nukes to cure the T-Posers, to both Mario's confusion and relief. Afterward, Shroomy revealed he was the unintentional cause of the outbreak, having been forcibly fed a T-Pose Shroom by Waluigi, who had now lost his sanity and now wanted to take over the world. Although confused over why Waluigi would do such a thing, Mario nevertheless stated he was just glad that everyone was okay, and proceeded to take the helicopter along with everyone else to avoid hearing about Boopkins' Yu-Gi-Oh! card collection.

In SMG4: The Mario Cafe, Mario was among his friends who were brought into Bowser's Koopa Cafe to help out in keeping the restaurant stable (as it turns out, Mario had squished all of the would-be-employees of the Cafe, which SMG4 called him out on). Mario joined in as the assist chef, helping Bowser cook meals for the customers. This led to him even kidnapping Yoshi's daughter (still in her egg form) and cooking it. Eventually, when the bored plumber decided to leave the Cafe, he was confronted by the Police who were notified of the daughter's disappearance and wanted to arrest the kidnapper. Realizing his mistake, Mario decided to work at the Cafe forever and wait until things blew over.

In SMG4: Mario The Ultimate Gamer, Mario, out of anger at SMG4 for beating him in Super Smash each other in the ass Bros. for the 20th time in a row, decided to work to get better at the game. Said idea of his "training" involved him going to the mall and sulking while eating ice cream. He eventually discovered a gaming competition and watched a match of SSeoitaB between Bob and a girl named Tari, who had a cyborg arm. After seeing her effortlessly defeat Bob (causing the angered Garo to accuse her of cheating), a surprised Mario stalked her and eventually befriended her, begging her to help improve his gaming skills. Tari, despite her lack of social skills, agreed, and the two proceeded to play several games at the arcade. Mario learned that the reason why he always lost to SMG4 was because he lacked "focus". Taking it into account, Mario went back to the castle and challenged SMG4 to another match of SSeoitaB, using what he learned from Tari to finally beat him. He continued to boast about his victory, even after SMG4 calmed down and went to play games with Tari.

In SMG4: Mario SAW, Mario discovered on his social media that Waluigi was trying to invite most of the people he knew to come to a supposed birthday party. Everyone whom Waluigi sent an email to had completely rejected the invitation (including Wario, who did plan on coming but had a "date with some KFC"), mostly because of his actions during the First T-Pose Outbreak, but Mario, believing there would be food at the party, accepted the invitation and took Luigi to come along with him. However, unknown to both Mario Bros., there was no actual party. Waluigi was angered that Mario accepted the invitation as he wanted Mario to reject and hate him so Waluigi could regain his rejection powers, and thus decided to put both Bros. through a rigorous obstacle course that he built in a sewer maintenance building so the two would have all the reason to hate him. Upon the Bros.' arrival at the "Party", Waluigi knocked both out and took them to the obstacle course, while also disguising himself to avoid the Bros. from figuring it out.

After waking up in the sewer maintenance obstacle course, the Mario Bros. were put through tortuous challenges by the disguised Waluigi. Their first challenge was to try to pry two Piranha Plants off of their heads, otherwise they would bite and kill both Bros. Upon surviving, their next challenge was to avoid a barrage of enemies that came towards them. While Luigi expertly avoided these enemies, Mario did not have the same luck and ended up being hit by exploding Bob-Ombs. They still survived, allowing Waluigi to take them to another challenge. In this one, the Bros. were left hanging over a pit of lava. One of them would need to hit a button attached to their legs that would send them falling to a painful death while sparing the other, otherwise both would die. Realizing this, Luigi remorsefully told Mario that he would press the button, and that if that's what it took if it meant Mario lived, he is content with it. Mario begged Luigi not to press the button, but his pleas fell on deaf ears, as Luigi pressed it anyway and fell into the "lava". Horrified and believing that Luigi was indeed dead, Mario breathed a sigh of relief upon learning that Luigi was actually alive; the "lava" was just really warm Kool-Aid.

Afterward, Waluigi summoned a pipe to take both the Kool-Aid and Luigi away, while sending Mario to the "bonus round", where the plumber was cuffed in a chair. All he had to do was answer a question: if he would be Waluigi's friend. Clearly upset and angered over the obstacle course and Luigi's faked death, Mario angrily refused. Realizing his plan worked, Waluigi tore off his disguise and teleported himself to Mario, now in his Walurambo form. The plumber, putting two and two together for the first time, realized that Waluigi deliberately set up the obstacle course just both the Mario Bros. would have a reason to hate him. "Thanking" Mario for his "help" Waluigi teleported away, leaving Mario alone in the chair.

In SMG4: Mario The Scam Artist, not long after being left in the chair, Mario was rescued from the sewer maintenance building by Wario, who decided to make his rival his new scam partner, due to Waluigi's insanity resulting in him being out of touch with him. Despite clearly not wanting to do it, Mario nevertheless agreed. Unfortunately, their scams are frequently ruined due to a combination of several mishaps and Mario's incompetence. Angered, Wario threatened to cuff the plumber back in the chair forever if he screwed up again. Later, they found Luigi floating through the sewer current and calling for help, forcing Mario to kill a nearby fisherman, tie his body with a rod, and make Luigi grab onto the body while he pulled. He succeeded, only for Wario to try to scam Luigi and make him give away 30,000 coins. After Luigi revealed he had no money, the chubby scammer was enraged and attempted to throw Luigi back into the sewer and leave him to die, causing an angered Mario to kick him aside and threaten to fight him, calling him "just as bad as Waluigi". Wario, realizing his actions and the fact that he constantly mistreated Waluigi, whereas Mario would defend Luigi, eventually left out of sadness, allowing the Mario Bros. to go home.

In SMG4: The Mario Carnival, Mario learned that Bob created a carnival filled with fun activities (unaware that Bob created the carnival to scam people out of their money, taking advantage of the fact that Wario had gone missing), and went there without Luigi, who was busy taking a bath to remove the sewer smell. He got into a competition with SMG4 to see who could get the most tickets so they could buy an Eggman Football, eventually enlisting the help of both Meggy and Tari. To their dismay, they found the Eggman Football was more expensive than they thought, but Meggy and Tari cheered them up by revealing they had gotten more tickets, allowing them to buy the football.

In SMG4: The Mario Convention!, Mario, Luigi, Meggy, and Tari visited a famous convention named Glitchcon to check out what they have. Mario was uninterested in the attractions but got happy after learning from Luigi that there's might be spaghetti appreciation booths. Luigi then told Mario to come with him too. Mario was still unimpressed, but he half-heartedly agreed to go with him. They first went to a Sci-Fi booth, of which Bowser was running it with a Darth Vader helmet on. Mario was not intimidated (probably due to his bad mood) and due to his lack of knowledge in the Star Wars franchise, thought Bowser was dressed as a Pokemon.

Bowser insisted that he's not, and Luigi and Mario start looking at the stuff Bowser had in his booth. Then, Luigi found a replica TARDIS (Time And Relative Dimension In Space) outside the booth. Mario asked Luigi what he had called him, confusing the word TARDIS for another name for retard. But, Luigi stepped into the TARDIS and pretended to be the Doctor from Doctor Who, when suddenly, the TARDIS dematerialized with Luigi inside it. Mario, unconcerned, then found a lightsaber, although he didn't know what it was. Elsewhere, the TARDIS re-materialized a few feet away from the booth, with Luigi walking out of it. All this as Tari and Meggy pass by them.

SMG4, seeing the brothers, welcomed them to his "Tabletop Gaming Paradise!!!!" which was empty except for a lone Birdo in the corner. As Mario turned to leave, Luigi asked if they can play Warhammer 40K, much to Mario's disbelief, and SMG4 happily set them up to play.

Luigi and Mario had finished playing, and headed to the celebrity meet-up. Then, Luigi noticed Hideo Kojima and begged Mario to get him an autograph. Although Mario went to sleep, uninterested, he happily accepted when Luigi promised that they'll look for the spaghetti appreciation booth.

At the meet-up, Mario rammed through the crowd with his kart. He and Meggy arrived in front of Mr. Kojima at the same time. Realizing that only one of them can talk to Mr. Kojima, they started pulling at him while Tari watches from the side. Mario won the tug of war and asked Kojima to come with him to Luigi. Suddenly, Kojima held a T-Pose Shroom in front of Mario's face, and the Shroom started to glow. Realizing what was about to happen, Meggy knocked Mario out of the way a second before the Shroom exploded, sending the convention-goers into a panic while Meggy and part of the crowd became T-Pose Zombies, much to Mario's disbelief.

Kojima then revealed himself as Waluigi in his WaluRambo form and cackled evilly. Mario tried throwing a 1-Up Mushroom at Meggy, but it failed and bounced off the Inkling. Waluigi laughed and said that there was no cure to being T-Posed, as his powers have grown stronger ever since the events of SMG4: Mario SAW. He then threw a bolt of purple lightning at Mario, but Luigi tackled him out of the way just in time. Despite Mario's protests, Luigi pulled him away from Meggy so the two can leave the convention immediately, joined by Boopkins and SMG4, while various characters including Bowser, Shroomy, and a random booth owner become T-Pose Zombies from Waluigi's lightning bolts. As they near the exit, Waluigi noticed them and threw a bolt at the group. While the rest manage to avoid the bolt, Luigi got hit and is transformed into a T-Pose Zombie. Mario, in tears, promised his little brother and Meggy that he'll come back for them as he ran away from the destroyed convention with SMG4 and Boopkins.

In SMG4: Mario and the Waluigi Apocalypse, Mario, watching the events unfold at his house, wondered what to do without Luigi. He then heard a knock on the door. Fearing that it was a T-Pose Zombie, he grabbed a frying pan and proceeded to the door. Mario opened the door to SMG4 and hit him in the face. After a short conflict, SMG4 told Mario they need to save their friends. Mario then told SMG4 that there was no cure to the virus, and there are too many T-Pose Zombies. SMG4 told Mario they needed to destroy the "THICC" beam from Glitchcon, and that he had a plan. He showed Mario his Deathbus, an old city bus decked out with spikes and guns. After Mario added a cap and mustache in his likeness, they headed to the ruined building where Glitchcon was once held.

Outside, Toadsworth was being chased by a small horde of T-Pose Zombies, he then saw SMG4 and Mario driving towards him the Deathbus and exclaimed “Oh thank the stars! Rescue!!!” However, he was then run over by the Deathbus. SMG4 wiped Toadsworth off his windshield, but he noticed a huge pile of debris blocking the road. While SMG4 gunned the engine, trying to get over, the debris was too tall and heavy. Suddenly, they were surrounded by a mob of T-Pose Zombies, who rocked the bus. Mario actually enjoyed it until a T-Posed Woody leaned into the Deathbus through the back window. Mario, panicking, found an emergency minigun and threw it at Woody, knocking him away, and celebrated. But his victory was short-lived, as the zombies later barged open the door. Mario, undaunted, kicked them back, despite SMG4's protests and yelling at him to get back inside. He held up well until a Pianta grabbed his leg and dragged him into the T-Pose zombie crowd. SMG4 cried out for his fallen friend as Mario started to black out.

Just before Mario was turned into a T-Pose Zombie, Saiko dropped in from nowhere with a giant hammer and knocked out several T-Pose Zombies, including Woody. The two were shocked to see her, and she knocked the debris out of the way so SMG4 and Mario could go through. She hopped into the Bus, and SMG4 happily drove away, almost leaving Mario behind, who managed to catch up to the bus and jump. On the bus, SMG4 and Mario asked Saiko why she was helping them. She responded that she was only helping was that most of the people are "brain dead" and that she can't get any attention from them. Mario thought she might really care about them, which Saiko denied. Mario pressed further, making Saiko punch him in the face. The bus showed up at what was once Glitchcon, which was strangely unguarded, something Saiko acknowledged. Chuckling, Waluigi revealed he was right behind them and threw a ball of energy their way. The trio freak out and SMG4 drove away as Waluigi chased them.

The deathbus broke through the front doors, with Waluigi close behind. He regained control over Master Hand from Tari and told him to destroy Mario, SMG4, and Saiko. Mario called out to Luigi and Meggy that they will save them. However, the bus was headed for a head-on collision with Master Hand, but Saiko climbed to the roof and made a hard-hitting blow. Master Hand fell to the ground and Mario and SMG4 ran to the Staff of Rejection. Mario lunged for it, but Waluigi snapped his fingers, Mario just missed getting a hold of it as the scepter flew back into Waluigi's hand.

Waluigi mocked Mario and SMG4 at their effort, as well as Bowser, Luigi, Meggy, and Shroomy for being idiotic guards. Adding insult to injury, Master Hand had Saiko literally held captive, and Waluigi turned her into a T-Pose Zombie, amid SMG4 and Mario's protests. Unaware of its impact, SMG4 calls Waluigi an ass, who gladly accepts the hate, making him stronger, prompting Mario to once again call Waluigi a weirdo. Waluigi then revealed he has the complete set of all the other main, supporting and minor characters, which includes Steve, Toad, Nintendofan997, Bob, Toast Guy, Princess Daisy, Donkey Kong, and Peach. Mario and SMG4 were the only ones missing, and now that they're there, Waluigi's set was complete and was ready to show the world what true rejection feels like. SMG4 just wanted to know why Waluigi was doing this, and what he wanted from them. Waluigi laughed and said he just wanted to play a game. Waluigi then teleported the two, and proceeded to teleport himself as well.

In SMG4: War Of The Fat Italians 2018, SMG4 and Mario woke up in a dimension where they were sent to by Waluigi. Mario was horrified to find that he was flying and hoped that it was only because they were tripping out. SMG4 said he did not know and that he last recalled Waluigi sending them into the place they were in now. Suddenly, Waluigi appeared and told them that they were in the Rejection Dimension, a place where nothing, not even life or companionship existed. SMG4 did not understand why Waluigi sent them here to which the crazed person replied that if he could not get into the latest Smash Bros. game, then he would create his own Smash Bros. SMG4 disagreed with the idea but Waluigi said it was not just any Smash Bros., but also a form of War of The Fat Idiots to which Mario corrected him saying it was Fat Italians but Waluigi did not care any longer and said they had to fight each other in a series of challenges or they would never leave the dimension. Mario hated it but Waluigi just sent them to their challenges anyway to a barbershop. Then he summoned Bob and released the Garo from his T-Pose State who proceeded to ask what was up with Mario and SMG4. They asked if Bob felt okay which he replied he was feeling great although he suddenly had the urge to cut some hair and went over to do so, much to their horror. This started the war.

Challenge 1: Who can survive a haircut done by Bob, AND not try to die during it?

The first challenge, "Who can survive a haircut done by bob AND not try to die during it", suggested by Zomblox on Twitter, had the Garo tied both SMG4 and Mario to chairs. They were panicking a lot with Mario claiming he already had a haircut recently. Bob dismissed that, saying his haircut would be much better. When SMG4 and Mario realized that Bob gave Baldi his haircut, who commented that both of them were f*cked, it caused them to panic even more. Bob just thought of them being excited and went to get his hair-cutting blades which were Scimitars. Mario distracted Bob by saying there were women's boobs nearby, causing the Garo to scan for them while SMG4 was left with a large bald patch on his head. Mario used that time to make his escape but he did not get very far before he fell, causing Bob to realize what Mario tried to do. The round ends in a tie.

Challenge 2: Who can make a better anime for Fishy Boopkins?

The second challenge, "Who can make a better anime for Fishy Boopkins?", suggested by SomethingChara on YouTube, had Mario and SMG4 try to make an anime that would impress the Spike more than the other participant. SMG4 went first showing his anime. Boopkins however gave it a mixed review, causing SMG4 to get mad before being pushed aside by Mario, who showed Boopkins his anime, a high school anime with plenty of memes like Ronald McDonald, Shrek, Hobo Mario, and Kermit the Frog thrown in it. Boopkins loved it and SMG4 announced he quit making anime for the Spike, making Mario the winner.

Challenge 3: Who can steal Bowser's chicken nuggets without getting caught?

The third challenge, "Who can steal Bowser's chicken nuggets without getting caught?", suggested by MarvinComix on Twitter, had the two of them try to steal Bowser's chicken nuggets without getting caught. SMG4 tried to use a Minecraft fishing rod to steal Bowser's nuggets, but pulled the wrong items, including, a vase, a picture parodying the Bowsette meme called Kamette, and Bowser Jr.. That caused Bowser Jr. to scream out, distracting Bowser into finding out where was the noise. Mario exploited that situation by dressing up as Bowser Jr., and taking Bowser's nuggets. However, Bowser then turned around to see that Mario was stealing his chicken nuggets and said he could not take them while doing a parody of Johnny Johny Yes Papa. After a while, Mario made a run for it with the nuggets. Bowser chased after him hoping to grab him, but instead grabbed Bowser Jr. who was still recovering from his injury, saying he would give him "seven across the ass!". SMG4 continued to try to hook Bowser's nuggets, this time from the hallway, not knowing Mario already succeeded, making the red plumber the winner.

Challenge 4: Who can make Yoshi pay his taxes?

The fourth challenge, "Who can make Yoshi pay his taxes?", suggested by King Inkling on YouTube, had the duo try to get Yoshi to pay his taxes. Mario started with the entire police force surrounding the house. Mario made Yoshi pay his taxes which the dinosaur replied he would do it. Mario then smiled knowing he easily won the challenge just for Yoshi to suddenly pull a fast one on him and escaped.

Challenge 5: Who can build the best paper airplane and fly it farther?

The fifth challenge, "Who can build the best paper airplane? Farthest one to fly wins!", suggested by Viger the Magnemite on YouTube, had Mario and SMG4 try to build a paper airplane that could fly as far as possible. Mario made a simple airplane and used a slingshot to launch it as far as possible. When he let go of the band, the airplane flew for a while, killing a Jay, before crashing into a couple, Red Yoshi and Birdo, in a nearby city, causing it to explode. Mario was pleased with the outcome until he saw SMG4 create a much bigger paper airplane that resembled a 737-800 and took off with it. Mario was pissed at that, resulting in SMG4 being the winner.

Challenge 6: Who can get Luigi a date?

The sixth challenge, "Who can get Luigi a date?", suggested by Damian Johnson on YouTube, had both SMG4 and Mario try to get Luigi a date. At a clothing store, SMG4 said he would get him a suit, a tie, and some hair products and told him to stay put meanwhile and then added when he was done, he would look fabulous before leaving. Just then, Mario appeared with a wheelbarrow of spaghetti. Luigi wondered what would Mario do with that load and Mario said it was to get the ladies. In this case, by covering him with spaghetti. Mario then said to go out and get the ladies, which Luigi agreed. Later outside, a crow spotted Luigi covered in spaghetti since his ass was holy. More crows came and went to attack him, just as SMG4 returned with some cologne and the suit. Mario claimed he succeeded but Luigi was being attacked, resulting in this challenge being void. However, the rules didn't say anything about animals wanting Luigi's ass, so technically, Mario was the winner for this round.

Challenge 7: Who can beat Wheelchair Koopa in a wheelchair race, with obstacles?

The seventh challenge, "Who can beat Wheelchair Koopa in a wheelchair race, with obstacles?", suggested by SilveoSalgentum on Twitter, had Mario and SMG4 try to beat Wheelchair Koopa at an obstacle wheelchair course on Rainbow Road. Both Mario and SMG4 started very fast while Wheelchair Koopa started very slowly. The duo fought each other in the race, with Mario slapping off SMG4's hat, and to with SMG4 responded with a chainsaw. Meanwhile, Wheelchair Koopa was in no way ahead of the race. Eventually, the duo upgraded their vehicles using the question mark boxes. Mario's upgrade gave him a bike, and SMG4's, Thomas the Tank Engine, which proceeded to get both him and Mario into the sky before exploding. Wheelchair Koopa soon followed nearby but then fell, resulting in a three-way tie for everyone and a draw for both Mario and SMG4.

Challenge 8: Who can scare Meggy?

The eight challenge, "Who can scare Meggy?", suggested by Jazvil, had Mario and SMG4 trying to scare Meggy. Mario went first by disguising as Callie (although he did succeed in freaking Marie out), an Octoling (but got gunned down instead), stealing her headset, and finally tried calling her and disrupting the power supply to her house. Mario laughed as he expected to win but Meggy was soon outside behind him. He turned around to realize he was done for. Offscreen, Meggy stuffed Mario in a trash can.

Challenge 9: Who can survive a night out with Saiko?

The ninth challenge, "Who can survive a night out with Saiko", suggested by Gaben Pereira, had Mario and SMG4 on a date with Saiko at the Koopa Cafe. Mario was first but as she talked about her problems, Mario became very distracted with 3 Baldis doing the "Take the L" emote in his mind. When Saiko asked for his opinion, he told her to shut up. Insulted, Saiko angrily threw him through a chandelier, resulting in Mario failing the challenge. This resulted in the challenge ending in a draw

Challenge 10: Who can last longer in a match of "Super Smash each other in the ass brothers" against Tari?

The tenth and final challenge, "Who can last longer in a match of "Super Smash each other in the ass brothers", suggested by Mike Geno & Gavyn_Games, had both Mario and SMG4 come out of the rubble. Waluigi then came tasking both Mario and SMG4 to play Super Smash each other in the ass Bros.. Mario initially was relieved that he could simply sit down and play. Waluigi then corrected him saying it was in real life before taking control of Mario's body and using him to beat up SMG4. As the two fought, suddenly, an unknown voice told Waluigi to stop it. Turned out it was Tari but she clumsily fell from the rubble. She was soon back on track where she claimed she would help end the challenge by taking control of SMG4 with the magic controller she used to control Master Hand. Turned out the challenge was "Who can last longer in a match of "Super Smash each other in the ass brothers" against Tari?". Then, after a few more punches, Mario kicked SMG4 into a building and was forced by Waluigi to finish off SMG4. Realizing she cannot let Waluigi win, Tari went into hyper mode and had SMG4 fly out of the building and rush towards Waluigi, expertly dodging all the bolts shot at him and knocking the staff out of his hand, and exploding. Due to the scepter being destroyed, all of the T-Pose Zombies returned to their normal states. (Although it was really unknown whether if everyone else and Master Hand returns back to normal after Waluigi's Staff of Rejection gets destroyed or not.) On a technical level, SMG4 won the challenge, but only with the help of Tari. As a result, Waluigi became even angrier as the rest of the SMG4 cast celebrated.

The battle was not over, though. Waluigi challenged everyone to a Rap Battle. During the rap battle, Mario and SMG4 said that since he gained power by rejection, he must be weakened by affection. Therefore, there had to be someone who still loved him, even though Waluigi believed it was impossible. Suddenly, Wario arrives in the rap, and in it, he apologized to Waluigi for always being an asshole. Waluigi momentarily lost his power but he declared that it was too late. Wario said that he expected such a reaction and because of it, he went on a long journey to find a therapist, who happened to be SMG3, with the therapy meeting in front of the cast. SMG3 helped the Wario Bros. to reconcile as the audience watched. Moved, Waluigi's power left for good and the two hugged, causing everyone except to be happy. SMG4 was happy that everything turned out to be okay but Mario realized that the Mushroom Kingdom was still destroyed. Since nobody seemed interested in restoring the kingdom, Tari suggested playing some more video games, to which everyone except for SMG3, Wario, and Waluigi all happily agreed to.

Bob Bobowski Rapping Career

In SMG4: The Mario Purge (Halloween 2018), Mario watched Peach on TV announcing the annual Purge, where crimes especially committed by Teletubbies during this time was legal for 12 hours, as a way to allow the normally psychotic Teletubbies to blow off steam, allowing the Mushroom Kingdom's crime rate involving them to remain low. Peach advised everyone to stay inside and not do anything stupid, making sure Mario got the message before announcing the beginning of the Purge.

Meanwhile, at her castle, Mario panicked and freaked out, asking SMG4 about the news. He was not concerned, as they did this every year. Naturally, he already had a giant gate surrounding the castle to block off the Teletubbies. He also pointed out the many people inside the castle for the aforementioned reasons. SMG4 advised Mario to not worry, as it would be morning in no time.

Suddenly, there was a loud bang outside. Mario grabbed Luigi in self-defense, though SMG4 was still not worried, believing it to be a Teletubby. However, it was merely Bob wanting to seek refuge as well. Though there were no Teletubbies visible outside, SMG4 did not want to risk opening the door, with Mario and Toad joining in, with Toad pointing out Bob would never do the same for them, and Mario claiming it to be punishment for Bob for leaving him and Luigi to die during the first T-Pose outbreak. Tari however, was still concerned for his well being.

Everyone else except Fishy Boopkins seemed to be okay with him dying as Bob helplessly begged them to let him in. Eventually, Boopkins in a moment of desperation opened the gate just long enough to let Bob in. As if on cue, Luigi panicked as several Teletubbies have approached the entrance, led by the Tubbie Leader, a Po in a pumpkin mask. They were here for Bob and promised they will let the others be if they could just purge Bob in exchange for their safety. SMG4 still was not worried and did not care despite their claims of knowing their way in. The Tubbie Leader gave them five seconds, which was already enough for Mario to grab Bob, only to get in a tug of war with Fishy Boopkins.

After the countdown reaches zero, they broke in through the floors, much to everyone's dismay. Mario and Toad fled to the garden. As Mario attempted to use Toad's head to block the door, a Teletubby broke in with a chainsaw. The two split up (Toad not being very fast due to his lack of legs) and Mario jumped up a tree. The Teletubby attempted to cut down the tree Mario had hidden in before realizing he was in another tree. This resulted in the Teletubby chasing Mario between both trees before he taunted it. Naturally, his cockiness was a mistake as the Teletubby took out a gun and shot him in the balls.

Everyone had been captured and were being brought in by the Tubbie Leader as Mario remarked that he literally wanted to die. SMG4 questioned their motives, and the response was "We're gonna have a bit of fun," though it was directed at Bob. He threw Bob on a table and just as the Garo claimed he knew Bob-jitsu and was in the military, proceeded to pull out a sword.

Just when it seemed all hope was lost for Bob, the clock struck, showing the time to be 7:00 am, indicating the Purge was over. The Teletubbies returned to their happy-go-lucky and stupid selves, much to Mario's surprise. Bob was apparently responsible for their anger, and when Boopkins asked why, Bob claimed it was the most badass illegal thing ever imagined: he kicked over a bowl of Tubby Custard that one of the Teletubbies was about to eat. Knowing the history of the Teletubbies and their tendencies with Tubby Custard, everyone angrily glared at him, but Bob still insisted he was a badass.

In SMG4: Mario And... The Well, Mario was strolling along humming happily when he heard a cry for help. Mario brushed it off until it went off again, causing Mario to rush over to the abandoned well. Mario thought it was Satan the Devil, but it was really just Boopkins. He and Bob were playing until Boopkins fell down the well. Mario offered help in the form of a shovel and told Boopkins to "dig up."

As the two questioned the scientific logic behind the solution, SMG4 showed up wondering what was going on. Mario explained that Boopkins fell down the well and cannot get out. SMG4 suggested he just dig his way up, while Boopkins, who was understandably frustrated, threw the shovel at Mario's face. SMG4 decided he would fish Boopkins out, and threw the line down the well but it didn't end the way SMG4 expected.

Luigi shows up and furiously asks who was number one now (referencing the fact that Luigi is always Player 2) as he pulls out his Poltergust 3000 and slaps it to HyperDrive mode. He warned Mario and SMG4 that it would get spicy before slapping a button that says "NUT." Unfortunately, not much happened due to the distance between Luigi and Boopkins being too great. SMG4 and Mario simply watched dumbfounded as the Poltergust "warmed up."

Mario rooted for his brother despite the efforts being in vain, when Tari walked by and noticed what was going on. SMG4 told her Boopkins got his ass stuck in the well, much to Tari's shock. Tari phoned for help, which surprisingly came in the form of Jeeves and Shroomy. Tari claimed their street smarts should be enough to help them out.

Shroomy warned everyone to stand back, as it could get intense. Mario, SMG4, and Luigi stepped back as Shroomy lowered a rope down to the little green Spike. Boopkins attempted to climb the rope, but his arms were too stubby to climb it. Jeeves said he would round everyone up and they would pull him out. Bowser, Luigi, SMG4, Mario, Tari, Jeeves, and Shroomy pulled as hard as they could, and things were finally looking up for Boopkins. However, Mario noticed a shiny quarter on the ground, and he just could not resist. Unfortunately, in the two seconds he went to grab it, everyone else lost support as Boopkins fell to his doom within the well and died, or so everyone thought, as they were seen visibly upset while Toad acted as the officiant for Fishy Boopkins "funeral", despite Boopkins' sudden claim that he was still alive.

Just then, a horn blared as a fire truck arrived at the scene, with none other than Saiko and Meggy aboard. Meggy declared the Woomy Brigade was here, and Mario was impressed at the fact Meggy was a firefighter and asked where she got the truck. Meggy was initially hesitant to answer. Saiko admitted they stole the truck despite Meggy insisting they "borrowed" it. After their attempt failed, Mario had lost hope, but SMG4 had a last resort. He quickly scribbled a wanted poster with 2 coins to anyone who helped Boopkins. Luigi doubted his idea, but as SMG4 put up the poster, FightingMario54321 immediately arrived to the scene with his police crew, and X, who was unsure to the situation. Yoshi, Wario, Waluigi arrived, even a few other people who all wanted the money as well. People were stampeding to help Boopkins, and chaos ensued.

Jeeves remarked that it was quite a pickle when suddenly Bob returned in a helicopter despite not knowing how to fully operate it. Boopkins was surprised to hear Bob's voice, as he was not expecting Bob to return. Bob lowered a ladder into the well, allowing Boopkins to climb out at last. Everyone cheered for Bob and his selfless deed, and Bob finally TRULY knew what it felt liked to be liked.

In SMG4: Mario and the Bob Mansion..., Mario, SMG4, Boopkins, Meggy, Bowser, Tari and Saiko arrived in Bob's Mansion. Bob invited them to his new mansion to celebrate the first-ever "Bobs Giving" day, which was just Thanksgiving with a Bob spin. Bob arrived in shades and thanked everyone for coming to celebrate Bobsgiving (despite Bowser's correction). A thought occurred to SMG4: how could Bob afford this place if he previously lived in a dump? It turned out Bob's Soundcloud rapping career actually took off, having nearly 1,000 followers and two raps posted as of the video's release. Boopkins congratulated Bob, but Mario kicked him in frustration as he just wanted the food.

After Bob guided everyone to the dining room, Bob asked Boopkins, Mario, and Saiko, to go upstairs and get his special juice. Saiko and Mario only went because they were bored and was hopeful of food, respectively. They were still trying to find Bob's "special" room he described earlier. Mario acted idiotically the whole way, doing activities such as spinning in circles and driving his car while spouting gibberish. Boopkins made a small talk with Saiko, such as how she has been (fine) and having Tari and Meggy as friends (they were ok), leading the green aquatic creature to ask if they were still friends. Before she could answer that question, Mario's Italian sense tingled, and claimed he found the room. It was very dark, especially after the door closed on them. Mario found the light switch, but when he turned it on, he found himself somewhere wishing he had not. Saiko remarked that the heavily Bob-themed room would haunt her for weeks and Boopkins asked if this was a demonic chamber. Mario replied that it was just Bob's bedroom while digging under the bed. After digging through a half-eaten cheeseburger and a "Playbob" magazine, he found the special juice. Boopkins happily remarked that he was glad they did not come across an obstacle that would make them go on some crazy adventure. Saiko then tried to open the door, only to find out that it was locked.

Saiko tried in vain to break through the door while Mario attempted to use Boopkins as a battering ram. Neither worked and Boopkins disappointingly said they might be stuck here forever. Mario was desperate to break out for the food's sake while Saiko remarked that this was how she would die while drinking the special juice when she suddenly froze up. It turned out it was gasoline, and she threw it on the ground in anger. Mario, Boopkins, and Saiko were just moseying around, waiting to die, when Boopkins asked if anyone smelt something burning. Mario admitted the floor was burning his ass as well and questioned if there was a fire. Saiko had a sudden realization and freaked out as she remembered the gasoline.

Bob's mansion finally came crashing down. His guests were sprawled around the foundation, and Bob was upset that his home was destroyed, but forgot all about it when the turkey amazingly survived the wreckage, fully cooked. Bob told everyone to dig in, much to Boopkin's confusion as Bob was seemingly unfazed by his now destroyed home. Bob insisted not to worry, as he said he could always buy a new house with his money, but he could not buy awesome friends to celebrate Bobsgiving with like them. Bob spoiled the moment, however, when he said this would make a great sob story for MTV, much to everyone's displeasure. Bob then quickly reassured them it was only a joke. Despite everything that happened, everyone was happily enjoying themselves now. Mario, Bowser, SMG4, and Boopkins were eating their turkey.

In SMG4: The Mario Concert, Bob tried to give a sob story, but then started advertising his new rap tour, and once again advertising his Soundcloud account. Mario was in charge of the boom mike, as seen when he lowered it to make a joke. Bob was not happy and proceeded to attack Mario.

Luigi was filming the whole time, and claimed the footage a success. Bob, however, had just burned Mario with a flamethrower, but tried to play it cool and hoped his fans would come, "or he'd be pissed." In addition, Mario and Luigi had to manage his tour. Mario refused, so Bob gave the sob story of having nowhere to live and that he would get AIDS and die. Mario just insisted nobody cared, but Luigi was quick to turn his brother's view around, and Mario would do it if he got paid. His pay was drawings of spaghetti, much to his excitement.

Bob proceeded to call his private jet (which was an airplane from Ryanair), which was odd because he was supposed to be poor, and that was the point of the tour. Fishy Boopkins came running over asking if he could come on Bob's tour. For some reason, however, Bob said that the plane only fit one person, and the Mario Bros. were riding in his luggage. Luigi and Mario refused, but Bob threatened to shoot the brothers if they refused, forcing them to comply.

Bob's jet flew into an airport, crashed and exploded at the Terminal, and then he announced his arrival as he exited the airport. Suddenly Bob was swarmed by fans. Bob broke out the tickets to help his cause and told the fans to pay his managers, which just so happen to be the Mario Bros. Since they were not prepared, they were hit with rapid-fire money. Bob gave permission for anyone to take the Spike out if they saw him.

At the said location, Mario was setting up for the concert, though Bob was unimpressed with the size of his balloon. Mario claimed he was not getting paid enough for this, but the Garo claimed he was paying him too much already. Mario was furious and took the rage to put into the inflation process. Bob wanted the balloon to be "THICCCCCCCCCC" and Mario furiously inflated, catching on fire after Bob wanting it "extra thicc." Luigi was happily checking his clipboard when he noticed the balloon a little too late.

The concert was underway. Bob was happy with the number of people that showed up, but his happiness was cut short when he heard Boopkins. Boopkins insisted he came to see Bob while Mario was doing his best to keep him from passing. Bob was there performing a new song, entitled Booty. Boopkins said Bob sounded great, but, in a moment of Idiocy, said that he would sound better with a tambourine. Mario literally jumped out to stop him, while Luigi played good cop and insisted Bob would be done soon. In a moment of desperation, Boopkins ran right through Luigi and past Mario, who had fallen asleep standing up. Bob was on a roll but his flawless performance was cut short by Boopkins, much to his embarrassment. Bob called for Security, which was Mario, and the chase was on.

Bob continued to rap while Boopkins continued to evade Mario. He hopped up onto the speakers and begged Mario to leave him alone, but Mario was out for blood. Boopkins hopped off as Mario rammed into the speakers, landing on the extra thicc Bob balloon, causing it to rumble, and shortly afterward exploded. The fans were not happy with this turn of events and stormed out. Bob dropped his microphone and ran out, pursued by Boopkins. The Mario Bros. were also on cleanup duty, but Mario insisted his legs were broken so he could not, and even broke them to prove it, much to Luigi's frustration. Mario witnessed Bob breakup his friendship with Boopkins and was still mad they never got paid. He was so mad he forgot his legs were broken until Luigi reminded him.

In SMG4: War On Smash Bros Ultimate, outside Mushroom Mall of New Exton, SMG4 went over the plan to obtain Super Smash each other in the ass Bros. Ultimate with Tari and Mario. The plan was to take a shopping cart where SMG4 and Tari would go on top while Mario drove it, then head to a game store and buy the game. However, Tari was the only one who paid attention, as Mario was too lazy to listen and ate a grenade, only to choke on it and explode his head afterward.

SMG4 then told Mario to pay attention because Super Smash each other in the ass Bros. Ultimate releases today. Mario told SMG4 he's overthinking and said that they just have to walk in and buy it. SMG4 then corrected the plumber since everyone surrounding the store had armor and was armed with weapons, to the shock of Tari with Mario saying he thought they were hobos, resulting in SMG4 facepalming.

Suddenly, the ground started rumbling and the crowd of people went crazy when the janitor walked up to the doors. SMG4 decided "it's time" and they headed to the mall, where a large crowd of people wanted to get in and buy the game. Tari suggested waiting for tomorrow, but Mario said he wanted to play the game right now. Taking the shopping cart, they waited for the janitor to reluctantly open the door, causing numerous people to run him over.

The trio made a rush to the store, running over a Cheep Cheep, a Toad, and Peach, only to be encountered by the Koopalings with a similar plan. Iggy Koopa then pulled out an axe and attacked the trio only to be stopped by SMG4 with a baseball bat. The plumber then distracted the Koopa by saying there were chicks causing Iggy to turn his head and be kicked by SMG4 overboard. He then grabbed Bowser Jr. and demanded to know "where the f*ck" were his parents. He then threw Junior at Wendy, knocking her down and causing her to explode with Tari shocked and Mario happy.

They managed to get to the store and then Mario ran everyone outside over, killing them all. Once inside, Mario kicked the cart in the air which landed on Knuckles who was frenzied to find Sonic Adventure 2. SMG4 told the gang to get the game and get out, only for Tari to find out all the copies were sold out. Shroomy (the clerk) then, apologized to the trio, saying that they were sold "in an instant". He then recommended Sonic Adventure 2, but SMG4 simply shouted, "Dah dammit!" Tari then said that the game has to be in other stores and SMG4 agreed, telling the trio to get to the "Trolley Mobile", only to find out Knuckles has stolen their ride, much to the extreme anger of SMG4.

Mario then suggested using Shroomy as a skateboard to get to other stores, but all the copies of the game in there were sold out (although Mario did find a game of a Spaghetti dating simulator in the second store but had to leave it behind due to SMG4's protest) until they found a store run by Professor E. Gadd. Mario then found a copy and jumped to grab it, only to be stopped by E. Gadd. He said it cost 900 coins, with SMG4 and Tari protesting saying it was 10 times more than any other store, only for E. Gadd to reply, "Take it or leave it!" Mario and SMG4 were too broke to buy the game at his price, so Tari checked her pockets, only to find a copy of Shrek Super Slam and the magic controller she used in SMG4: War Of The Fat Italians 2018.

E. Gadd then kicked the trio out since they didn't "have the cash", but SMG4, refusing to give up, traded Shroomy for the game, which E. Gadd accepted and started building him into a cyborg. The trio was happy for getting the game, with Tari wanting to play as King K. Rool and Mario wanting to play as Piranha Plant, saying that it's the best character in the game.

At the exit, the trio was about to leave, only for them to be ambushed by the Bowser Jr. and the Koopalings. They were though interrupted by Mario who laughed at Bowser Jr.'s face until they threw a table at him to shut him up. They then demanded the trio to give them the game, to which they claimed was rightfully theirs, but SMG4 refused as they got it fair and square. Roy Koopa then said that they can do it the easy way or the hard way, up to what the trio would choose.

Mario then looked up and said, "FFFAAA***AHK YOUUU!" causing Roy to assume Mario had chosen the hard way. This caused the Koopalings into engaging in a fight with the trio. They managed to defeat a portion of them but were overpowered and defeated by Roy, who took the game from Tari. However, before they could leave, Tari called in Shroomy, now with a giant cybernetic body (E. Gadd allowed Tari to use Shroominator for a five minute trial run.) and he eventually decimated the Koopalings and took the game back. The trio, along with Shroominator, eventually left, happy with their game.

In SMG4: The Melancholy of Fishy Boopkins, Mario and the gang were playing Super Smash each other in the ass Bros Ultimate until SMG4 entered, telling everyone about Boopkins' plight. As a result, the gang started arguing over how to make Boopkins better, which culminated into a fight. SMG4 angrily broke up the fight and told everyone to do it their own way. They accepted, starting with Mario.

Mario turned himself into his doctor version and used his bad doctor talent to cure him. He kicked Boopkins into Peach's Castle and asked him how he felt like, but when Fishy Boopkins refused to tell him about it, Mario diagnosed him with AIDS, before taking out some surgery equipment and telling him that he needed to open his body, saying "Give me that butt!". Boopkins naturally ran away, going past Peach. Long after Boopkins was gone, Mario opened the door still saying "Give me that butt!". Of course, since Boopkins was gone, Peach assumed that statement was for her, getting her offended. Mario tried to explain but was too late as Peach slapped him into the Wet-Dry World painting.

In SMG4: Mario and The Diss Track, the Mario Brothers got kicked out of a restaurant after Mario was caught playing with the food. As Luigi started lecturing Mario for his disgusting behavior, they noticed that Bob has become immensely famous, and there were shirts, balloons, and posters bearing Bob's name. Deducing that Bob would do something awful to them, Luigi decided to go to the castle, but not before Mario stole another guy's balloons and floated away until he hit a random airplane advertising Bob.

At Peach's Castle, everyone was doing their usual hobbies, until Luigi burst through the door carrying awful news. Toad, being the hateful wiener he is, happily asked if Mario died, only for the latter to show up carrying Bob's stuff, much to his frustration. Luigi explained that Bob had skyrocketed to fame, but the others (except Boopkins who fell off the couch upon remembering himself ruining Bob's concert) thought he was just jealous of the Garo's success. But when they decide to watch one of his concerts on Live TV, however, Luigi's fears were confirmed when the concert, called the Ultimate Diss Track, showed nothing more than Bob hurling hurtful insults at his former friends (criticizing Mario for his pasta obsession), claiming they made his life miserable and ended the rap by lying that it was all true. Mario was not concerned at first, happy that they were at least on TV, but the others were deeply offended, horrified, and angry at Bob for humiliating them. Luigi then decided to tell the gang all about the cruel things that Bob did.

The gang was formulating a plan to get revenge on Bob. Mario suggested slugging him with a baseball bat which Toad agreed on while Tari suggested a less-violent idea involving them challenging Bob to a video game competition. However, Mario and Toad instead laughed at her idea while Meggy showed disinterest. Luigi then came back with Saiko, who was angry at Bob for manipulating her and for what she did to Boopkins but was unable to say the word "friend" at first (although she eventually did, which relieved him). When the gang welcomed her, Saiko suggested an idea in order to teach Bob a lesson he would not forget.

They did a rap called Darkest Hour, where Mario was the drummer. Their song (which revealed all about Bob's cruel acts) did so well that Bob lost his fame and all of his fans to Saiko, plus they ditched their Bob Merch and did not want to listen to his raps anymore. Realizing his fame and life had been destroyed beyond repair, Bob saw his friends inside a store and attempted to reconnect with them, only for them to shrug him off and turn back on him on retribution for humiliating them all.

In SMG4 Christmas 2018: The Most Important Thing, the gang were all having a good time until Bob crashed through the castle's window, crushing Bowser in the process. He presented to them golden statues of themselves that he bought with what was left of his money but they were not interested.

Apparently, Bob tried to connect with them but they had igroned him. Bob repeatedly asked them to notice him. Soon, Mario had enough, releasing his extreme anger. Soon the others chimed in, with SMG4 explaining that they did not trust Bob anymore for using them just to gain fame and ordered him to get lost.

At a shopping mall, Luigi asked Mario if he was happy with Christmas shopping, just to see his mentally disabled older brother attacking a Mall Santa for not giving him any presents. He, naturally, was shocked and had to calm him down. SMG4's Gang witnessed Bob eventually ending a rap and was glad that there were people who still wanted to hear his songs despite Darkest Hour severely damaging his career. He then announced that it was his last rap song and that he was retiring to be with his friends. His fans felt betrayed and protested his decision, but his friends (Boopkins especially) were very pleased, if not initially shocked, with his decision.

As Bob was in his home enjoying his former life, his friends all gathered around him to celebrate Christmas with him with Mario explaining that while Bob was still an asshole, he was still their asshole. When Bob opened his gift, it was a picture of them with Bob taped to it, causing him to cry (although he put it as his eyes were urinating). That resulted in the other characters opening their presents, with Mario getting a can of Sprite Cranberry.


In the beginning of Season 9, Mario went to the fridge to get a glass of milk but realized he ran out. He, Toad and Luigi tried to infiltrate Moo Moo Milk but was caught and sent to Moo Moo Milk Farm, where they accidentally ignited a war between the cows and Jeeves' Milk Guards. Mario framed Luigi, Bob and Boopkins for a car crash but he got arrested too and was sent to Desert Prison. However, their friends helped them escape from prison and evade Swagmaster6969696969 and Chris Gordman.

Anime Crisis

In SMG4: Mario and the Anime Challenge, Mario, for some reason was sleeping in the gardens right outside the castle. Suddenly, Tari was running down the hill screaming at the top of her lungs; she was being chased by Meggy, who was shooting her down with a paint gun like a maniac. Tari attempted to save herself by hiding behind the oversized plumber, which unsurprisingly didn't work out. Meggy then jumped very high into the air to just shoot both of them. The ink exploded and left both of them injured.

Apparently, Meggy was going ballistic on Tari since she needed her Splatfest training, she couldn't get if she didn't fire back. Shocked, Tari suggested just shooting at in-game items such as Duck Hunt. However, Meggy reiterated that she needed the training. Giving in, Tari pulled out her own ink gun. Suddenly, Bob appeared out of nowhere, freaking her out into shooting him down. She and Boopkins asked if he was alright while Mario and Meggy congratulated her sharpshooting skills.

Just then, Meggy wondered if the two were here to help her train but Boopkins said no. However, before he could say the true reason, Bob jumped to the roof to announce the reason: Finding a judge for their anime contest for being the most weeb. Everyone except Meggy (understandably disgusted) became interested in being part of the contest with Tari as the judge and Mario as a contestant (the two wanted Meggy to be the judge but she declined after suffering from the events of SMG4: Mario waits for pizza for her training). Eventually, everyone left Meggy for their contest.

Challenge 1: Who can run like Naruto the fastest?

Tari gave them the signal to go, with the three running at superhuman speeds. Bob ended up tripping Boopkins with his "super legjitsu skills", while he and Mario duelled to see who would win. Mario, with his powers, split into three clones of himself. Bob decided to counterattack Mario with his own clones but instead made four clones of Bob the Builder. Unfortunately, Mario's clones were superior to Bob and his duplicates, which resulted in the Bobs blasting off and Tari declaring Mario the winner.

Challenge 2: Who can do the best anime love confession?

The gang tried to confess their love anime-style, but it made Tari uncomfortable and confused. Although Mario initially showed her hope by confessing it normally, she decided it was a tie after seeing that Mario had kidnapped Hideo Kojima to give to her as her present, due to knowing how much she loves video games.

Challenge 3: Who can scream like Goku the best?

The trio went to a park and started screaming like crazy, spooking out a Goomba mother and her children. Boopkins ended up losing first due to the shortage of breath, leaving only Bob and Mario. Unfortunately for the plumber, he couldn't take anymore and his head exploded, leaving Bob as the winner.

Challenge 4: Who can speak the best Japanese?

The challenge was to (as the title says) speak fluent Japanese to Saiko. Mario and Bob failed at this, due to Bob barely knowing a thing about the Japanese language and Mario only knowing "Italian", causing Saiko to slap Bob into the other side and violently smash Mario's head with her hammer due to the latter raising the middle finger.

Challenge 5: Who can win in an anime argument?

Fishy Boopkins and Bob got into an argument Phoenix Wright-style, but Tari was too confused so she declared Mario the winner despite him doing nothing (except for saying pingas).

Final Challenge: Who can win in an anime battle?

The trio was ready for battle. Boopkins was immediately defeated by Mario after letting his guard down while kicking Bob to a nearby mountain by being set on fire by the Mario Finale, leaving Bob and the plumber as the only ones left. Mario made the mistake of taunting Bob, causing the latter to charge and fire a KAMEHAMEHA at him, destroying Peach's Castle roof. Peach then came out unaware of what happened until she turned around. Now mad, she stared angrily at the gang, especially at Bob for destroying her roof.

In SMG4: Mario's Illegal Operation, Mushroom City had been damaged by the anime community while Mario, Tari, Boopkins, and Bob, the ones who accidentally started everything, all watched in horror (excluding Mario, who as usual was acting retarded and Bob, who is bragging about his victory back the Anime Challenge). Furious over the destruction of her kingdom, Peach declared anime a bad influence on the citizens and permanently ban it. A division that arrests people for owning the now illegal anime called the Anime Secret Service (A.S.S) is then established to destroy all remaining anime, with SMG4 as a lieutenant.

In a garden, the Mario Bros. watched as a pile of anime body pillows started burning. Luigi complained to (and blamed) Mario for destroying anime, only for the plumber to say that anime was dumb anyway. The brothers then saw Boopkins trying to stop an A.S.S agent from burning his last anime body pillow, but he failed and started crying. Luigi tried to comfort Boopkins, but Mario (as usual) didn't care and refused to help him, causing Luigi to punch him. The trio then sees Lemmy Koopa (one of the Koopalings and Boopkins' friends) and are persuaded into coming with him to an alley. Bob, who was waiting for them, then showed that he and Lemmy were illegally smuggling anime into the Mushroom Kingdom for the Anime Cartel.

The group is then discovered by the A.S.S with SMG4 (Mario realized that A.S.S. spelled "ass", causing him to laugh), who started accusing his former friends of joining the "bad guys". He ignored Mario when the latter said that anime is what it is and ordered their arrest, but focuses on Bob since he was holding a body pillow. Luckily, Bob was saved offscreen by his boss Francis while the others escaped, but not before Lemmy told Mario and Boopkins to help in smuggling anime. Luigi refused to participate since that was illegal. Mario, on the other hand, saw this as an opportunity to make money, with Boopkins joining in after being promised unlimited anime. The trio then left Luigi behind, much to his dismay.

Mario and Boopkins were tasked with taking 4 crates of anime-related contraband to a warehouse but ran into an A.S.S checkpoint. It showed its agents punishing people hoarding anime and they proceed to blow mayor Hideo Kojima and his truck up. Mario then got the idea of disguising himself as an anime girl to distract the agents while Boopkins made a run for it, and later took off his clothes when cornered to show he was just pranking the agents. After arriving at the warehouse, the two then met two masked men, who were actually Swagmaster6969696969 and Chris in disguise. Unfortunately, Swag blew his cover as Mario recognized his voice. As a last resort, Swag called the A.S.S agents for an ambush, once again joined by SMG4, and blew up the crates holding anime with his rocket launcher.

SMG4 then told Swag to stand down (as the latter wanted revenge against Mario and Boopkins for getting him and Chris fired from being prison guards) and let him talk with his friends. SMG4 then told Mario and Boopkins to surrender, but Mario responded by grabbing a doll, holding the YouTuber in a half-nelson and threatening to turn him into a weeaboo with the doll if not left alone. Despite having him outgunned, the A.S.S are forced to comply (though Swag wanted to kill SMG4 with his rocket launcher if it meant killing Mario), while Boopkins distracted them to make their escape.

In the streets, Mario and Boopkins dropped SMG4 off and started to panic, since Francis will kill them for losing his anime. They are then conveniently found by him and Bob in his limousine, with the latter showing his disappointment of Mario and Boopkins for failing. However, Francis was still convinced they will win, especially with SMG4 saying that he can help them since he worked for A.S.S, and had access to all of the security codes. They were given another chance, much to the delight of Boopkins. Their job was to escort someone out of the Mushroom Kingdom, then they were off the hook.

The gang then showed up at Mushroom City-Metro International Airport, where they were joined by Saiko. Boopkins then asked her about why she's leaving from the Mushroom Kingdom, with the latter saying that since she is anime come to life, the A.S.S would try to kill her. Saiko then said that they are going to Japan, which delighted the gang. However, Francis demanded Mario to stay behind because he needed him to make up for the money he lost. He then started laughing maniacally, so much to the point where he couldn't breathe anymore and asked Mario for his inhaler.

In SMG4: Mario's Lemonade Stand, Mario was in debt to the Anime Cartel (and they threatened to break his kneecaps), so he decided to open up a lemonade stand to make back the money he owed them.

Mario made lemonade, but when Donkey Kong drank it all, he ended up making himself feel sick to his stomach. Tari met up with Mario, who as it turned out is feeling rather lonely, as Meggy was training for Splatfest (also currently hunting for Mario for her Splatfest training) and Boopkins, Bob, SMG4, and Saiko had gone off to visit Japan. She decided to help him in his efforts to make money for the Anime Cartel, though she noted just how bad they are. Mario then prepared to make more lemonade, which turned out to be his own urine, explaining DK's reaction.

Tari decides that she'll make the lemonade instead, as Mario didn't know that lemonade originated from lemons. However, she had difficulty reaching the nearby lemon tree, causing her to persuade Villager to do it by saying the tree had money in them. Villager then proceeded to shake the lemon tree like crazy, causing the said fruit to fall out of the said plant.

However, their efforts are complicated by Jeeves (who's still angry at Mario for destroying his milk factory). As it turned out, Mario had decided to open his lemonade stand close to Jeeves' Moo Moo Milk cafe. He had his employees tear down his lemonade stand (which suddenly turned into MARIO AIDS) in revenge.

Mario called up Francis and company to help him since Jeeves was impeding his efforts to make money to pay him off. To his pleasure, they were more than willing to comply. Mario and Francis' team bites back at Jeeves' by using tactics to either make Jeeves' company look bad or make Mario look better. Eventually, this accumulates in the companies getting in a war with each other, with Waluigi suddenly joining in (with his taco stand) and winning it.

While this is happening, Meggy finally found Mario as she wanted him to join her in the Splatfest, only for Mario to tell her that he was in the middle of a gang war. Witnessing the ridiculousness in front of her, Meggy put an end to the gang war by calling both parties out for their childish attitude, causing the leaders to cry. Meggy then brought Mario and Tari with her to Inkopolis.

In SMG4: Meggy's Bootcamp, Tari, Luigi, and Mario were dressed as military soldiers and Meggy saying that the Splatfest was in two weeks, so during that time, they would train. Luigi asked how he got into this, and Tari said that they needed a fourth member since Meggy's old teammates left, and also because Saiko and the others "went on holiday". Mario then exclaimed that Luigi is an expert and dodging and pulled out a Mini Splatling to prove to it. Luigi went into a panic and began evading the ink, which hit two Inklings and Hideo Kojima in the process. Luigi then grabbed Sheldon and began using him as a shield to block the attack. Meggy then slapped Mario's Mini Splatling away and said this is serious, therefore the plumber needed to focus and demanded that he better not screw up.

The trio was forced to aim for a target. Mario went first and proceeded to use his Mini Splatling coming out of his pingas and shoot the target, but he missed it completely and only got a little paint on it, resulting with Meggy facepalming.

Their next goal was to navigate through an obstacle course that featured a barbed wire underpass and a rope suspended above the water. Mario was last, but he refused at first until Meggy said they could have a lunch break afterward. Happily, Mario ran and swam through the course while getting barbed wire and Cheep Cheeps all over his body. He eventually cleared it and crashed into the wall Meggy was standing on before destroying it, causing the Inkling and Mario's favorite dish to fall. Meggy became crossed with him for not focusing, but Mario argued that she said they would get a lunch break. Meggy revealed that she only said that for Mario to complete the course, and she then proceeded to yell at Luigi and Tari for not finishing the course at all, saying that they're not trying hard enough. Suddenly, she paused before leaving the area dejectedly, with Mario following behind her.

Mario found Meggy on top of a building and walked up to her only for her to point her Splattershot at the plumber and tell him to go away. Mario asked Meggy what was wrong, and she explained that when the two of them first met each other, she claimed that she was an "upcoming star", only to have not won a single Splatfest two years later. She called herself "just a big disappointment" because of this and began to sob. Mario attempted to sympathize with her, saying that she can't disappoint him since he didn't have expectations. Meggy said the worst part of this was that she's been so mean to him and the others and that she feels like she's losing sight of who she is before breaking into tears. Mario then offered her his dish of spaghetti from earlier, which managed to cheer her up a bit.

It turned out that Luigi and Tari were overhearing Mario and Meggy's conversation, and Luigi said that it's normal to get emotional over something one cares about, using Mario and spaghetti as an example. Meggy apologized to all of them, saying that winning Splatfest isn't worth it if she loses her friends along the way. Now feeling confident, the Splat Squad became eager to train as they began going over strategies and practicing combat (Mario and Meggy). Mario emerged victorious but got shot by a now cheerful Meggy who reminded the plumber not to let his guard down. Mario gave a thumbs up to this advice while drowning in water.

The Splat Squad proceeded to celebrate their accomplishments of the day, but it was interrupted when Mario got shot by purple ink. They all turned to the shooter, revealed to be Desti, who once again mispronounced Mario's name. Desti then insulted Meggy, which had no effect, but then she proceeded to call in the Octoposse, who came in the form of a helicopter. One Octoling was armed with a recolored Heavy Splatling and proceeded to shoot the gang as they took cover. While hiding, Meggy then realized that Desti was stealing their weapons. She boarded onto the helicopter and began her escape. Mario chased the helicopter and made a jump for it, but he got shot down by Desti's Blaster before she finally escaped. When Tari asked what they're going to do, Meggy said, "Looks like we'll have to kick some Octoling ass..." much to the pleasure of Mario.

In SMG4: The Mario Showdown, Meggy, Luigi, Tari, and Mario crashed through Desti's ceiling. Meggy demanded her weapons back but a unfazed Desti pressed a button, activating several sentries. Meggy demanded a fair fight, but Desti refused to fight them since they have no weapons and shot them out of her hideout moments later. The Octoling then pressed her button again, this time fortifying her house. When Mario attempted to politely enter, he was shot.

Meggy drove her newly-acquired monster truck and ran into SMG4. Everyone except Bob had a joyous reunion with their friend. Boopkins introduces Axol, who asked for the help of everyone to unban anime. Even with Meggy's agreement, she still requested that they help her get back her weapons. Axol agreed to help Meggy reclaim them and inquired about who her "nemesis" is.

As Mario and her friends arrive riding on the backs of a Snorlax, a Charizard, and a Blastoise, Desti had her minions to shoot them down, but to no avail. One of Desti's own bullets was sent back into the barrel of her gun when the Blastoise shot a waterball, causing the gun to jam and explode. Desti finds herself ejected onto the ground and was confronted by SMG4's Gang. Desti made a bet: if Meggy beats her in a one-on-one splat duel, she will give Meggy her weapons back, but if Meggy loses, they will have to pull out of Splatfest. Meggy agreed.

Mario counted down the start of the duel, but Meggy suddenly threw her gun at Desti and knocked her down. Meggy then told her friends to quickly take a gun and retreat. Axol drew Thomas the Tank Engine, they all boarded it, and leave Desti in their dust.

In SMG4: Mario Saves Anime, at Mario's House, where Mario was sleeping in his bed while Axol and SMG4 were going over their plan to unban anime. Axol states that the plan was complete and asks who's ready to unban anime. However, Axol didn't approve of Saiko's hammer, saying that it was violence that got anime banned in the first place and said that he had a different plan. Handed some paper, Axol tapped it twice with his Inkweaver and soon, his plan was shown.

He said that all they have to do is to get him in front of Peach, the leader of the A.S.S, so he could convince her to unban anime. SMG4 then stated that it's not possible, saying that there were many A.S.S agents protecting her, using Swag and Chris as examples and said that Axol can never get inside with his "1 IQ" anime characters. Axol then said that SMG4 underestimated his potential and said that Inkweaver is capable of any anime character he could draw, drawing and summoning False Monkey D. Luffy from the One Piece series. Axol said that the anime characters' intelligence and lifespan depended on the quality of the ink he used, as False Monkey D. Luffy screamed, saying that he had cancer before falling and disintegrating with Mario saying that it was perfect. Axol stated that if his plan is going to succeed, he needs better quality ink, like from his hometown, Inkopolis. He then started a dramatic backstory as all the lights except one on Axol dim, where Mario said, "Ooooohhh... Very scary." while holding some popcorn. Axol once again tapped the floor with his Inkweaver twice and a flashback began.

Axol said that with his current, low-quality ink, he's only using 5% off the Inkweaver's power, so he needed some of Meggy's ink to use 50% of the pen's power. Meggy refused at first, but remembering that Saiko couldn't stay because of the ban, she was forced to comply. She transformed herself into a squid and produced a puddle of orange ink on the floor. This amazed Luigi, Tari and her duck, and Axol, but angered Mario as that they got "paint in the goddamn house" (which is understandable since they were in the Mario house). Meggy returned to humanoid form, slightly dizzy, holding a container of orange ink.

After being handed the container of ink, Axol stated that inkling ink was so hard to come by in Japan before putting it in Inkweaver. He then proceeded to draw Monkey D. Luffy again who this time, was in the mood of killing (the Ho). Axol stated that it's near perfection while Mario stated that this is boring. Axol asked Saiko if she's mentioned the Anime Cartel and Saiko proceeded to whistle for them as they and Francis bashed through the door.

Saiko said that they are going to help Axol get anime unbanned. Upon hearing the name "Axol", the Anime Cartel then froze in shock. It revealed that they also knew Axol as for the fact that they surrounded him and started asking/telling him personal questions/comments. In an effort to stop the cartel from swarming Axol, Mario jumped into his furnace, which was apparently his "Weeaboo Protection Chamber", which in turn, caused SMG4 to get angry at him. The Anime Cartel were soon under the obedience of Axol.

At the heavily protected Peach's Castle. Mario, Boopkins, and Axol spied on them on a hill via binoculars and Mario stated how small the guards looked a distance away, SMG4 then goes to the castle with an A.S.S insurgent truck and is interrogated by an A.S.S officer to ask if he was SMG4 (since he's wanted for smuggling anime (Saiko) to Japan). Confirming it, SMG4 quickly summoned the entire cartel out of the van, causing the entire A.S.S forces to deal with them, allowing the others to sneak past them.

Mario, Fishy Boopkins, and Axol attempted to sneak their way into the castle via Tari's instructions. However, Mario attempted to leak into the fountain, and an agent caught him. Fortunately, Meggy had a sniper on her side, in this case, the agent was soon knocked out. Even so, Mario quickly dashed with the others into the castle.

Mario, Boopkins, and Axol were sneaking in the main hall of the castle while it was guarded by Swag, who was singing Baby Shark. Unfortunately for them, the guard suddenly saw them and attempted to kick their anus. Boopkins hoped that Luigi and Bob were ready to blow up the floor which after a delay due to Bob, whom had misplaced the detonator and couldn't find it, Axol used his pen to knock off Swagmaster and when he got up to try to kick their asses again, Mario knocked him down again. Fortunately, Bob found the detonator and both he and Luigi retreated, causing Swagmaster to fall into the new hole. With all agents taken down, Mario, Bob, and Boopkins headed to Peach's room.

Peach realized that it was Mario who was behind the entire operation and declared that the Mushroom Kingdom was better off without the anime which she deemed was dangerous. Axol then had Boopkins to show her that anime isn't dangerous and can be for good as well in the form of a song. Mario added that Peach's singing was very sh*t.

Eventually, Peach saw the truth in that anime can actually be nice to have and said to have lived her whole life without anime. She then proceeded to thank Axol for opening her eyes, and with a snap, unbans anime and disbands the A.S.S. With anime unbanned in the kingdom, Axol declared that he had to leave now that he had accomplished his goal. Despite his departure, Meggy loved how this had a "happy ending" and that they should focus on the Splatfest.

In SMG4: The Splatfest Incident, Boopkins was running from Mario shooting him with his Splatling. Mario told Boopkins to stay still and let him practice, however, Boopkins told him to leave him alone. Mario continued to shoot him; he tried to hide in the locker, but Bob was in there, sniffing his manga book.

Bob told Boopkins to leave as he was having "Bob time" before Boopkins got shot. SMG4 and Luigi arrived and asked the gang if they knew where Meggy was. Tari said that she should be with of them, but Luigi then explained she was nowhere to be found.

The gang was shocked by this with Mario said that the Splatfest was about to start. Saiko told them not to worry; she might've been training and forgot the time, but the Splatfest bell rang, with Luigi stating that they had to go. However, Boopkins told them that they'll be disqualified if they only have three people. SMG4 suggested that someone must substitute Meggy until they can find her. They ponder for a moment before deciding that Bob should be the substitute, much to his chagrin.

At the Splatfest, Luigi nervously asked who was going to lead if Meggy was not here but Tari insisted that they're gonna be fine and that they must focus on their training. Callie and Marie then announced that the Splat Squad would compete against the Octoposse, Mario, Luigi, and Tari were shocked by how they would be fighting against them already, except Bob, who bragged that the Octoposse was not even that tough.

The game started and Mario, Tari, and Luigi prepared to battle the Octoposse, while Bob, instead of helping, sat back and watched. An Octoposse member appeared behind Tari on top of a cargo crate, preparing to shoot her, but Mario swooped in. Both the Octoposse team member and Mario had a little beam-O-war with their weapons until their weapons suddenly ran out of ink.

The Octoposse member then morphed into an octopus to refill her ink. Mario tried to do the same, but since he was not an inkling, he hit the floor face front. Instead, he threw his Splatling at the Octoposse member when she appeared, giving her the middle finger while Tari believed that they actually stand a chance. After hitting a few of Desti's teammates, it seemed like Tari, Mario and Luigi were going to win, but Desti appeared from behind along with her team and started shooting the trio, sending them to their spawn points. Mario scolded Bob for not helping them and Bob responded by saying that he didn't even know what a "Splatoon" was. Luigi decided that it was no use fighting without Meggy. The Splatfest ended and Desti's team won the round for covering 70% of the map.

Back in the locker room, Mario, Tari, and Luigi were moping about their loss while Bob commented how the manga he was reading might send him in prison. SMG4, Saiko, and Boopkins arrived saying they couldn't find Meggy anywhere around the arena, shocking Mario and the others, who claimed that something bad must've happened to her. An angry Mario quickly accused Desti of having something to do with this, but Desti arrived, claiming her innocence, stating that she had been waiting to get back at her for last time and that fighting against Meggy's team with Bob in it was a disappointment (with Bob stating that it was fair), hence why she was going to help the gang find her. Boopkins suggested that they should start looking for Meggy in her apartment.

At Meggy's apartment, Boopkins opened the door and discovered that it was strangely unlocked. The gang then entered her room, only to find the place in a complete mess, with furniture and household items in shambles, orange ink splattered over the each of the walls and floor, much to their shock and horror, with Mario commenting how it's even messier than his own room. Desti started to believe that Meggy was kidnapped and wondered who could've done it.

Boopkins began to smell something. He then sniffed around to the kitchen and discovered a Naruto DVD on the floor, to which Bob quickly assumed that Meggy was secretly a weeb before getting hit with a box thrown by Saiko, who told him that it was dropped by the kidnapper. Desti started to suspect that Axol was Meggy's kidnapper, much to SMG4's disbelief. Mario agreed with her, but Boopkins reminded them that he helped the gang lift the anime ban and that Meggy gave her ink to Axol for his Inkweaver, but Luigi suddenly thought that Axol took Meggy for her ink.

Desti decided to leave and look for Axol, but Saiko blocked her path with her giant mallet. Desti angrily demanded Saiko to get out her way, but SMG4, Bob and Fishy Boopkins side with Saiko, while Mario, Luigi and Tari side with Desti. Mario declared a civil war, which prompted both sides to fight each other.

Mario and SMG4 prepared to fight each other in the kitchen, with the two repeatedly slapping each other, However, Mario pulled out a meme button and pressed it, making it say "Pingas!", causing SMG4 to laugh hysterically, giving Mario the chance to kick him to the hallway. Boopkins and Luigi then told everyone to stop fighting and stay focused on finding Meggy (while SMG4 was choking Mario behind Luigi). Mario asked if he can stay with Saiko's group, but is dragged away by Desti.

In SMG4: The Inkling Disappearances, the search for Axol and Meggy continued at the now deserted Inkopolis Plaza. Tari began to mention about where was everyone in the plaza, while Mario, being stupid as usual, told Luigi to hide somewhere, stating that his face was scaring the Inklings. An Inkling was stalking them from a wall, but when Mario turned to her, she hid. Mario then saw all the other Inklings hiding from the mystery culprit, including Cap'n Cuttlefish placed a barbed wire to protect the Inkling children, then aiming a shotgun at him.

Mario tried to enter a now barricaded store, trying to ask the whereabouts of Meggy, before walking away from a sudden cannon about to be launched at him. Tari nervously pointed at an anime character, which turns out to be False Ryuk. Luigi got utterly scared, and Mario tried to force Ryuk to give Meggy back. He threw one of many Rocks at him, which, however, did not seem to be very effective. Everybody got utterly spooked by Ryuk's stare, and Luigi suggested the team run away shortly before Ryuk attacked them.

The fight between Mario's team and Ryuk was onset. Luigi continued panicking and begged Mario to do something. Mario didn't come up of anything better than to shove a Bob-omb up Luigi's mouth and throw him at Ryuk. However, he successfully caught him, much to Mario's shock, and threw him back at Mario just before the bomb exploded and blew up both brothers.

Ryuk took Desti with himself, and headed towards the tracks Inkopolis Plaza subway station, leaving the others shocked. Suddenly, Tari noticed a pole with a wire hanging around and told the Mario brothers to grab the wire. While Luigi was left wondering what they have to do, Mario quickly got the idea and launched Luigi, who was still hanging on the end of the wire, at Ryuk. As Luigi managed to reach him, Tari presses the green button, supplying the electricity to the wire and thus killing Ryuk. A while after Ryuk disappeared, the four noticed he dropped a map, which revealed that Meggy and the other Inklings were being held captive on Anime Island.

The entire team eventually meet at Peach's Castle, and Mario's group reported that Meggy and the others were being taken to Anime Island. With this, and also with the fact that Mario's team encountered glowing anime characters in mind, everyone (except Saiko) come to conclude that Axol is the kidnapper. Then Mario's team suddenly spotted the Swag and Chris and got shocked. Bob told them not to worry about them anymore, as they're "cool" now. Mario agreed a while later, and there was only one dilemma left; how the crew is going to the Anime Island. This dilemma ultimately turns out to be solved by the Guards. They went to a port somewhere in the Mushroom Kingdom, though Chris ranted at Swag for not owning a boat. Swag justified his opinion and spotted a boat docked at the other side of the port, with Mario cheering him on.

Later, everything was doing their own thing with Mario exploring (and later going up and down on) a cannon. Desti called up to her new friends about who is ready to save her "annoying" rival. Everybody cheered on, but then a monster suddenly appeared right behind her. Everybody was shocked, while Mario shrieked out that the monster is Godzilla. False Godzilla then proceeded to shake the boat, with everyone screaming. Godzilla then stated that they're not going to do anything to stop him (since they ain't "gonna do sh*t"), and flies off to Anime Island, bringing poor Desti along with him.

In SMG4: Mario and the Experiment, Mario and his friends were still heading towards Anime Island. Mario kept asking if they were there yet. Mario continued repeatedly asking if they were there yet until a severely irritated SMG4 lost his patience and then ran up to him, telling him to shut his mouth for once.

Suddenly, their trip was once again interrupted by False Godzilla, who made a reappearance following his abduction of Desti. The crew tried to take him down once again. Boopkins saved Tari from Godzilla but then got blown away by the kaiju giant hand himself, proceeding to summon Joe Boopkins.

A fight happened between Joe and Godzilla. The crew then decided to shoot the monster with the boat's cannons, only for him to complain about how weak those efforts to stop him were. Fortunately, Mario distracted Godzilla at a crucial moment by accidentally launching himself out of a cannon and then getting right into kaiju eye. This allows Joe to defeat Godzilla. After the hard battle, Mr. Boopkins put his son back on the boat. Meanwhile, the Mario brothers and Saiko finally spot Anime Island on the horizon.

In SMG4: World War Mario, in the early morning of June 6, 2019, near the coast of Anime Island, troop transporters, carrying most of the former A.S.S personnel, as well as SMG4's Gang, were on their way to the shores. While Mario was singing, some others were worried.

As the boat's door opens (with Swagmaster telling Chris that he's scared and Chris replying that he's scared too), the enemy forces began to open fire at the boat, killing most of the A.S.S agents instantly, leaving Mario, Luigi and SMG4 to scream in terror as they got off the boat. Mario (holding a corpse) and SMG4 (who was swimming on the waters) made their way towards the shore, while many A.S.S agents were being killed in gunfire and explosions. As they ran to the nearest barrier, Mario asked SMG4 about how his Thursday was, with him screaming in reply.

Karen Kujou poked out and shot Bob with a bullet bill, severely injuring him. Luigi came to aid Bob with medical supplies and told SMG4 and Mario to go on ahead, and the two continued.

Yoko Littner prepared to take out SMG4 (who was knocked over by Mario spinning inadvertently) with her sniper rifle but then got blown up by a grenade thrown by Saiko. After a brief moment, SMG4 ran into Mario again and noticed him sitting on a beach chair, watching the battle with popcorn and calling it a "good firework show", much to SMG4's irritation. He then kicked Mario off the chair and dragged him along just before the two bumped into Tari who called them to come over for assistance. SMG4 asked what was wrong and Boopkins explained that none of the soldiers could get past the point they were at because it was with too many lines barbed wire.

Mario got an idea and ran towards the blockage. SMG4 started to panic, but Mario told him that there was nothing to worry about since "Mario's got 4 IQ". He then saw a landmine and fell on it, triggering it to explode shortly after; the force of the explosion threw Mario through the rows of barbed wire, blasting through it, allowing the passing of the forces.

Mario, SMG4, Tari, Boopkins, Saiko, Luigi and Chris (who got shot) were in a trench where the former is patching up Chris who survived because the bullet missed his vitals while insisting that Chris needed to stay behind. SMG4 then shows everyone to the entrance to the base while Mario exclaimed he's ready to "Kill some bitches".

SMG4's Gang were finally on their way to the base, running through the hallway and taking out each of the henchmen. The gang then came across Francis at the end of the hall, who revealed he was the mastermind behind the kidnapping of all the inklings. Tari and the others realized that they made a horrible mistake of accusing Axol, and Francis boasted about how the latter isn't even half the otaku he is. Saiko angrily asked where Meggy was, but Francis mocked her by pretending to be afraid, only to be interrupted by Mario who threatened to beat him up if he didn't tell where Meggy was. However, Francis, not wanting the heroes to ruin his plans, took out a picture of Sephiroth, and jammed Inkweaver into it, bringing False Sephiroth to life.

False Sephiroth had already killed many of the agents who accompanied the SMG4 cast to Anime Island. Mario attempted to gain an upper hand over the warrior, who effortlessly picked him, however Mario freed himself by quickly stretching his nose (like a penis), flinging the warrior away. At the same time, Saiko prepared to hit him with her hammer, but False Sephiroth ended up blocking her attack by launching Mario towards her. He immediately stopped his attack upon hearing Francis and Axol fighting over Inkweaver. Taking advantage of the distraction, Desti then proceeded to kick Francis, not only obtaining the pen (for now) but also causing the chameleon's glasses to come off. Still, due to his loyalty towards Francis, Sephiroth charged towards the Octoling and attacked her as the two end up in the room of The Ink Zuccer 2000 where Meggy was trapped in, followed by Francis once he realizes that he was being chased.

Near the disabled Ink Zuccer, Desti to griped False Sephiroth and threw him towards Axol. The manga artist then kicked him at Mario and SMG4 as they exchange their own series of blows, before False Sephiroth was finished off by a rock launched from the mouth of Boopkins with Luigi assisting via aiming (which triggered the Final Zoom effect from Super Smash Bros. Ultimate).

Upon witnessing their first win against Sephiroth, SMG4's Gang cheered and congratulated themselves on their victory, not realizing that Francis still had Axol's pen. Their celebration was cut short when Desti got impaled through the heart by another False Sephiroth's Masamune, mortally wounding her. Everyone watched in horror at what just happened with Meggy calling out to Desti in despair, while Francis revealed that he used Inkweaver to summon another Sephiroth and laughed maniacally in the background as False Sephiroth unhinged his Masamune out of Desti's chest and she fell to her knees, though she told her last words to ask Meggy to win the Splatfest for her, before she collapsed to her death.

In SMG4: Final Hours, the whole gang mourned Desti's death, with Tari pleading Desti to wake up, but to no avail. However, Francis, still wanting to fulfill his plans, drew 100 more False Sephiroth's and ordered them to attack the gang. As the attacks continue, Saiko tries to attack Francis with her hammer, but 1 of the Sephiroth realized the attack and threw his sword at Saiko, causing her to fall in surprise and be surrounded with her friends. Luigi then asks Mario if there are any plans, but Mario decided to cosplay as Cloud instead, to no avail. Francis then ordered the Sephiroth's to finish them off.

However, Bob, Chris, and Swag came with a T-34 Soviet Tank and knock off Francis. Bob and Swag then begin to say their motto, but Chris stops them halfway through and together, they attacked and killed all 100 Sephiroth's with the T-34 Soviet Tank, upsetting Francis. When Francis was about to draw another powerful anime character, he found out that the orb on Inkweaver dulled out, implying ran out of ink, and began to run away. Axol then chased after him, with Saiko hitting Francis with her hammer, causing him to be surrounded by SMG4's Gang. The gang then attack him, with Mario's uppercut, with Bob, Swag, and Chris finishing off the attack (although they had trouble aiming at first), in which the T-34 Soviet Tank shot a Bullet Bill at him. However, while the Bullet Bill was blocked by the pen, the impact caused Francis to be slammed against the ink tank, which caused Meggy's ink to spill out and pour on him and the Inkweaver.

However, the Inkweaver absorbs a grand majority of Meggy's ink, fully charging it to 100%. Francis said that they should have gone for the head and in the last resort, created the most powerful anime character in existence, Goku, creating a shockwave that slams SMG4's Gang against the wall. Mario then wondered what was special about Super Saiyan God Goku since he just dyed his hair blue. Before he can finish his sentence, Goku demonstrated his powers. Francis then ordered Goku to attack them, in which he easily defeated everyone. As Francis ordered Goku to finish Tari off, he suddenly realized that Axol is nowhere to been seen. Axol then yells "for justice and anime", with Francis screaming as Axol jumps on top of him. Axol then slapped Francis and took Inkweaver back. Francis then ordered Goku to help him, but Axol responded by telling Tari to stall Goku.

Mario then threw a glass bowl at Goku, causing Goku to turn his attention toward Mario and his friends, with Mario threatening Goku, stating he would see his tunnel of doom. As Axol was forced to drain Meggy's ink to charge up Inkweaver, which would also kill her, Francis ordered Goku to destroy the ink cage with Meggy inside. Goku then attacked it with his energy blast but was deflected by Saiko's hammer. SMG4, Mario, and Fishy Boopkins then jumped on him, but Goku shook them off and attacked the ink cage the second time using his Ki Blast, in which he succeeded in doing so, and the reaction caused an explosion. As the SMG4 gang was shocked in the turn of the events, Francis thought this was game over for them, and he had won. Mario then ran over to the rubble, trying to see if Meggy was still there. Mario then heard Meggy's voice and began to remove the rubble to find her. Francis then mocked the gang by laughing. However, Axol managed to absorb the remaining ink into his Inkweaver, saying that it was time to end this. Axol successfully created the character that is more powerful than Goku: Ultra Instinct Shaggy Rogers, astonishing SMG4's Gang. While Shaggy and Goku battled it out, Mario continued to look through the rubble from the main Ink Zuccer tank, desperately searching for Meggy.

As Goku is battling Shaggy, Francis was left defenseless and is cornered by Mario and his friends. Saiko then threw him into a spare Zuccer tank, and turned it on to max power, leaving him to die. Suddenly, the building started to break apart, as Ultra Instinct Shaggy overpowered the Inkweaver Goku, causing Goku to crash into the ground. Goku, realizing he's losing, began to activate a powerful attack. Axol informed everybody that Goku is going to self-destruct. However, Shaggy managed to round up the gang, as well as Desti's corpse, and bring them back to the ship. SMG4 then realized that the Inklings and Octolings haven't been saved yet, causing Shaggy to go back and rescue them and bring them back to the ship. Mario then realized Meggy wasn't saved, so Axol ordered Shaggy to go back and save Meggy.

As Shaggy rushed back to save Meggy, Goku exploded, destroying all of Anime Island, and killing Francis and the Anime Cartel in the process. Devastated from the apparent loss of Meggy and Shaggy, the gang began to mourn for the losses. However, Shaggy comes back with Meggy. Mario, Luigi, and Tari then wondered about something different about Meggy as Shaggy dropped her down. The gang was shocked with the appearance of Meggy, which caused Meggy to wonder what they were staring at. Mario then said "You don't look too good, Mr. Meggy." Meggy then looked at her hand and was shocked. Because her ink was drained combined with being hit by one of Goku's Ki blasts, Meggy became a human. Meggy then screamed about her change in appearance, asking about what had happened to her and passed out.

At a nearby beach, a navy-style funeral for Desti can be seen being held, and the Mushroom Kingdom and Inkopolis citizens arrived to pay respects. Meggy then arrives with Desti's signature Blaster. After she put down the Blaster on the coffin, Meggy began to cry. Meggy then said that she blamed herself for the death of Desti, saying had she been a bit faster or better, it would have never happened. Meggy then broke into tears and cried on the coffin. The rest of SMG4's Gang cheered her up and encouraged her to get back up when she is down; and even if she's not ready now, they will always be there to pick her up. Inspired by these words, Meggy thanked them for the encouragement and pushed Desti's coffin to the sea. Meggy and everyone else saluted their fallen comrade. Meggy then promises Desti that she will win the Splatfest for everyone.


Mario and the Splat Squad had been helping Meggy overcome her grief over Desti, motivating her to keep training for the Splatfest to honour her. One day at the beach, he witnessed Greg The Alien crash and immediately became close friends with him. After Greg got captured, Mario raided Area 51 to save him. In that time, he unknowingly allowed SMG3 to steal a laptop which could hack into any account. He once returned to the world of Minecraft but escaped. One time, he went on a treasure hunt with Axol, Bob and Boopkins to the Lost City of Gold, where Teletubbies worshipped them as gods until they were chased out. However, Mario spent the remaining ingot on a cheeseburger meal, much to the disappointment of his three friends.

On the day SMG4 posted cringe, he, SMG4 and Saiko managed to defeat SMG3 and free YouTubers from his cringy reign When the Minecraft Plague was transforming his world, he, Luigi and Meggy managed to go into Minecraft to create a weapon that reverted everything back to normal. When Weegee Dolls took over the world, Mario lived long enough to have descendants, with the latest being New Super Duper Mario Plus Ultra, who helped Luigi, Shroomy and Boopkins travel back in time to prevent the uprising, which they successfully did so. Mario and his friends celebrated new years together at a grand festival.

Mario got his pingas stuck in the door, and after his painful experience, he was freed by aliens. He helped Sonic escape from the Mushroom Kingdom Armed Forces and got him together on a one-sided relationship with Swag.

Final Splatfest

In SMG4 Movie: Meggy's Destiny, at a training ground, Mario, Luigi, Meggy, and Tari were about to try out Professor E. Gadd's latest invention: the Ink Boi 3000, which would allow the humans to move around the field with ease. Mario (after some confirmation) got a lawnmower.

During the battle royale, Mario tried to ambush Meggy, but the overconfident plumber got defeated by Tari. Thanks to her Ink Boi, Tari was able to defeat Meggy and win the match. The entire group then went to Meggy's apartment for a pre-competition party.

At the party, Mario and Tari played Crayola Scoot (which Mario thought was Splatoon 3). Mario suddenly appeared in Meggy's room and claimed that they were about to play "Pin The Tail On The Boopkins", a game that Boopkins absolutely hated because it involved harm to him. An excited Meggy joined her friends in playing the game, much to Boopkins' dismay.

It was Day 1 of the Final Splatfest. In the Splatstacle Course, teams must brave through a huge obstacle course, and had 20 minutes to complete it. Teams had to rely on their agility and skills to overcome the obstacles.

The Splat Squad were introduced to the leader of Team Killer Ink, who taunted them as "Humans", commenting that Splatfest would "let anybody into Splatfest these days". Mario flipped them off anyway. The round consisted of an obstacle course that the team has to overcome. The first obstacle was a downward slide on thin poles, causing a few Inklings to fall into a deep hole and blowing up, therefore eliminating them. The second obstacle was a road packed with hidden buzz-saws. Even though Mario got decapitated, he and the others made it through. The third obstacle was using Zapfish plushies as basketballs to try and shoot hoops. The fourth obstacle was just some normal water sprinklers. This course was basically a freebie for the Splat Squad due to being humans but the other competitors were on the ground yelling in pain, with Mario even calling the Inklings "babies". The fifth obstacle was a building with platforms that occasionally folded down, eliminating an Inkling by falling into lava. Mario and Luigi easily made it through thanks to their origins. However, Meggy also failed to get to the top of the supposed building but instead of frying to death (and getting eliminated) she just flew up due to getting her bottom burned, making Mario proud. The last obstacle was a jump on some pads over a deep square hole onto the finish line. Mario, Luigi, and Tari made it over just fine due to the Ink Bois. Seizing the chance to eliminate the Splat Squad, Leader pushed Meggy into the pit. As she fell, Team Killer Ink jumped over as squids. Meggy managed to propel herself into the air with Ink Bombs only to fall short and crash into the wall of the pit. The team managed to pull Meggy up as the timer ran out. Team Killer Ink again taunted them for barely managing the obstacle course. Meggy lost her temper and starts fighting Leader, with Mario joining the attack by attacking the member in the camouflage hoodie. Marie and Callie noticed the fighting and told them to break it up or they would be disqualified, causing both Meggy and Mario to walk off.

It was now the second match of Round 2 of the final Splatfest. Earlier today, Team Killer Ink had already won the first match and moved to the finals. Team Splat Squad, Drown Zone, Kelp Buds, and the Ink Brigade would be vying for the last spot before the final showdown. Marie and Callie described the second and final match of the competition as Tower Defense.

What would be happening was that an clones of Squidward Tentacles would spawn onto the arena and each teams' job was to splat them with ink. Each Squidward splatted was worth 1 point. However, if any team member got splatted by another team, their team would be deducted 10 points. The battle commenced and waves of Squidward's came to shore. The team did well for a minute or two before getting kills stolen by enemy teams. Mario, Luigi, Tari, and Meggy were trying their best to overcome the point deficit from other teams.

After hearing a loud bang, Mario saw a bunch of Squidward's coming from a wall, confusing the plumber. Eventually, the Splat Squad fell to second place, being beaten by the Ink Brigade. Meggy, shaken over her loss, fell to her knees, crying, feeling as if she had let Desti down. When Mario tried to console her, Meggy, crying, ran off. Before the rest of the Splat Squad left, however, Mario stated that he smelled something fishy.

Mario sneaked across the Tower Defense Arena, Tari, and Luigi in tow, trying to find the source of his suspicions. Luigi worriedly asked Mario why they were back at the Tower Defense Arena. Mario, however, ignored them and searched the back of the arena. As he was looking near a bush next to the wall, he tripped over something, which was revealed to be a switch. When he pressed the green button, a cannon extended from the wall and shot fake Squidwards out of it. Mario excitedly proved his suspicions though Luigi was confused as to what that meant. Tari, however, angrily realized that the Ink Brigade used the cannon to cheat in Tower Defense.

After informing Callie and Marie, the Squid Sisters tried to explain to Meggy, however, Mario, wearing an Inkopolis detective's hat and monocle and holding a pipe, ran through the doorway to the roof of Meggy's apartment building, followed by Luigi and Tari, knocking the Squid Sisters over in the process. Mario excitedly explained that he found out the Ink Brigade's treachery, but Tari and Luigi ended up explaining the details, much to Mario's enragement. Callie and Marie, half-dazed, confirm this and said that because Meggy's team was the first runner-up, they would go on to the next round by default. Mario handed Meggy her Splattershot, telling her to do her best at the Grand Finale. Meggy, filled with hope, took it and promised Marie and Callie that she and her team would win the Grand Finale. The gang then celebrated.

The next day, Meggy and her team arrived at the arena for the final round of Splatfest. Callie and Marie commented on how exciting the tournament has been so far and revealed that the final round will be a Turf War, with the Splat Squad going against Killer Ink. Both teams were itching to start the War, and Callie excitedly asked both teams if they were ready to start. Upon the teams' and the crowd's excitement, the Turf War commences.

The Splat Squad started off strong, quickly gaining ground in the first few minutes. Team Killer Ink then turned on Mario, now up against a wall. Meggy arrived to help Mario, and they both knew what to do. Mario laid on the ground as Meggy took hold of Mario's feet. Meggy spun Mario round and round, going faster and faster, before eventually throwing him over two opposing Inklings, one of which was the Leader, and successfully knocked out both of them. The Leader, however, enraged at the Splat Squad's lead, helped Team Killer Ink knock out the rest of the Splat Squad.

With fifteen seconds left on the clock, the Splat Squad regained their lost territory, winning the Turf War. Then, their friends excitedly ran on the battlefield, and hoisted all the team members up into the air and catch them. Bob announced a party at Meggy's apartment. Everyone excitedly headed over.

From the roof, Boopkins and Mario could be heard screaming, as he was, once again, going to have a tail pinned to his butt. Meggy, who was on the roof, heard the noise and decided to play "Pin The Tail On The Boopkins" with the others instead of helping him.


Mario witnessed the birth of JubJub Boopkins, and had been abusing the infant ever since by kicking him like a football. After helping Meggy move into her new house, Mario got cancelled under a misunderstanding and was banished to the Cancelled Dimension by Susan Wojcicki, but escaped after going through the trials and making an apology video. When Peach went on vacation, Mario accidentally took Toadsworth's position as acting king and ruled the Mushroom Kingdom. Though he was able to solve the many situations going around, he eventually became mad with power and became a supreme leader, but his position was taken away as soon as Peach returned to the kingdom.

SMG3's Takeover

In SMG4: Mario's Spicy Day 🔥, Mario walked in the dark and wondered where he was. Just then, it was revealed that SMG3 invited him, welcoming him to his newly-built studio, Snitch Productions (parallel to Luke Lerdwichagul's real-life company Glitch Productions), showing him around the stages and sets he prepared for content to be released on YouTube. SMG3 revealed that he started his studio after the cancellation of Dr. SMG3 on MKTV, and making an insult to his rival's other studio, and kindly showed him the spaghetti that he promised to Mario, which was placed on a table in a set for his web show, Spicy Ones, where he officially invited Mario as a guest. The video was posted on YouTube, which focused on Mario's antics. It had gained popularity, along with mocking comments about SMG4 and praising comments to the video.

SMG3 and Mario were getting along with each other, and proceeded to shoot the next video. That was during the shooting that a shadowy figure appeared right above the set of SMG3's Puzzle Palooza, revealed to be SMG4 as Mario recognized him, and fell down. Trying to get Mario to stop him from his "evil plan" failed, so he got chased by the studio's security, destroying the sets on his way. His chase had also angered the short-tempered Isabelle and Sans, who were doing their podcast, and in a fit of rage, they destroyed the whole studio, killing themselves and others during the impact, safe for Mario, SMG4 and SMG3.

The studio, now reduced to ruins, as Mario and SMG4 walked up to SMG3, sad that everything he had built for was gone. As SMG4 continued to mock him about his another bout of failure, SMG3 revealed that he never had an 'evil plan' after all, and lashed out his hatred of him ever since they went to meme college, where he was pushed over by the latter's popularity. Seeing how that turned SMG3 into the state he is currently now, he tried to apologize to him, but was quickly rejected, and SMG3 had finally enough and declared that he will come back again, now truly evil, as the world really sees him. He disappeared into the thick smoke, but then only came back to give a groin kick to SMG4.

In SMG4: Mario Gets【Woke】, at Peach's Castle, Mario and Luigi were fishing when Luigi caught an eel (much to Mario's jealousy) which proceeded to bite his pingas. Then, the YouTube Remote fell and reversed the action. Luigi was relieved it was over while Mario was confused how it could have happened. Turning around, he saw the remote and started by pressing the fast forward option. Soon enough, the eel went back to biting his pingas. Luigi was horrified over what Mario did to him and begged him to stop, although that fell on deaf ears. Proceeding to torture him, Mario enjoyed what was happening with the other functions. Liking the power had processed, Mario took the remote to try on other people, leaving Luigi to his fate.

In the castle, Peach was following a makeup tutorial video when Mario came across her to insult her. Angry, she reprimanded him just for Mario to change her language. He laughed at her before muting her.

Going around the Mushroom Kingdom, Mario tried the remote on random people. First on Bowser and Bowser Jr. with the speed up and the normal speed function, the reverse function to de-age Toad to a baby before kicking him away (Much to Jub Jub's sadness because he wasn't getting kicked), made the content of Sr Pelo's video SMG4 was watching to SMG4 (who was aware of what the remote could do and futilely dissuaded Mario from using the remote) to scare him for his own amusement, pressed a button which had a Robloxian's head on it before seeing Axol get taken away by an Oof Button to the Internet Graveyard (although Mario said it wasn't bad), caused a billboard playing a video of the yellow dancing triangle to blow up due to being too fast, made Meggy speak English (voiced by Lizzie Freeman) and then Japanese (much to her horror), made Peach (somehow being able to speak English again) low resolution when she warned him to stop whatever he was doing or he would be in really big trouble, and messed with Toadsworth's proposal to his girlfriend by pausing both of them and replacing the girlfriend with Bob before resuming Toadsworth. Bob thought he was gay before stealing the ring and running away, much to Toadsworth's chagrin as he went after Bob just to get run over by Ronald McDonald's car. Mario proceeded to torture him by rewinding and replaying the scene a few times.

Mario had a lot of fun controlling the world before accidentally breaking the remote. He thought it was broken and threw the remote on the ground, just for it to go crazy and freeze the world. Mario realized what happened and started panicking. He tried to press the resume button on the remote to no avail, tried crossing the road but didn't due to the green man signal never coming and then fleeing home to watch the iDubbbz live broadcast to realize it was also frozen. As Mario screamed due to being doomed, he realized that being the only person to be unaffected by the time freeze, he was basically a god and could do whatever he wanted.

A montage of Mario having fun is then shown but then he became bored due to being unable to share the situation. In anger, he threw the remote down. Fortunately, it caused the remote to finally resume time.

Due to the remote, Mario was sent back in time before ending up in 1985 in Super Mario Bros.. Mario then saw his retro self and said hi to him, who in turn responded with an unintelligible cry (which Mario found intelligent). Just then, a Lakitu cloud flew towards Mario, revealing the rider to be Susan herself. Mario said hi to her but Susan, feeling righteous anger, tried killing him by firing off a Bullet Bill. Horrified, Mario took his retro past self and threw him at said bullet, killing him as a result. Mario quickly used the remote to send himself back in time.

Now inside a Game & Watch console, Mario said hi to Mr. Game & Watch. Just then, Susan (who took on an Octopus body) appeared. Mario wanted Mr. Game & Watch to save him. It appeared he did by taking out a key and going Super Saiyan. However, it was for him to actually get into a car and drive away, leaving Mario to his fate (with Susan right behind him). Mario then went back in time.

Now inside a Pacman arcade game, Mario was pleased to know Susan wasn't around when he saw the ghosts running away. Just then, Susan appeared wearing Pacman. Mario knew he had to run, which he did, throwing Clyde at her to slow her down (which did nothing). As she got closer, Mario went back in time, pressing the rewind button many times to go super far in the past.

Waking up, he found he was alone at first at the start of the universe. However, it turned out he met with Dr. Kawashima, the creator of the universe, who assured he wasn't Susan. Susan then emerged from a portal. Seeing Dr. Kawashima and knowing him, challenged him for Mario. Dr. Kawashima agreed and started a game of Pong, using Mario as the ball. After some intense matches, Dr. Kawashima was the winner. Susan was forced to leave Mario alone and soon left to return back to 2020 although not before taking back her remote.

Dr. Kawashima proceeded to return Mario back to 2020 and undo all the damages he did, having a friendly talk with Mario along the way to a white portal.

In S̶M̶G̶4̶: I Can't Believe It's Not SMG4!, at the Gielgud Theatre, Cromulus, the god of art, is running his audition, with a lot of actors trying to get a role in the play, including Mario, Belle Fontiere, JubJub, Rob the Scarecrow, Whimpu, a Weegee Doll, and Melony, who got the roles. Cromulus then started the rehearsals for the play.

Mario arrived at Peach's Castle, having ruined the gang's playtime with Jenga, with a reasonable explanation that he got cast in an upcoming play, set to be shown in the Gielgud Theatre in Aubergine, Mushroom City, with a little story on his audition.

Later, the Gielgud Theatre opened to spectators, watching the play, with the gang attending. As the play started, in which it all seemed too familiar to the gang as the scenes were somewhat similar to scenes from episodes from Season 8, Season 9 and early episodes of Season 10. These included:

  • SMG4: Mario and the Anime Challenge: Belle, Rob, and JubJub Boopkins appeared, with Belle asking Mario to do anime. A pillow dropped on Belle's head, and Rob, JubJub Boopkins and Mario celebrating.
  • SMG4: If Mario Was In... Splatoon 2: Mario talked to Melony about training for the "Water-fest", before another melon representing Desti appeared and Mario shooting a burst of water. The three ended up shooting water crazily.
  • SMG4: Mario And The T-Pose Virus: Mario shouted to the A-posing zombies about the death of his brother, before Rob asked if they could settle it with a bite of corn. Mario then proceeded to kick Rob to the A-posing zombies.
  • SMG4: Mario Gets His PINGAS Stuck In The Door: Mario got his butt stuck on the door, with Weegee Doll, JubJub Boopkins, and Rob giving their reactions.
  • SMG4: Mario and The Diss Track: Rob rapped about corn for the first ten seconds, then Whimpu pushed him over, and with Mario and Melony, started singing "Mine Diamonds" in a similar manner to Saiko's song Darkest Hour.
  • SMG4: Final Hours: Melony kicked watermelon Desti's coffin into a pool of water, very loosely reenacting Desti's funeral in Final Hours.

It was only after the play ended that SMG4 finally raged when the play turned out to be a production of Snitch Productions, and ran off to find SMG3, who he knew had written the play.

SMG4 found SMG3, exiting Cromulus, and yelled at him. He was overpowered when the Anti-Cast surrounded him. Fortunately, he soon was backed up by the rest of the gang, which then quickly escalated into a fight. Then, Mario was able to stop the bickering between the two content creators and led to a truce between two factions (although SMG3 still had a grudge). The two factions finally came to an end, calling for peace with each other, and both went their own ways. Mario, undecided about which gang to follow, decided on an ultimatum that he split himself, with both his head and body following each gang.

In SMG4: Stupid Mario Arcade, Susan decided, for what happened two weeks prior, to torture Mario by sending him to various dimensions that represent classic arcade and video games of the '80s and '90s.

In Donkey Kong (1981), landing smack in the middle of the game, Mario was hit by a barrel courtesy of Donkey Kong, accompanied by Pauline. Not having time to go through the strenuous task of scaling the level, Mario instead opted to throw the burning barrel onto the level, burning it to the ground, while he escaped.

In Duck Hunt (1984), Mario was initially confused as to why he was carrying a gun, but as soon as he spotted a flock of ducks flying out of a nearby patch of grass, he started firing away, and missed every shot before running out of ammo. The dog mocked him for this, but Mario shot him. The ducks were grateful for Mario liberating them from the dog, so Mario decided to cook them.

In Castlevania (1986), tired from trekking through the castle, Mario spotted Richter Belmont confronting Dracula. Mario introduced himself, causing both of them to mistake him for a demon. Richter began pouring his supply of Gamer Girl Bath Water, which actually worked as holy water against Mario, causing him to run away. Mario smacked into a wall, revealing a freshly cooked chicken, but he didn't have time to enjoy it before being stabbed in the back with a cross. But Mario managed to eat the chicken anyway, which removed the cross from his back, as he blissfully walked away, leaving Richter and Dracula dumbfounded.

In Ms. PAC-MAN (1982), Mario just happened to be present while Ms. PAC-MAN screamed about her period.

In Space Invaders (1978), Mario spotted a cannon, then noticed a fleet of alien ships headed his way. He fired at them, but they dodge effortlessly. Mario managed to hit one, but to his horror, the one he shot was being piloted by Greg, who died in Mario's arms.

In The Legend of Zelda (1986), Mario, still sad about Greg, spawned in the Old Man's cave, who gave his speech and produced a sword from one of his orifices, much to the disgust of Mario. The Old Man was then flattened under the foot of Beast King Ganon, and Mario responded by throwing a Pokeball containing a long-necked Link, then leaving him to take care of Ganon.

In Google Chrome Dinosaur Run (2014), the Dinosaur played the game normally until the 200 point mark, where it noticed Mario, and they all stood still until a meteor showed up.

In Paperboy (1985), Mario was ecstatic about delivering papers. He threw them everywhere, causing property damage and harming the locals. One of which being the Grim Reaper, who pursued Mario on top of a lawnmower. Mario spotted a tornado with a hat and briefcase at a bus stop, only to be nudged by the Grim Reaper and tossed away by the tornado onto someone's front doorstep, along with a newspaper, which was enough to get him on the front page and heralded as an amazing paperboy.

In Frogger (1981), after seeing a frog die trying to cross the street, Mario took extra precaution in trying to do the same. But every time he lifted his foot, a car zoomed past, making it impossible for him to even begin. So, instead, he decided to jack a car for himself and drive away. But this attracted the Police, aka the original Grand Theft Auto. Mario spotted a ramp and tried to escape, but crashed into a light post. Fortunately, he landed on the other side of the street. Unfortunately, he got rammed by the police.

In Excitebike (1985), Mario, on a normal bicycle, somehow managed to explode at the starting line.

In Balloon Fight (1986), Mario spotted the other Balloon Fighters enjoying themselves, and tried to join in, but the balloons wouldn't support his weight and he got eaten by a giant eel.

In Q*bert (1982), Qbert was minding his own business, and Mario asked him what he is, but Mario didn't speak Qbert's language. Qbert flipped him off, driving Mario to kill him by throwing his hat at him. With Qbert dead, Mario had no idea what he was supposed to do. Mario figured that it's a dancing game and used the multicolored tiles on the pyramid as disco lights.

In Snake (1997), Mario spotted an apple, and nobody else around, so attempted to eat it. But he heard boss music, and turned around to find Solid Snake slithering towards him. Mario gave him the apple, which he ate, and then resumed chasing Mario.

In Tetris (1984), Mario got trapped between the falling blocks, but Fuego the Water Bottle comes to save the day by repelling the block with his water jet. He then grabbed Mario and flew away, much to the chagrin of Wide Putin.

In Doom (1993), Doomguy was shooting some aliens, but Mario refused to do so until he spotted an Alien Princess, causing Mario to put a bullet in her skull and deciding he was done, left Doomguy to be eaten.

In Polybius (1980s), the landscape was very trippy, but it bored Mario.

In Battletoads (1991), Mario jammed out to the pause music, then spotted the Battletoads curb-stomping Scoot. Mario gladly assisted.

In Asteroids (1979), Mario went into every degree of panic over one asteroid, which he disposed of easily. Only for level 2 to start and bombard him with more asteroids, including one with a gun that chased him around his ship.

Susan finally got bored and released Mario, taunting him before leaving. Mario called her a b*tch in retaliation.

In SMG4: Mario VS Youtube, at SMG3's castle, where the Anti-Cast was working on a plan to steal the YouTube Remote from the YouTube headquarters, with SMG3 planning to use it to rebuild his studio after it was destroyed by Isabelle and Sans as a result of SMG4's tampering. Although Mario was hesitant at first, SMG3 managed to get him into the plan when he reminded him of Greg's death at the hands of Susan.

Sometime later, the gang, mainly SMG3, Mario, and JubJub managed to infiltrate into the remote room, and faced off Susan, who turned into a Barney-shaped creature who tortured the three. Although they managed to defeat her, they, along with the rest of the gang, was kicked out of the building after Susan used a banhammer on them.

They were all disappointed that it was all for nothing until Anti-Shroomy appeared with the remote. SMG3 revealed that he had a plan B in his pocket. Aware of Shroomy's past, he threw a demon mask to awaken his alter ego, therefore allowing him and his boy scouts to steal the remote while Susan was distracted. Now with the remote, SMG3 revealed his true plan: to destroy SMG4 once and for all, and delete him. Knowing that Mario would be a snitch, he betrayed him by summoning an Oof Button to kidnap and send Mario to the Internet Graveyard to prevent that from happening.

In SMG4: The Internet Graveyard, Luigi was dropped off at the Internet Graveyard, where he met Mario and a mysterious person (who Mario recognized as Axol) before the latter attacked the brothers. After a lengthy confrontation, Mario did the Naruto Run on him, making Axol regain his memories.

As Axol went sane, he told his story of how he ended up in the Internet Graveyard: because of Mario summoning the Oof Button three weeks prior, breaking Inkweaver upon arrival and driving him insane because of all of the dead memes that live in the realm. As Mario lamented the broken Inkweaver, they are suddenly ambushed by a colony of Ugandan Knuckles trying to take them away. They managed to escape when Axol fed them Tide Pods.

After showing his handmade anime Two Piece to the brothers and showing a bout of insanity, Mario asked Axol for a way to get home. He says the only way to leave the Internet Graveyard is to make a dead meme relevant again. Luckily, Mario happens to know a local expert on memes. However, since there was no reception in the Internet Graveyard, they need to adventure to a Starbucks Coffee near the realm's temple to get Wifi. The trio travelled far and wide throughout the cursed realm for Starbucks. One of their escapades including a desert filled with irrelevant YouTubers (such as Fred Figglehorn).

They eventually arrived at the temple, where they are immediately denied by the lords of the temple access to the Starbucks. When everyone saw the guardians' toilet overflowing, Mario decided to use his plumbing skills to fix it. The lords were overjoyed and allowed the heroes to pass. But before they could, the toilet suddenly broke away from its base and was sent flying towards one of the lords killing him. Outraged, the rest of the lords chased the trio into the coffee shop.

Mario, Luigi, and Axol got into Starbucks, and thanks to the Wifi signal, Mario was able to call SMG4 on his iPhone for help, thus enabling him to revive a dead meme. SMG4 managed to revive the Harambe meme, allowing the three to escape the Internet Graveyard.

Back in SMG4's room, SMG4 asked how they got there in the first place. Mario tried to explain, but has a toilet break first.

In SMG4: Mario VS Youtube, Mario recapped the events about SMG3 gaining the YouTube Remote, while SMG4's face had a nerved look, knowing that the SMG3 would totally do anything with it, confirming his rumors of his evil intentions, and decided to call the gang to stop SMG3.

In SMG4: Deleted, as SMG3 headed for Super Mario 64 Bloopers: Account Loss, he was hit by Boopkins, who was thrown by Mario, who came with SMG4 and the rest of the gang to attempt to stop him. As SMG4 and the others traveled to their debut episodes, while the former warned them if they ran into their past selves a black hole would be created, Mario was ordered to remove the YouTube Remote from its power source but failed relentlessly.

Back in SMG4: Mario The Ultimate Gamer, Past Mario witnessed Past Tari win effortlessly in Super Smash each other in the ass Bros.. As she left, Mario went to follow her, wanting to ask her to train to win against SMG4 at games. However, Belle appeared and offered to train him instead. After watching her past self leave the store, Present Tari panicked as now she and Mario missed the time of their first meeting and begins to experience the effects of being wiped from existence. She then jumped out of hiding and offered to teach Past Mario instead. Belle didn't let up easily and fights for it, by playing Super Smash each other in the ass Brothers. Playing dirty, Belle distracted Tari with a rubber duck, allowing her to win. Intrigued by her gaming skills, Mario decided to pick Belle for training.

In the present, Mario was still trying to remove the remote with no luck until Tari arrived back from her debut video. Mario, in his usual dumb way, said hello, but became worried when he noticed her sobbing. Mario told her she shouldn't cry, only for Tari to say she didn't want to go and fade away to the Internet Graveyard in front of her first friend, leaving Mario shocked.

Back in SM64 Bloopers: Can Ganondorf come out to play?, Mario used Luigi as a shield to escape the skeletons shooting them and arrived in the sewers. Instead of meeting Bob, they were met with Rob who offered them corn, as usual, that have blocked their way into the sewers. Instead, they ran, scared from how ugly he is. Mario and Luigi then left to find another way to raid Ganondorf's castle.

Back in SMG4 N' Pals: Seaside Stupidity Part 1, Past SMG4 and co. spotted a bright light and met Boopkins. Just then, JubJub appeared, but swam off instead of preventing any further interaction. Just as it seemed all will go fine, Present Boopkins arrived and landed on his past self. As Past Boopkins questioned things, Present Boopkins remembered what Present SMG4 said about meeting their past selves. A black hole was created and swallowed the two Boopkinses, sending the present one to the Internet Graveyard, and preventing the Past Boopkins from going on any adventures with the SMG4 crew.

Back in ???, Mario and Luigi, as babies, were in the foster home they met each other. Before the two brothers could meet eye to eye, Weegee Doll appeared and got rid of Baby Luigi and sat in his place, telling Baby Mario that he was his brother. Luigi then arrived but faded away to the Internet Graveyard before being able to do anything.

Back in SMG4: If Mario Was In... Splatoon, Past Meggy splatter Past Mario with her splat gun, saying he was "rekt by an upcoming star". She then ran off, knowing she was late for practice with her teammates as Mario flipped her the bird. Present Meggy then arrived and as she reminiscences her old home, Melony arrived and "prevented" Mario from watching Callie and Marie's broadcast by falling on his head and knocking him out (This would have been what inspired Mario to find a team to enter Splatfest and resolve in him eventually coming to Meggy). Meggy, panicked, kicks the melon away and slapped Mario awake, only for the broadcast to end before he became conscious again. Desperate, Meggy tried to encourage her friend to find an inkling to enter Splatfest. However, Mario was uninterested and left to find food. Meggy attempted to chase after him, only to glitch and fade away to the Internet Graveyard.

Back in Super Mario 64 Bloopers: Account Loss, Mario and Toad were talking about puberty, in poor quality, when someone arrived at the door. Mario went to answer, only to find SMG3 instead. After being mistaken for a hobo and his mother, SMG3 explained his name in order to gain Mario's trust. Present SMG4 arrived and told Mario not to trust SMG3. However, SMG3 told Mario that SMG4 was a personal gym teacher and persuaded him to kick his butt. Convinced, Mario beated SMG4 and kicked him out of the castle, leaving SMG4 shocked.

SMG4 arrived back in the present with a saddened Mario. After being asked where everyone else was by Mario, SMG4 apologized for being unable to save their friends before being sent to the Internet Graveyard.

In SMG4: A Totally Normal S̷͍͖͉̙͚͎̑̃̿͑̆̇̚͠M̸͇͇̦̮̌̿Ğ̴̫̗̖͎͔̳4̶̞͇̰̎̀́̚ Episode, a "normal" day began, when Mario wakes up and is asked by Luigi to go help SMG4. Yet, Luigi began to glitch rapidly, causing Mario confusion and paranoia. As they were magically teleported to SMG4's office, Mario started to feel anxious as the cast was acting strange, with most of them glitching, and ran out to the foyer.

Mario mysteriously finds SMG4 in the foyer, who morphed into SMG3. Saddened and enraged over SMG3's supposed murder of his friends, Mario tried to stop him but was frozen mid-air by SMG3 who used the YouTube Remote. SMG3 walked behind him while telling him that he would spare him.

Mario, who was still stuck in place, suddenly heard and saw visions of Susan and SMG4, who with the rest of the cast were not dead but just sent to the Internet Graveyard, communicating with him via a video call at Starbucks. It was revealed that Susan was the only being that can stop SMG3 from altering the timeline, but was outsmarted by him as he deleted her. With enough power left, Susan freed Mario, with SMG4 giving him a mission to retrieve SMG3's phone that has access to the channel's hacked account to re-upload the debut episodes they appeared in, and provided a portal for Mario to go after SMG3.

Mario later caught up with SMG3, leading to the latter cowardly running away, as the former gave chase. After avoiding the numbers of Oof Buttons trying to kidnap him, Mario finally tackled SMG3 and pickpocketed his phone but was defeated straight away as SMG3 told Weegee Doll earlier to send a horde of Oof Buttons to take Mario away to the Internet Graveyard.

As the gang awaited their Italian friend at Starbucks, Mario landed in the center of the room. As they ask if he received SMG3's phone, Mario continued to lie down and refuse to show his face. Being given the impression that he was grieving, the gang felt that he failed and grew upset. Mario then stood and turned around, smiling, as he revealed the phone in his hand. As his friends smiled, Susan exclaimed it was time to return home as SMG4 used the phone to bring everyone back, and the final battle had begun.

In SMG4: War Of The Fat Italians 2020, SMG4's Gang and Susan came out of warp pipe after re-uploading their respective debut videos. They saw SMG3 and the Anti-Cast doing another video, who shocked upon seeing them, attempted to delete the gang again, only to be stopped by Susan. Susan attempted to take the remote back from SMG3, only to be paused by the remote. SMG3 then pressed a forbidden button that possessed JubJub, revealing the spirit inside the YouTube Remote. It then teleported both the gangs with challenges to declare which was better and was worthy of the channel.

Round 1: Fishy Boopkins vs. Rob the Scarecrow - JubJub Ball

Boopkins refused to do it as he loves JubJub while Rob couldn't because he has no legs so Mario came and kicked Jub Jub to infinity.

Round 9: Mario vs. Luigi Doll - The B.L.J. Contest

Mario and Luigi Doll raced each other through their backward long jump up the stairs in Peach's Castle. However, each travelled so fast that they ended up in space. Mario complained that this had happened to him before.

Round 10: Mario vs. Whimpu - Dating with Bob

Bob was seen dining at a restaurant with Belle, while Mario and Whimpu tried to give lines for Bob to speak during his date. However, Mario and Whimpu ended up fighting, causing Bob to say some lines that trigger Belle. The Garo was subsequently knocked aside by Belle, thinking that she now loved him.

Round 17: Mario vs. JubJub Boopkins - Teletubbie Parkour Course

Mario and Jub Jub participated in an obstacle course set up by the Sun Baby, where the final objective was to obtain the Tubby Custard at the end of the course. However, both quit the competition after seeing the giant Tinky Winky who guarded the Tubby Custard.

Round 19: SMG4 vs. SMG3 - SMG3's Monologue Story

SMG3 offered to present his monologue, but when everyone got bored, he put it in the form of a play. He got Boopkins to come up. As Boopkins awaited to hear his role, SMG3 grabbed him and dangled him over the edge of the building, much to everyone's shock. SMG3 then announced that he didn't want to participate in these challenges anymore, threatening to drop Boopkins to his death if he didn't get the YouTube remote. JubJub simultaneously had an inner conflict as he tried to fight the influence of the remote's spirit, eventually expelling the remote. SMG3 caught the YouTube Remote and left Boopkins on the rooftop, starting the Rap Battle shortly after.

SMG3 prepared to shoot, Mario then knocked back SMG3 but managed to fire at Meggy, she fell down but got right back up a few seconds later and began to sing with her new human voice by having her Inkling voice being translated into English from the American captions through the YouTube Remote.

SMG3 then ate the remote, therefore gaining its power, SMG3 then tried to freeze everyone by pausing them but only managing to hit Whimpu. He summoned some Oof Buttons and sent them after the cast, including his own gang who had already turned against him. As the characters fight the Buttons, SMG3 grabbed SMG4 and prepared to finish him off, only to get hit by JubJub after being kicked by Mario.

Now free, SMG4 jumped onto SMG3 and pummelled the latter into the ground below.

After the battle, SMG3 coughed up the YouTube Remote, giving it to SMG4. SMG4 then used the remote to unfreeze Susan for SMG3 to be finished off. With the remote, Susan summoned an Oof Button to banish SMG3 to the Internet Graveyard as a punishment. SMG4's Gang along with the former Anti-Cast now celebrated their newfound friendship and victory. The team then left the area as Bob announced Rob's party at Steve's Corn Farm, to the latter's delight.


Mario was given an opportunity to resurrect Greg with the help of Meggy, Tari and Bob on Aelion, but since the process was killing Bob, they had to stop and accept they can't interfere with the dead. When Meggy was depressed over not having a passion in life after winning Splatfest, SMG4's Gang tried to help her in many ways. Mario (with some help from Luigi) tried to make her into a good cook. Eventually, Mario and the rest bought Meggy a ticket to Port Aurora so that she could have a vacation and find her calling. Mario was with his friends when they said goodbye to Meggy.

Mystery of SMGs

In SMG4: Perfectly Balanced., Mario was being attacked by a corrupted Morshu. He screamed to SMG4 for help. SMG4 arrived, and Mario was seen held by Morshu, with a noose on his other hand. Both tried defeating Morshu, but nothing was done. As they captured Morshu, two Ugandan Knuckles arrived from the Internet Graveyard. Trying to catch Morshu, they mistakenly took Mario instead, forcing SMG4 to follow them.

At the Internet Graveyard, they were surprised at the realm's rapid civilization. Then, SMG4 looked at a video viewed by some Ugandan Knuckles, believing that SMG3 was up to no good again. Coincidentally, Mario and SMG4 found SMG3's statue on the obelisk of the temple, and went there to meet him. Unfortunately, when they arrived, they were taken to SMG3 by assaulting Ugandan Knuckles, being sent to a Sarlacc pit. They pleaded, until the crane stopped, and SMG3 appeared, directing his prank video, as in the Internet Graveyard, dead trends (like prank videos) are popular. SMG4 then asks about the corrupted dead memes. Mario and SMG4 were then released to talk to SMG3.

SMG3 then sent SMG4 and Mario to deal with Morshu, by telling SMG4 to make him happy. Arriving back at the SMG4 Universe, where Morshu was getting more aggressive, SMG4 managed to make memes out of Morshu, finally making him happy, sending him to the graveyard.

In SMG4 Movie: 10 Year Anniversary Special, SMG4 wanted to celebrate 10 years of his channel after a failed attempt to remake his first video and, after various wacky hijinks gathering the guests - he made a party to celebrate and invited friends, memes, and even his enemies from the past and present, with SMG4 inviting SMG3 and his dead memes as well, despite the latter's warnings. After the party, the dead memes became corrupted, forcing the gang to fight. In spite of their best efforts, they lost, forcing them to barricade in the castle and SMG4, FM, X, SMG3 and Mario were abducted to an abandoned cathedral in the Dark Web.

At the cathedral, SMG4, SMG3 and Mario saw FM and X turned lifeless by the extraterrestrial virus SMG0, and found other lifeless Mario Recolors on the cathedral floor. Desperate, they managed to escape from the cathedral, but Mario was later captured by SMG0.

After giving the plumber visions of his past, SMG0 began to corrupt Mario, causing SMG4 and SMG3's textures to glitch and they shrieked in pain. Fortunately, the gang managed arrived just in time, with SMG1 and SMG2 successfully containing SMG0 in SMG3's Guardian Pod, while also getting sucked in. After the battle, Mario, SMG4 and SMG3's avatar, was freed.

Soon, the Mario Recolors were brought back to life, now living in the established township of Bloopersville. With peace returned, SMG4, along with help from FM and X, decides to form the "Meme Machine" to cleanse the corrupt memes before giving them back to SMG3. SMG4's Gang relaxed on the top of Peach's Castle while reflecting on all that had happened.

In SMG4: Into the Dark Web, SMG4 chronicled the events of his origins and his meetup with SMG0, and he wanted to find their Guardian Pod. He recruited Mario, Bob, Axol and Melony (who became a human), although Axol had to keep her company due to her being easily traumatized. They ventured to Dark Web City to find SMG4's USB, in which they stole a VPN to surf the Dark Web via the Cyber Tunnel. Along the way, onion dumps hijacked the VPN to stop them, in which the boys had to protect Melony, who were safeguarding them by hacking.

At one point, an onion dump scared Melony. As the rest got rid of them, Axol managed to bring back Melony, and she managed to finish the hack, arriving at a ruined bridge where the USB is. They entered with SMG4 as the passcode, and discovered a library. After some searching, an Internet Explorer slowpoke pointed the way into his origins, which was a central command. With Mario's inclever button mashing, SMG4's memories unfolded.

Finally learning of his origins and where SMG1 and SMG2's Guardian Pod was, they celebrated, until they realized they missed someone.

In SMG4: If Mario Was In... Newgrounds, with the tickets they won, Mario and SMG4 travelled to Rio de Janeiro, Brazil to find the Guardian Pod. Passing the Tijuca National Park, they arrive at Corcovado (referred to as Mount Brazil in the episode) and adventures into a hidden cavern within the mountain and did not expect the magic the USB created, with Newgrounds games occupying the cavern.

In Super Meat Boy, the duo stumbled upon a huge cavern with lava underneath, and SMG4 made Mario throw up Super Meat Boy. As SMG4 asked Meat Boy about the USB, all he could point out is his girlfriend Bandage Girl, in which he made through the course at ease. As Mario tried though, the course was rigged with traps, but he and Meat Boy were able to make it, but Mario was thrown into the lava by Meat Boy for accidentally stepping on Bandage Girl.

In Castle Crashers, Mario and SMG4 accidentally landed on Kokoro, killing her. Mario stole her crown and crowned SMG4 queen, in which nearby knights simp for him mistaking him for a girl. To distract them, Mario introduced them to the wonderful world of hentai. The knights use a laptop to search what hentai is, causing the four knights to get excited at the search results, giving the duo enough time to escape.

In The Henry Stickmin Collection, appearing out of a toilet in a prison cell, the duo saw Henry Stickmin escape from his prison. As he was caught, SMG4 helped him by mentally knocking out the guard trying to catch him, until he and Henry were trapped in a cage. As SMG4 pleaded to Mario for help, he could do nothing but eat spaghetti and let him and Henry be obliterated in a missile strike.

In Friday Night Funkin + Minions DLC, as SMG4 lamented that they already did this theme twice, a Minions DLC was added, but Mario and SMG4 walked away as they sing "Chinese gibberish".

In Pico's School, in a crime-ridden Los Angeles suburb, Pico is teaching a class on mathematics, with Mario and SMG4 as students. Pico would lash out and hit his students if they answered wrongly or questioned his teaching, in which Mario and SMG4 fell victim to.

In Super Mario Bros. Z, changing into 16-bit forms of themselves, Mario stumbled upon spaghetti, in which SMG4 knocked it away to not let it distract it. This angered Mario, causing an epic fight among the two. As Mario was about to finish SMG4, the latter reassured him that there is more spaghetti in his house, ending the fight.

In Madness Combat, Tricky the Clown and Hank J. Wimbleton were arguing, and Tricky sent out an army to kill Hank. Soon, the army found SMG4 and Mario, and the duo massacred them, until SMG4 noted the cause of their argument: Tricky accused Hank for stealing his UNO cards for game night, but Tricky had the deck all along, and SMG4 revealed it. SMG4, Mario, Tricky and Hank shared a good laugh as the camera zooms out to show Tricky's massacred army.

In Tankmen, Corporal John Captain was only disgusted by the appearance of Mario and SMG4, who blasted them away with his tank.

In Alien Hominid, in Las Vegas, Nevada, U.S. government forces were trying to kill a dancing alien. Seeing the alien, Mario went out and danced alongside said alien with joy, that was until the alien was shot from a sniper shot from Barack Obama. Remembering the trauma from Greg's death, Mario weeped, until the alien mocked him and went off to Heaven happily.

In The Binding of Isaac, monsters were making fun of Isaac. While SMG4 wished to save Isaac, Mario joined in on the fun and made creepy faces, making Isaac cry even more. Isaac tried to use his tears to attack Mario, but Mario was unaffected. As he ran away from Mario, he found Abaddon in the chest that turned him into The Lamb, so Mario attempted to fight back with whatever he found in the other chest, which was a banana. Obviously, that failed as Isaac plummeted Mario with a hammer.

The duo were now tired and on the verge of giving up, that was until they spotted the USB, in a crater barricaded by barriers set up by the Civil Police of Rio de Janeiro State. They entered the USB, only to find out that the inside was severely damaged due to the fight SMG0, SMG1 and SMG2 were having.

In SMG4: The Other Universe, after entering the USB's wrecked interior, Mario and SMG4 found the console and went through the memories of SMG1 and SMG2.

The memories showed that SMG1 and SMG2 also had an avatar named Spudnick and the recent memory they were in was their recent adventure to find Spudnick's teddy bear and rescue him from a Teddy holding it for hostage. They resume to chase him through the Old Universe until SMG0 appeared in his own Guardian Pod and killed Spudnick, which marked the end of the universe. Upset but listened to SMG1, SMG2 saved all of the Newgrounds characters, but after that, before they could even go into SMG1's Guardian Pod, SMG0 appeared, but SMG1 activated the anti-virus program from SMG0's USB to contain him, but SMG0 managed to escape with one arm and followed SMG1 and SMG2 in the new dimension.

Immediately afterwards it became clear that Mario is very important to their universe, as SMG4 forbid Mario to do anything dangerous that could kill him, because otherwise Mario would endanger the universe. Naturally, Mario didn't care and only cares that he's technically SMG4's "papa". The two of them then left SMG1's Guardian Pod and made their way home.

In SMG4: The Day HE Arrived., at Peach's Castle, where Mario was playing Mario Sits On The Couch 3. SMG4 heard a knock on the door and found clones of Shrek outside. Initially blaming Mario, the plumber later cleared his name by telling SMG4 he was travelling to find Axol's missing tip for Inkweaver a week ago. Suspecting Axol, they traveled to New Donk City to interrogate him. Unfortunately, he was left with insufficient evidence.

Later, a Shrek kidnapped Mario, forcing SMG4 and Axol to give chase, eventually ending up where SMG0's USB was. Soon, SMG4 was taken to open the USB hatch, where the eye of SMG0 attempted to go in when Mario, found unhurt, destroyed it. However, that did not stop SMG0 to assault them, as he tried to capture Mario to kill him. Thankfully, Mario was saved by Axol (by tying a strand of rope on SMG4 and tied it to a car which he accelerated). As SMG0 went on another round to capture Mario, SMG4 pushed him out of the way, making SMG0 capturing Axol instead.

While Mario and SMG4 tried to break Axol out of the USB, SMG0 thru Axol out unconscious, and the USB flew to the castle. Back at the castle, Axol was left to recuperate in the infirmary, where Mario called out Melony to find SMG0's USB floating near the castle. As the rest of the gang remain, mouths agape, "Axol" appeared recovered, and denied the previous events that happened.

In SMG4: Doomsday but Mario is Okay, SMG4 had the Mushroom Kingdom Armed Forces to get rid of SMG0's Guardian Pod, with Swag and Chris using a mini-nuclear bomb to destroy it as SMG4 and the gang hid in a doomsday bunker. SMG4 gave the gang the utmost rule to never leave the bunker, as they may be exposed to outside radiation within the castle area. Swag then pressed the detonator, but the bomb did not go off as planned.

As the gang waited for the explosion for so long, they realized that there was no food prepared (as SMG4 told them to bring their own food), all that Meggy (who had returned from Port Aurora in SMG4: She's Back!) and Mario could find (that they were willing to eat as the vegetable ramen was disgusting according to Meggy) was Boopkins' chocolate bar, leading them to fight, until Saiko had to stop them and gave them a time out.

Mario had enough and started a riot within the bunker. Mario then barged into the toilet to urinate, and found binary digits within the toilet bowl, and screamed in terror as it intensified before somehow disappearing. Mario could be heard screaming when falling from the toilet bowl.

In SMG4: Mario and The Backrooms, Mario woke up and found himself falling out of the world, and ended up in some backrooms, with no form of contact available. Trying to investigate, Mario stumbled upon a creature and ran. When the creature cornered him, he attacked it by throwing a shoe, and the creature was revealed to be SMG4, who was dragged down the toilet in when he and the gang were searching Mario in the bunker.

They decided to find an exit, where they both stumbled upon a ? block. Hitting the question block, they found a corrupted Goomba and gave chase to it. As they caught up to it, the Goomba told them to not go any further before disappearing. Stumbling across a door, they found what it appeared to be a birthday party, with the hats of Mario and the SMGs (except SMG0's since he didn't have a hat) as presents. The room then glitched, spawning the messages "GO BACK", so the duo hurried themselves to the exit, leading to another set of backrooms, where they met SMG3, who too got here in the same scenario as them but from the Internet Graveyard. Then, a monster named SCP-682 showed up, causing them to run and find an elevator that led to the exit.

The three ended up in the cathedral in the Dark Web, where they saw Axol near SMG3's Guardian Pod, and he was acting weird, switching personalities. As the real Axol warned SMG4 to escape (and told him he was the one who left the messages in the backrooms), he mutated into Stage 2 of Eldritch Axol, the SMG0-possessed Axol, who hurled SMG4 to open the USB that sucked the 2 SMGs and Mario into it.

In SMG4: MARIOS OKAY MARIOS OKAY MARIOS OKAY MARIOS OKAY MARIOS OKAY MARIOS OKAY MARIOS OKAY, Mario, SMG4 and SMG3 found themselves inside SMG3's USB, although they had no idea where they were. Trying to find the exit, SMG0's eyes were constantly heckling them into madness, until they fell into a reality where the law of space and time does not apply. Fearing the end, it wasn't until a blue cube and a yellow sphere came to life and led them to the exit.

Finding their way out, they spotted Morshu. Making SMG4 and SMG3 hold hands, he transformed into meme energy that transformed the cube and the sphere into SMG1 and SMG2's head, both survived. SMG2 then explained the purpose of the SMGs, who's job is to protect the life cycle of memes, as memes are the life energy of their universes, and its energy can be redirected by SMGs. To exit, SMG4 and SMG3 hesitantly held their hands together to transmute meme energy to build a bridge that led them to an exit on a floating island.

Finally free from SMG0's mind torture simulation, SMG1 directed SMG4 and SMG3 to transmute the meme energy out of the USB's reactor core, which will be enough energy to escape the USB, since the only entryway is locked. They transmute the energy to Mario to break free from the USB by enlarging him. However, SMG1 had oversighted his calculation, where the unbalance of energy made Mario's enlargement going rogue because SMG4 and SMG3 lacked the training to control their energy.

Still, they were able to escape, but Mario was left floating near the now rebuilt castle. The other USBs are seen floating around the castle, where Eldritch Axol was waiting for them.

In SMG4: The Final Piece, Eldritch Axol had gathered all of the Guardian Pods to finally complete his plans, which was to create a new avatar for himself. He was about to complete his plans, by using the power of the Guardian Pods to suck the life out of Mario, similar to what he did with Spudnick. However, the rest of the gang, apparently searching for Axol, Mario and SMG4, intervened, and they fought Eldritch Axol back, who exposed into a figure that resembled SMG0's true self, releasing Mario from captivity. As they fought SMG0, SMG2 ordered SMG4 and SMG3 to hide Mario. Meanwhile, Eldritch Axol fended off the gang, and went into the castle to find Mario.

As SMG4 trying to hid Mario somewhere, Eldritch Axol barged in and was breaking down every single door in the castle, forcing him to think of a plan. However, SMG4 tricked Eldritch Axol into thinking he got Mario, but instead he was shot by SMG3.

Using the power of the Guardian Pods and Mario as the avatar of this universe, Eldritch Axol created a portal to extract the universe's meme energy, to act out his ultimate plan: a new universe with his own avatar, albeit at the expense of the other universes, as he wanted back the nice and peaceful life that he used to have. As the gang protested, he touched the crystal sealing Mario, and dropped into the moat, emerging as an enlarged, giant form, thus beginning the final battle to save their universe and everyone in it.

In SMG4: War Of The Fat Italians 2021, SMG1 and SMG2 distracted Eldritch Axol in order for the gang to follow Mario's crystal through the portal. After that, The gang, as well as SMG3, went into the cannon and dived through the portal. As they make their way to the end of the portal another appeared created by Mario's crystal to stop the gang. It then swallowed SMG4 and he met Mario clone, then the challenge began.

Who can open a bag of chips? (SMG4 vs Mario clone)

Mario clone struggled to open a bag of Doritos using varied weapons, vehicles and tools where SMG4 easily opened his bag of chips, causing the Mario clone to disappear and spit SMG4 out for him to explain that in order to reach the end of the portal they have to complete the challenges set up by the crystal so that they could make it and save Mario.

Who can steal a chicken from Steve? (Bob vs Mario clone)

Mario Clone makes a up a fake broadcast of chickens having a terrible disease but unfortunately (for Mario clone) Steve loved the chicken too much.

Who can do the best impression of Luigi? (Luigi vs Mario clone)

At a contest many people tried to do a very good Luigi impression but Mario clone won it causing Luigi to admit that Mario clone did have a good impression of him.

Who can wake up Melony? (Meggy vs Mario clone)

Mario clone and Meggy tried various ways to wake up Melony with no success which eventually lead to Earth being blown up after Meggy tried playing Mario Ear Rape on loudspeakers.

Who can survive 5 minutes on Twitter without being canceled? (Bob vs Mario clone)

Mario and Bob had a conversation. It seemed that it was going well until Bob makes a comment on "So Asian people right?" causing many people to be offended thinking he is racist and attack him.

Who can get Mr. Hall Monitor to commit a crime? (Saiko vs Mario clone)

Mario clone tried disguising himself as Hal Monitor's father in a police car to trick him which failed causing Mr. Monitor jumped out of the car and Mario clone to fall off a cliff.

Who can last the longest on the internet before running into NSFW (Tari vs Mario clone)

Mario clone successfully avoided it while searching Boobies until he accidentally searched up Super Mario and saw crappy drawings of porn involving Mario scaring him as well.

Who can post Eggman's nudes the fastest? (Melony vs Mario clone)

Melony and Mario clone chased down Eggman to take nude photos of him.

Who can beat Saiko in a game of Guitar Hero? (SMG4 vs Mario clone)

Saiko played so well that she got 2 million points. Mario clone just sat there playing a regular guitar.

Who can go the longest being nice to Luigi? (Boopkins vs Mario clone)

Luigi presented his mint condition Digimon collection to Mario clone and Boopkins. Boopkins complimented him nicely, but Mario clone asked Luigi that is he was gay, giving Boopkins the chance of winning.

Who can beat Belle in speedrunning? (Luigi vs Mario clone)

Belle let Mario clone and Luigi choose what games they could compete with her in. Mario clone challenged her to a game of Minecraft, only to be defeated in the first few seconds.

Who can nut the hardest? (SMG3 vs Mario clone)

SMG3 and Mario pressed the nut button as hard as they can until Mario clone won at the end causing SMG3 to be upset on losing.

Who can make the strongest internet password? (Melony vs Mario clone)

Mario clone entered a password involving random letters, numbers and symbols.

Who can last the longer in hide and seek? In IKEA (Tari vs Mario clone)

Tari and Mario clone died and was reduced to skeletons for hiding for 84 years with Old Man Hobo still looking for them and getting their names wrong.

Who can beat Sonic in a race (By any means necessary)? (SMG4 vs Mario clone)

When it was Mario clone's turn, he cheated the race by shooting Sonic's legs and forced him into a wheelchair.

Acquire Discord Mod (Bob vs Mario clone)

Mario clone begged for mod over and over but was rejected. He used drastic measures to say he was "commit unlive" and was gonna die if he didn't get any because of mod which resulted in him being banned from the server.

After completing the challenges the gang found Mario's crystal. Then they briefly see SMG0's true form. Mario clone started to become larger and soon became Mari0. As they panicked, Melony stood up and told the gang to fight. During the rap battle, SMG3 came up with the idea to free Mario from the crystal using Mari0. He and SMG4 held hands to allow Mario to absorb all of the memes to become powerful enough to grab Eldritch Axol which gave Melony enough leverage to go into his brain.

Melony pierced through Eldritch Axol, putting an end to his malevolent plans. When Meggy went up to Melony to congratulate her, she broke down crying over Axol's death.

A few days later, SMG4's Gang came to Axol's apartment in New Donk City to console Melony, noting that Axol had contributed a lot to their cause. Just as they were talking, SMG1 and SMG2 appeared to inform them that with the new universe closed and the memes restored, they had to hide the USBs to prevent any sort of thing happening again, and then telling SMG4 and SMG3 about the meaning of SMG, which was Super Meme Guardian. After SMG1 and SMG2 left, the gang then gave their suggestions to Melony about the ideas for the conclusion of Two Piece.


Mario's appearance

Mario is a (possibly) 37 or 38 year old Italian human. Mario has fair skin, is short and stocky in stature, and is a bit portly. He has bright blue eyes, a big nose and a thick dark-brown mustache with six bumps. Mario has short brown hair with two sideburns, three large bangs pointing upwards, four short bangs point upward the back of his neck and a sprout-shaped cowlick.

He wears a red shirt and blue overalls with yellow buttons. He wears a red cap that has the "M" symbol for his name and wears white gloves and brown shoes.


Mario before getting zapped by SMG4's Guardian Pod.

Mario's eyes crossed outward, signalling his moments of stupidity.

Prior to getting zapped by SMG4's Guardian Pod in SMG4: SMG4's Origins, Mario was just like he is in the mainstream Super Mario series; a friendly plumber who helped anyone in need, devoting most of his time to rescuing Princess Peach of the Mushroom Kingdom, and participated in sports matches, kart races, and "partied" often (which are all activities that he still does today, albeit in more crazy ways). However, after he was zapped, his personality changed completely. This made him a lazy, mischievous, foul-mouthed, reckless, idiotic, and occasionally selfish man-child.

While he truly cares for his friends and family, he seems to care more about only himself and his favorite dish spaghetti, which he is addicted to and refers to it as his girlfriend or wife, and would trade anything (including SMG4's YouTube Account) for it. This addiction went so far that he actually stole spaghetti from other people and almost never shares it with anyone (except for Meggy Spletzer in a rare instance). In fact, the mere thought of losing spaghetti will either drive him insane, make him cry in frustration and even commit suicide (which fails due to him always having extra lives).

Mario's extreme laziness has made him a hater of socializing (though it was temporary) and exercising. He also sometimes refuses to help his friends, family, and other people, even in life-or-world-threatening situations unless convinced, blackmailed, or threatened, making him somewhat of a sociopath with little empathy and patience for others. An example of this is in SM64 Bloopers: Shy Guy Showdown, where he flat-out admitted he did not care if the Mushroom Kingdom was going to be taken over by the Shy Guys, only stopping the takeover out of instinct and the fact that the Shy Guys would destroy the Kingdom's spaghetti supply. Another example is in SM64: Bad Star's Back! 300k Special, where he refused to stop the Ztar from causing chaos in Mushroom City, despite the Ztar's genocidal tendencies. The opposite has occasionally occurred, such as in SMG4: If Mario Was In The Sonic Movie, where he happily agreed to help Sonic avoid getting captured by the government.

Mario is also a rather cruel prankster, as shown in SMG4: The Demon Among Us where he ruthlessly pranked Shroomy in a flashback. The Anti-Shroomy personality did not take these pranks well, claiming it was all the more reason to kill Mario and the others. He is sometimes shown to be just as cowardly as Luigi, usually trying to back down from fights from powerful opponents.

Mario giving the middle finger to a Bob-omb, showcasing his rude behavior.

Mario is also very disrespectful and disobedient. He constantly does things that other people tell him not to (such as touching the painting leading to the Bootleg Dimension in SM64: THE BOOTLEG DIMENSION) which often causes problems for his friends and sometimes the world, though this behavior might be attributed to curiosity. According to a poster (fittingly called "Why Mario Sucks" due to the club's nature) in Mario and the SECRET CLUB, he always eats all the food in Peach's Castle and often never takes a bath when asked, further showing his disrespectful ways.

Mario's short temper usually leads him to become destructive.

He is also very short-tempered, capable of getting annoyed easily, and always lashes out at people (including his own brother Luigi) when he reaches his breaking point, which also leads to his infamous quote "MAMA F*CKER!". Mario is also a sore loser, and can be very demanding and also spoiled.

Mario's idiotic moments often involve him being naked.

His biggest flaw though is his IMMENSE stupidity and lack of common sense, something to which even he admits, although he sometimes calls himself "smart". Though not as dumb as the likes of Frankie or Bob, Mario apparently did not know what was 1+1 or any number past 10 (aside from 1 million) until Baldi taught him math and had also forgotten how to type or how to count despite having been able to do so in earlier episodes. This also leads to him having short-term memory loss, constantly forgetting vital information (which is best shown in the Genesis Arc, which got in SMG4's nerves). This idiocy annoyed and even downright angered his friends (except for Meggy, who finds it incredibly hilarious), especially SMG4 and Toad, and they often mocked him, berated him for his foolish decisions, and even getting physical on him (sometimes subjecting him to brutal and unfair punishment), as well as insulting him with surprisingly harsh and homophobic slurs (such as “moron”, “dumbass”, and “retard”). His stupidity appears to have gotten worse in Season 12, where Mario almost consistently behaves with the mentality of a five year old. In SMG4: Mario Waits For The Bus, he screamed at the top of his lungs after Meggy took away the phone he borrowed from her, which causes the normally tolerant Meggy to almost leave (even calling him an idiot not worth helping), and in SMG4: Mario's Bus Trip, despite Shroomy's attempt to remind him, he doesn't remember that he needs to piss until it's too late, causing him to be extremely impatient and crashing the bus just so that he can pee.

Mario’s stupidity has led to the Grand Mario Hotel greatly declining in quality, Nintendo to go into bankruptcy by using its money to buy food, unintentionally made Gabe Newell destroy his restaurant, the creation of some of SMG4's Gang's worst enemies, such as Roprinplup14, and a select few people to lose their minds to the edge of insanity (it is also shown in Super Mario 64 Bloopers: Plumber Academy for Idiots that he skipped 3 years of plumbing school and missed Kindergarten, forcing him to take them both all over again). Almost all of this led to Mario being brutally punished (due to some SMG4 characters being extremely vengeful and seeing violence and sometimes even murder as the only way to teach somebody a lesson), including being beaten to a pulp, burned to a crisp, crushed, blasted, shot, blown up, etc. As a result of this idiocy, many people tend to underestimate Mario and see him as worthless and useless, leaving it to the plumber to prove them wrong.

He appears to have Attention Deficit Disorder (which makes him incapable of listening or focusing on the task at hand), a few sociopathic tendencies (which relates to his occasional lack of empathy, as seen above, though he seems to be dropping this) Intermittent Explosive Disorder, and Bipolar Disorder (both of which are related to his extremely short temper).

Mario figures out that he and Yoshi would fall all the way down to Bowser's bouncy castle from space.

Although normally being unintelligent, Mario shows signs of being much smarter than he seems. Mario's first notable moment of intelligence was in SMG4: Stupid Mario World, where he was able to figure out that he and Yoshi would fall all the way down to Bowser's bouncy castle from space. In SMG4: If Mario was in... Fall Guys, when he finds himself unable to walk without slipping due to the floor being covered in ink, he uses an Inkling to skate back to the non-ink covered areas of the floor. In SMG4: If Mario Was AMONG US..., Mario used a green pillow as a decoy for the Green Crewmate to trick Xenomorph disguised as the Brown Impostor from being deprived from his gun. In recent episodes, Mario's stupidity seems to have completely disappeared, such as in SMG4: If Mario Moves, He Dies, where his intelligent side is more prominent: he relied on intelligence instead of his usual violence to solve his problems, such as when he was underwater, he extended his nose so that it would reach ground level for him to breathe. However, he seems to have gone back to his idiotic ways in SMG4: If Mario Was In... Nickelodeon, where he unintentionally destroyed the world by wishing for a giant plate of spaghetti and burning Dora's Grandma's house in search of food. Despite this, in said episode, he also used his intelligent side by asking Peppa Pig if she wanted to see how to make a portal to the netherworld in Minecraft, which allowed him to escape, and he also dressed Squidward in his clothes to trick Mr. Krabs and Spongebob into attacking him instead of Mario, and in SMG4: If Mario Was In.... SQUID GAME, Mario quickly spat out his unfinished dalgona piece to distract Meggy, and then got the upper hand by shooting her from behind while she was running away in sheer horror. The biggest example of him being logical and smart was in SMG4: The Super Mario Stupid Show, where he correctly theorized that SMG4 went insane to try and get millions of viewers.

The cruelest side of him is shown in SMG4: Mario Gets【Woke】 when he acquired the YouTube Remote that Susan Wojcicki dropped. Mario completely abused the device on everyone; friends, family citizens, all without regretting what happened to them, (including getting an electric eel biting Luigi's crotch and sending Axol into the Internet Graveyard which he then quipped that "nothing of value was lost"). Even after the remote broke, causing time to stop, Mario continued to torture characters like they were playthings.

Mario is also shown to go mad with power, as seen in SMG4: Mario The Supreme Leader where he turned the Mushroom Kingdom Government into a fascist government, which cost the lives of many citizens. However, he seems to have had a change of heart with this trait, no longer acting as cruelly as he did in said episode even when he reaches a certain degree of power.

He has a huge tendency to not take nearly anything seriously (unless it's something trivial, or only something he cares about). Even after learning that he is an avatar in SMG4: The Other Universe whose death would doom his entire universe, it seems that the only thing that he cares about is that he's technically SMG4's "papa", and thus made multiple unfunny jokes that only enrage SMG4.

Due to all the negative traits listed above, he is often seen as a mostly horrible, and sometimes almost irredeemably malicious jerk in some older videos, and only a few rare times in more recent episodes, though that is not truly the case. This led to SMG4 and friends briefly creating an entire club dedicated to hating and demonizing him. Additionally, Mario's stupidity and terrible reputation led to several members of the Kingdom absolutely despising him and wishing him to die.

Mario comforting Meggy, showing his sweet side.

However, despite his amazing flaws, Mario is still shown to have a speck of his canon personality from the Mario series. He can be very good-hearted, helpful, and kind, and does indeed care about his friends and family, despite what the above paragraph says. This is prominently shown in SMG4: If Mario was in... Fall Guys, where after learning about the truth behind Ernie's actions, his ultimate goal was to take the crown and return it to it's rightful owner King Bert to stop Ernie from his evil actions rather than giving it to Peach, who wanted the crown for her own selfish reasons. Mario could have easily used the crown for himself and acted as he did in SMG4: Mario The Supreme Leader, as with it on, he was able to command many Fall Guys to attack Ernie but did the right thing in the end. Another example of this is shown with Luigi, who despite normally being abused and insulted by him, Mario time-traveled to prevent himself from accidentally killing Luigi during a kart race, comforted Meggy when she first lost the Splatfest and was in utter distress when both of them were turned into T-Pose Zombies during The Waluigi Arc. During The Anime Arc, he was extremely desperate to find and save Meggy when she was abducted by Mario's former Anime Cartel boss Francis to extract her ink. At the end of the arc, Mario reveals that he is self-aware that his life has spiraled out of control, but nonetheless, he still cares about his friends. In The YouTube Arc, his closest friends were seemingly erased by SMG3, leaving the red plumber horrified, distraught, and alone. In SMG4: If Mario Was In... Nickelodeon, he wished for a pet axolotl for Melony to remind her of Axol and comfort her about his loss. He is shown to have a more kind side in both Super Mario 64 Bloopers: My Best Friend Slenderman and SMG4: Mario Vs Siren Head, where he was the only one to be nice to both Slenderman and Siren Head, and tried to make them fit in the world . In the former, Mario even scolded other people for being afraid of Slenderman. In Seasons 4 and 5, he was portrayed as far more competent and likable than his earlier and later appearances, but ever since the debut of Meggy, and to a lesser extent, Tari, his compassionate side became more prominent, and his sociopathic tendencies lowered down.

In Super Mario 64 Bloopers: Smart(ass) Mario and SMG4: If Mario Was Smart, both of which had Mario becoming smart, he displayed a different personality. In the former, he unintentionally mistreated everyone in the castle due to him forgetting their identities, and even lost his love for spaghetti. In the latter, Mario used his intelligence to help his friends with their problems, and was much kinder and polite to them than in general. However, his spaghetti addiction still remained, and eventually began to hate his friends for treating him like junk for his former idiocy, which resulted in him trying to steal all the spaghetti in the world. At the end of the episode, he begged the others not to turn him into his old dumb self, believing he would lose any meaning to life.

In SMG4 Christmas 2019: Mario Alone, he was shown to go through a deep depression whenever he feels lonely, to the point where he made crude dolls of his friends.

SMG4: Uncanny Mr Mario reveals that if Mario ever discovered that his whole life was just a simulation and that everyone he knew was fake, he would become uncharacteristically depressed and will commit suicide.

Mario's Smash Or Pass: All Mario Characters reveals Mario has a fetish for being sat on and crushed, stating it's his favoured way to die and he has an extreme aversion to sharp teeth and spikes (and Spikes for that matter).

Criminal Record

Throughout his misadventures, Mario has often broken the law in some episodes, either accidentally, out of stupidity, or for a good reason.

Click on "Show Criminal Record" to see a list of his crimes.

NOTE: Not necessarily in chronological order.

  • Assault and murder: Due to his short temper, Mario has assaulted and killed many people when they annoyed him, the most recent example being in SMG4: Mario Gets Stuck On An Island, where he assaulted and threw an airline pilot out of a plane for insulting him. His stupidity can also cause him to kill, like at the end of SMG4: If Mario Was AMONG US..., is which he thought that Green Crewmate was his brother Luigi which caused him to think that the real Luigi was an imposter, leading to his death. Even in some instances that he was charged, he was nevertheless set free due to his mental state. Also, he threw Meggy into a gorge in Mario Reacts To Nintendo Memes and he managed to get the entire SMG4 gang killed in the Circle Challenge in What If Mario Had $10,000,000?
  • Aircraft Hijacking: Of course on episodes Super Mario 64 Bloopers: Super Happy Magical Fun Fun Island, SMG4: Mario Gets Stuck On An Island and SMG4: If Mario Was In Animal Crossing, Mario hijacked two planes by going through the cockpit and kill for those who were in there (mainly the Captain and the First Officer) only when one of the flight attendants ran out of spaghetti or when they (including the captain) never heard about it (likely referring to the 9/11 attacks).
  • Torture: In R64: We're going on a Luigi hunt, he tortured Luigi ruthlessly with a trash-talking parrot and a pole-dancing chicken due to the latter owing him money, but not paying it. He also forced his friends (including Toad, who wasn’t his friend) to participate in Jackass stunts in SMG4: The Mario Channel - Mario's Jackass.
  • Animal theft and abuse: In SMG4: Mario Preschool, he stole animals from a farm to teach preschoolers about what sounds animals make, and kicked a cow. More recently, he is infamous for throwing baby penguins off cliffs and kicking JubJub Boopkins for nothing more than cruelty and amusement. He also killed Mufasa of The Lion King by pushing him out of a cliff with a Gust Bellow while promoting social distancing in SMG4: Mario The Supreme Leader.
  • Accidental bank robbery: In Super Mario 64 Bloopers: Party Rock Prisoners, he accidentally stole money from the bank while being drunk.
  • Using confiscated things and hijacking: After spaghetti was banned from the Mushroom Kingdom in Spaghetti Law, Mario and SMG4 tried to bring it back by hijacking a truck filled with the dish. He also used anime paraphernalia to keep the Anime Secret Service Agents off of him in SMG4: Mario's Illegal Operation.
  • Destroying companies: While showing a Big Chungus how to make good video games in SMG4: Mario's Big Chungus Hunt, Mario proceeded to dismantle Nintendo, Microsoft and Sony, the three biggest video game companies, by killing Shigeru Miyamoto and Master Hand, shooting down Microsoft HQ, and slapping all of Sony's employees and security guards, all as an example.
  • Public nudity: Mario has stripped down in public many times. One such case was in Mario Simulator Interactive! (500k Subscribers) if the player chose to have him persuade the cop. It was also implied in R64: A Theatre Mario, that he is a prostitute, someone who engages in sexual activities for payment (yes, it's true, it's all said in his membership card).
  • Framing: Mario constantly frames people (mainly Luigi) for things that he does just to save his own skin from a beatdown. An example was in a flashback to SMG4: Detective Mario & Pikachu, where he framed SMG4 for murder and made up a terrible excuse that he did it for winning a Super Smash Bros. match (he later used the same excuse at the end of the video when interrogated by Detective Pikachu as to why he stole Bowser's statue, causing the latter to throw him in lava and burn him alive in retribution).
  • Reckless driving: Mario sometimes is very bad at driving, which leads to him accidentally causing chaos and killing people. The most recent example was in SMG4: Mario's Prison Escape, where he ran over and possibly killed a citizen with his kart.
  • Sexual harassment: He sexually harassed everyone in the Mushroom Kingdom by touching their butts in The Mario Channel: MARIOBUSTERS. This aggravated SMG4 and many others to no end. He also threatened for Playtime, who is a minor, to "suck [his] pingas" in SMG4: If Mario was in... Baldi's Basics.
  • Rampaging: In SMG4: Super Challenge 64, he had a challenge where he had to walk backward for 24 hours. While he did the challenge though, he unknowingly destroyed everything behind him and endangered people, which led to the Police assuming him insane and trying to arrest him. In the end, the entire military is called to kill him, and they end up nuking Mushroom City.
  • Kidnapping: In SMG4: The Mario Café, he stole Yoshi's daughter without a second thought. He also did this to SMG4 in SMG4: Mario's Illegal Operation. In SMG4: What If Mario Had $10,000,000? He used Pikachu to power his car.
  • Illegal smuggling: Mario done this so many times that it was revealed on SM64 Bloopers: Can the Villager come out to play? and SM64 Bloopers: The Hangover (when drugged Toadsworth with an illegal spaghetti contraband). One most famous example is on SMG4: Mario's Illegal Operation, he along with Fishy Boopkins, became the newest member of the Anime Cartel, a criminal organization that smuggled anime into the Mushroom Kingdom after its banning. After Peach lifted the ban, Mario's charges were probably dropped.
  • Speeding: In Mario Simulator Interactive! (500k Subscribers), he could choose to ride a kart in order to catch up to Bowser, but ended up going so fast that a cop pulled him over and prepared to arrest him. The player then can choose to have him continue driving, but if he/she ended up making him stop, the cop will arrest him. Mario had also done this in other episodes, causing the Police to chase after him.
  • Extortion: On some occasions, Mario threatens to hurt people if they don't do what he says. The most infamous case was in Super Mario 64 Bloopers: Youtube Mario? where he threatened to murder SMG4's family if the latter did not give him a shout-out on YouTube. The most recent example was in SMG4: Mario Waits in Line For Some Spaghetti where he threatened to blow up the Slowpoke in charge of bank withdrawal if the latter did not give him his spaghetti (the Slowpoke initially refused to give it when Mario gave him a fake card).
  • Trespassing: In SMG4: Mario's Dangerous Delivery and SMG4: Mario School Club, Mario trespassed into a police station and a school respectively, to do a specific action (in the former, he attempted to break Frankie out of jail due to Frankie being accused of orchestrating a car crash, and in the latter, he and SMG4's Gang attempted different clubs). He did the same in SMG4: Mario Goes to the Fridge to Get a Glass Of Milk.
  • Tax fraud: In SMG4: Mario Commits Tax Fraud, Mario, not knowing how to pay taxes, committed fraud by writing down in the tax paper that he and Luigi made one coin. This made Hal Monitor break into the Mario's House and arrest him. His charges were dropped for helping Mr. Monitor taking down the Grand Council of Tax Fraud.
  • Child abuse: In SMG4: If Mario was in... Baldi's Basics, he threw Playtime at a trash can. There was also a running gag starting from SMG4: The E G G that involved Mario yelling the phrase "KICK THE BABY!" before kicking JubJub with extreme force.
  • Arson: In The (TOTALLY ACCURATE) Documentary of Mario, he burned down his whole school to the ground due to how he was acting insane. However, the documentary is unlikely to be canon; he also done this to Peach's Castle so many times (when cooking spaghetti on his own is involved).
  • Resisting arrest: As seen in Mario Simulator Interactive! (500k Subscribers) and SMG4: Mario's Prison Escape, Mario has resisted arrest multiple times.
  • Unlicensed dentistry: In SMG4: Mario goes to the Dentist..., he pretended to be a dentist after killing his old dentist.
  • Abuse of power: When Mario became King in SMG4: Mario The Supreme Leader, he executed more authoritarian tendencies as his rule goes on. He was never charged as he had legal immunity as Supreme Leader (likely causing everyone to riot and commit sedition).
  • Attempted bribery: In SMG4: Mario's Dangerous Delivery, Mario attempted to bribe a police officer with unusual items in order to bail Frankie out. He evaded the police when he busted Frankie out of jail and was never charged.
  • Defenestration: Mario do this so many times (mainly objects and Luigi), he also done this to both Peach (bumping her into to the bridge of the castle) & Meggy on Mario Reacts To Nintendo Memes throwing her of to the gorge from Super Smash Bros. after reacting to both the "Headshots are Useful after all" meme and the "Towering Heights Glitch" meme. (This includes SMG4 and Toad because of how stupid he was in various episodes, especially in the future).
  • Contract killing and causing a gang war: On Mario Reacts To Nintendo Memes 2, he showed up a GTA SA version of Splatoon 3 on his causing both Big Smoke & CJ to assault Meggy during her college class, resulting to a gang war against her.
  • Battery: In SMG4: If Mario Was In... ROBLOX, when Mario landed in the world of Roblox, he crash-landed upon and accidentally killed a player, landing on her face.
  • Various other offences: During his appearances Mario committed multiple crimes, and he thought about it to be justified.

Powers and Abilities

You do not mess with the Mario...

—Mario, SMG4: If Mario Was In... Anime

When Mario wants to, he can be very powerful and is not to messed with.

Although initially not appearing quite strong at first sight, Mario is actually very powerful, being capable of destroying the entire world. However, he rarely shows his true power levels, which is why he has easily been beaten up by a number of powerful characters. A notable exception was in Mario Plays: Five Nights At Freddy's, where, after he became enraged, he easily killed all the characters in the game with no effort. He can easily be considered the most powerful character in the SMG4 series despite not often showing it, but will when he wants to (however, the official tier list shows him to be in the B tier, among the third most powerful characters in SMG4).


Although Mario's abilities and physical strength throughout the SMG4 series greatly vary and are inconsistent (primarily depicting him as one of the strongest characters in the older videos but often portrays him as almost useless in most of the newer videos, although the opposite is occasionally true). This is a list of abilities he has shown.

  • Multiple Lives: While not commonly addressed, Mario's unexplained recoveries from seemingly fatal injuries are sometimes justified by the fact that he has extra lives. It's unknown how Mario comes back after losing all of his lives.
  • Superhuman strength: Mario is one of, if not, the physically strongest SMG4 character in existence. Mario has been strong enough to punch and throw people from several feet away to miles away in the sky. This also includes striking people through doors, concrete walls, or other sorts of barriers or objects. He once, with a single punch, shattered a large window made of wire mesh glass in SM64 Bloopers: Luigi Labyrinth. He is able to casually lift and throw Bowser, who weighs over 1.428 tons. He casually uprooted the tree Meggy Spletzer was building a treehouse on in SMG4: There's Something Up With Meggy... He also punched a pilot straight through the window and down to the ground in Super Mario 64 Bloopers: Super Happy Magical Fun Fun Island, and is even able to lift King Bob-omb (calculated to weigh 30 tons). He can also rip out a control panel of a train and even throw a weight-lift into the sky, taking out a commercial passenger-jet. After launching Fishy Boopkins in the sky, he ended up making a plane crash into Professor E. Gadd's workshop. He's also supposed to have the same strength as he is in the games, where he can lift and punt entire castles that weights at least 61 million tons (meaning that his foot alone is 231 times more powerful than the atomic bomb that dropped on Hiroshima), break thousands of bricks with his bare hands, throw a baseball so fast it ignites the air, lift a neutron star worth 750 septillion tons and break asteroids easily. In SMG4: Super Challenge 64, once his path of backward sprinting started, he could not be stopped. He rammed & destroyed oncoming vehicles, went straight through concrete walls, heavily destroying small buildings, and managed to easily trample Son Goku and Shaggy Rogers two of whom are very powerful characters. He once defeated the Mario Head with a single jumping upwards fist strike, sending it into the clouds.
  • Superhuman Speed: Mario is usually very slow, but there are instances where he shows he had the capability of superhuman speed. There are many instances throughout the SMG4 series where Mario manages to run fast enough to keep up with or escape moving vehicles, such as in SMG4: Mario's Big Chungus Hunt, where he was outrunning a Tank before the tank's operator stopped him by firing an armor-piercing shell directly at him. Mario was able to outrun many police cruisers in a high-speed chase running backward in SMG4: Super Challenge 64. Mario's top speed is extremely vague and varies a lot from episode to another, but scaling him to his mainstream self would make him just as fast, if not faster, than his rival Sonic the Hedgehog, as he's shown to be massively faster than light at many occasions, and broke several times the barrier of time and speed itself, his Backwards Long Jump technique increases his speed drastically.
  • Superhuman Reflexes: There were many instances throughout the SMG4 series where he was able to dodge bullets. He once casually dodged shotgun rounds the instant they were inches away from landing on him. Scaling him makes him faster than any other character in the SMG4 Universe, as shown many times, including dodging lasers, piloting MFTL objects, and reacting faster than time itself.
  • Superhuman Durability: Over the years, Mario has survived nearly everything thrown at him, from falling from great heights, falling from orbit, gunfire, explosions (greatly ranging in magnitude), getting attacked by Bowser, getting crushed, physical blows from SMG4 (about as strong as him), to car & plane crashes, all barely fazed. He even survived being utterly beaten by a Super Saiyan 3 Steve and taking a direct hit from his Kamehameha. In SMG4: Mario and the Experiment, Mario was clinging to the face of Godzilla when Joe Boopkins threw a Jotaro-style flurry of punches onto Godzilla; Mario survived the pummeling while Godzilla was sent flying and dissipated from damage. It should be noted that Joe is strong enough to obliterate a large pirate ship with one swing of his giant tentacle. In SMG4: Super Challenge 64 Mario is seemingly unhurt, and even un bothered after the Mushroom Kingdom Armed Forces dropped a nuclear weapon right on top of him from a Stealth Bomber. He didn't seem to take notice that he was hit by a nuke point-blank, neither the destruction of Mushroom City around him after it; he was too busy celebrating winning a bet made by Meggy (he was challenged to run backward for a whole day). He has survived shots from miniguns, AK-47s, and .50 caliber sniper rifles with no visible injuries. He (in the mainstream games) survived the resetting and pressure of the entire universe at once, survived hits from multiversal beings and even tanked hits from Dreamy Bowser, who had theoretically unlimited power. Mario also has been shown to resist the lack of any potential dimension including time and space without being affected in any way (SMG4: Mario Gets【Woke】), making him superior (faster, more durable and in a higher existence plane) than them, meaning he is potentially over the concepts of life and death, which could explain his absurd levels of durability. In S̶M̶G̶4̶: I Can't Believe It's Not SMG4!, Mario got stabbed to the head by two swords and at the end of the episode he separated his head from his body without any kind of visible handicap. He has also survived decapitation multiple times and even being burned alive by characters like Cringe or Bowser. In SMG4: What If Mario Had $10,000,000?, Mario was the only one to resist being stung by a swarm of bees, getting burned by the Angry Sun, and the loud screechy singing voice of Toads, and in SMG4: Mario Does Literally Anything For Views, he was able to easily take on being stabbed and shot multiple times without feeling the slightest bit of pain.
  • Pyrokinesis: Like in the mainstream Mario games, when Mario collects a Fire Flower, he transforms into Fire Mario, can throw fireballs and manipulate fire. When drawing power from the Smash Ball, he can use Mario Finale, his Final Smash from the Super Smash Bros. series which allows him to throw a powerful stream of fire. Videos prior to 2020 sometimes gives Mario the ability to throw fire without the help of a Fire Flower.
  • Anaerobic Functioning: Mario is often seen in space or underwater without showing signs of needing oxygen. This trait is often shared with the older, retarded SMG4 characters. (While others haven't proven they can.) However, in SMG4: If Mario Moves, He Dies, he wasn’t able to breathe underwater, so he had to increase his nose size to the air to breathe. However, without an explanation, he is once again able to breathe underwater in SMG4: If Mario Was In... Nickelodeon.
  • Hand-to-hand skill: Although most of the time he is depicted as a coward, there are times he has displayed his true skill has proven himself to be a master at unarmed combat. Over the years he has been in many battles, winning most of them. He has his own unique style, with very fast and powerful punches and kicks and tackles. One of the best examples of this is his final fight with SMG4 at the end of SMG4: Mario Battle Royale. These skills might be a reference to the many martial arts he demonstrated in many games, the most famous example being in the Super Smash Bros. series.
  • Agility: Despite his weight and shape, he has a great acrobatic capability. He also can greatly apply this to combat, as he can be very skillful when it comes to rapid, high jumps, flips, and tackles. A great example of this was the time he got locked into combat with Sans.
  • Giant-Size and Strength: In SM64: ṩṩἔᾗмὄḋᾗᾄʀ 10 (350k apocalypse special), Mario used a Mega Mushroom to grow into Mega Mario, a power-up form which is bigger, stronger and tougher than the base Mario.
  • Sub-Zero Temperature Tolerance: During SM64 Bloopers: SnowTrapped, in a few moments, Mario was naked in the freezing cold a few times, without any adverse effects. He is also occasionally seen in space, which has a fatal temperature of -454.81, dressed casually in no protective garments, and still is not bothered by it. However, SMG4: Little Penguin Lost shows that freezing water will still freeze him.
  • Bilingualism: Mario is shown to be bilingual, speaking in fluent English and Italian (his mother tongue). His skill is displayed in SMG4: High School Mario, where he and Luigi were given an A+ grade by their Italian teacher. He can also apparently communicate by screaming as shown in SMG4: Mario VS Siren Head. According to SMG4: Mario goes to the Dentist..., he is apparently fluent in Spanish, as he was able to successfully pass off as a Mexican dentist.
  • Rapping Skills: In the War of the Fat Italians series since SM64: War of the Fat Italians 2015 (600k Special), as well as Supah Star Rap Battles of EPICNESS: Mario VS Luigi., Mario has demonstrated great rapping skills.
  • H4ck1ng Sk1llz: Despite normally being unintelligent, Mario was shown to be perfectly capable of hacking into computers in SMG4: MarioTube 2. However, he needed to break into YouTube Headquarters in order to do so. In Portal M4R10 - If Mario was in... Portal, he managed to hack one of GLaDOS's security cameras, using a nearby computer, so that it would show Teletubbies instead of the camera's live feed.
  • Head Removal: Thanks to the humorous laws of Cartoon Physics, Mario will sometimes lose his head and be totally fine in the next scene. On rare occasions, his body can function without his head attached. In SMG4: Mario and the Anime Challenge, Mario can be seen attempting to reattach it after it came off, possibly implying that his head is detachable like a LEGO® Minifigure.
  • Dancing: Mario is known to be skilled at dancing as shown in R64: Stupid Mario Party as he can perform continuously at a quickened pace that Luigi, Princess Peach, and Yoshi were unable to memorize his movements and catch up with him. However, he does have a limit to the duration of his dancing, as SMG4: Steve VS Smash Bros showed him about to run out of new dancing moves while facing off a Fortnite character. Once, dancing with his past self actually stopped a time paradox in Super Mario 64 Bloopers: P-O-I-S-O-N-E-D Computer. In Season 11, Mario’s dancing abilities became more prominent in appearances, and remain as good as ever.
  • Fat Powers: In SMG4: Mario And The T-Pose Virus, Mario could make himself even fatter at will. This made him even stronger, allowing him to break down doors and other furniture.
  • Nude Bomb: In SMG4: Mario Gets Stuck On An Island, Mario was able to gather the nudes from not just himself but from "all the hoes and the bitches" into a Spirit Bomb type ball that was powerful enough to turn a pig to ashes.
  • CAPturing: Using Cappy, Mario can take control of other people, enemies or inanimate objects.
  • Master Sword Removal: Despite his negative traits and not proving his power, wisdom, and courage, Mario in If Mario was in... Legend Of Zelda: Ocarina Of Time proved worthy of drawing Master Sword from its pedestal. This impressive feat, however, might be just attributed to his already absurd superhuman strength, the seal being near-impossible to remove would make Mario technically infinitely strong.
  • Clone Jutsu: In SMG4: Mario and the Anime Challenge, Mario has shown being capable of copying the Clone technique from the Naruto series.
  • Z Move: Italian ThunderFat: In Super Mario Guides: HOW TO CATCH POKEMON, Mario was able to fly up to above the atmosphere, charge up his Z-Power, and deliver a ground smash powerful enough to leave the entire planet in ruins.
  • Architect: In Super Mario 64 Bloopers: World of Craftmine, Mario claimed to be an architect but he can't build a thing. He gets better at building later on, but as seen in SMG4: The Bed., he usually ends up making things that are far from the intended result, initially leading him to creating a reclining beach chair out of logs before he changes it into a fully functioning robot after he realized that he was reading "the wrong side" of the instructions.
  • Coin Absorption: In SMG4: Mario Commits Tax Fraud, when the Grand Council of Tax Fraud attempted to kill Mario by shooting him with golden coins, he absorbed them instead (and possibly gained a few extra lives in the process). This referenced how most video game characters can pick up currency by simply coming in contact with them.
  • Business Planning: Mario has some knowledge at running a good business, making a B&B serve with quality as shown in SMG4: Mario's Bed and Breakfast.
  • Backwards Long Jump: The famous speedrun move from Super Mario 64 when Mario gains momentum by a Thwomp in SMG4: Mario Waits in Line For Some Spaghetti. In the episode SMG4: If Mario Was In Meta Runner, Mario makes a BLJ with Tari to speedrun around the world (including Brazil). In the episode SMG4: If Mario was in... Fall Guys, Mario can do it without using an obstacle. And in the episode SMG4: Mario's Mask Of Madness he makes a BLJ in the first floor of Peach's Castle with a possessed Luigi. In SMG4: If Mario Was In.... Friday Night Funkin he's doing one at the beginning when he's going to the theatre. In SMG4: Doomsday but Mario is Okay, Mario makes a BLJ to go faster to the fridge to see if there was food. Same thing happened in SMG4: Uncanny Mr Mario to see if there was spaghetti. In SMG4: The Floor is Lava, Mario makes a BLJ to escape from a jail made by Boopkins it worked for a few seconds just to fly around the world by ending up on the same jail.
  • Super Nut: As revealed in SMG4: If Mario Moves, He Dies, he can stretch his nose, and he can grabs things with it, for example in one scene, he grabbed a gun with his nose, and accidentally shot the lock, letting Hal Monitor in. He can actually use his nose to move, for example, in the Super Mario 64 segment, he used his nose to jump and avoid Goombas, and used his wheelchair to stomp on them. He also used his nose to knock a Bob-omb to a Chain Chomp, killing it. He can extend his nose with such force that it can knock super powered beings like Mr. Incredible unconscious and he can use it to boost his already impressive jumps to insane levels, even with an SMG in each hand.
  • Post Explosion Regeneration: Especially in the classic episodes, Mario has been shown to explode several times in the series, turning into a coin in the process. He can then revert back to human form from that coin. While this ability hasn't been shown for a long time, it made a return in SMG4 Movie: 10 Year Anniversary Special as a reference.
  • Mind Control Resistance: Mario can resist being mind controlled as seen in R64: Stupid Smash Bros where Master Hand tried to mind control him but he was "too stupid" to be mind controlled.
  • Avatar Giant: By taking in memes, he can get bigger. But if his Super Meme Guardians don't properly concentrate their powers, or if they take in a meme themselves, unwanted and uncontrollable enlargements can occur. Smaller amounts of Meme energy enlarge his head and give him the power of flight.
  • Teleportation/Peace Out: Mario can teleport away from his current location by doing the 'Peace Out' gesture, a move he uses in SMG4: If Mario Was In... Poppy Playtime to get away from Huggy Wuggy after he knocks Huggy into the wall of a vent using an air vent.

Super Saiyan Form

List of abilities Mario has whilst a Super Saiyan.

  • God-like Strength: While Mario is already on very vast levels of superhuman strength as a normal person, is can be assumed that his physical capability is massively amplified in Super Saiyan form. And in the events of SMG4: War Of The Fat Italians 2019, during an arm-wrestling challenge with SMG4, he would turn into a Super Saiyan 3, further enhancing his physical strength. Note that Mario's Super Saiyan form abilities are scaled much more accurately with real Nintendo's Mario counterpart's powers.
  • God-like Speed: While in the state of Super Saiyan, Mario is able to fly at incomprehensible speeds. In R64: Mario Simulator, he was able to fly from the Earth to the Sun in ~3 seconds. This means he clocked in the speed of around 111,552,000,000 mph (30,986,667 mi/second), approximately 170 times the speed of light. (The calculation of exact speed is an observation and should not be considered official by any means.)
  • God-Like Endurance: Mario has already survived many things that would be absolutely impossible for a normal person to survive without an invincibility star, so going Super Saiyan would make him even more indestructible than he already is.


In SMG4: The Resurrection, Mario and his friends get turned into Immortals to give them strength to find a way to resurrect Greg The Alien.

  • Devastating Slash Attack: While Mario wasn't shown to have any unique skills throughout the episode, near the end of the episode, when the altar the team was using to resurrect Greg started killing Bob Bobowski, Mario used a boost from Meggy's rocket launcher to gain momentum before activating his power (indicated by his red glowing eyes), a powerful slash strong enough to take down the entire altar.


Of course, Mario has weaknesses (though comparatively few compared with many characters):

  • Slow speed: Due to his high weight (at least 12,000 pounds which equals 6 tons), he is slow on his feet, as shown in 101 Ways for Mario to Die, The 1337 Police, and several other episodes, though this isn't much of a flaw. However, he was recently shown to have superhuman speed.
  • Lack of common sense: Mario is one of the most stupid characters (if not the most stupid character) in the SMG4 series, not even knowing what 1+1 is until Baldi taught him math. It is so far his biggest weakness, as it cost him quite a few battles, despite his strength. However, Mario sometimes does shows signs of intelligence in some episodes, with the biggest example being SMG4: The Super Mario Stupid Show, which brings up the question if Mario pretends to be stupid and/or has an intelligent side. Despite Mario having insane abilities, including his ridiculous level of strength, he seems to never actually use it when circumstances require it, such as facing enemies/foes or getting out of a certain situation. This can also be tied to his cowardice.
  • Impulsiveness: Mario has a tendency to run into danger without a strategy. This caused him to lose several lives in SM64 Bloopers: Can Ganondorf come out to play?, get bombed several times by SMG3's Painting in SM64 Bloopers: SMG3's Gauntlet of Gloom, and almost got him turned into a T-Pose Zombie in SMG4: Mario and the Waluigi Apocalypse. This is a character trait not unique to him in terms of combat impulsiveness: Luigi on occasions runs into combat extremely recklessly when forced out of fear, or Meggy Spletzer, who often overestimates her capability, as it once got her turned into a T-Pose Zombie.
  • Poor Cooking Skills: Like Meggy, Mario has downright awful cooking skills, and whenever he turned an oven on, the oven would destroy Peach's Castle. In SMG4: Mario's Hell Kitchen, SMG4 deemed him useless and didn't allow him to help their team because of it (ironic, despite the fact that most of the other members of the team are just bad as him). Sometimes the occurrence of him failing to use an oven or machines is attributed to bad luck. Unlike Meggy, however, his cooking results aren't quite as bad and he sometimes even manages to succeed (though it's usually done with stolen ingredients).
  • Unable to Distinguish Fantasy and Reality: Mario very easily gets wrapped up in falsehoods and has been known to lash out and punish other residents of the Mushroom Kingdom for things he's seen fictional versions of themselves do in memes.
  • Megalomania: While normally contempt to be a humble plumber, any time Mario gets a measure of power, no matter how small leads to him quickly becoming a tyrant and despot, alienating his friends and setting in motion events to remove him from power.

List of Jobs

This is a list of Mario's Pokemans throughout the Super Pokeman 64 series.

Super Useful Luigi <---> Weegee

  • History:

When Mario starts to battle Gary's Groudon, Mario sent out his starter Pokeman Luigi. But Mario finished Gary's Pokemon by shooting it. It travels throughout the series. It can Mega Evolve into Weegee by Mario's Spaghetti (which acts like a Mega Stone). After he had seen Pengaz is chosen to be Mario's favorite Pokeman, he was abandoned.

  • Personality and Characteristics:

Luigi is a very timid, and a cowardly Pokeman, but he often helps Mario. Luigi becomes sad when he was abandoned, as shown in Super Pokemans 64: Legendary Pokemon. As Weegee, he has no emotion, but he can send a person flying with just a wink.

  • Moves used:

Cry- function unknown.

Punch- Uses his hand to punch the opponent.

Spaghetti- function unknown

Kick in the Nuts- function unknown

Thunder Smash- he turns into Fire Luigi, then he creates a fireball at his left hand and an electric ball at his right hand. Then mixes both and throws to the opponent.

Attract- Luigi dances to attract the opponent.

HammerLuigi brings out his hammer, and repeatedly hits the opponent with it.

Scratch- Luigi scratches the opponent with his two hands.

Spin Attack- Mario grabs Luigi, then Mario spins and throws Luigi to the opponent.

Foongus<--->Mentally Pissed off Toad

  • History:

At first, it was a Foongus, until it evolved into Toad. It chased Mario to the lab, then it was caught. When Gary declares a rematch with Mario, Gary's Weedle sends Toad flying. After Gary's defeat, Toad returns panicking, attacking Mario in the process. It returned in Super Pokemans 64: Legendary Pokemon, it was sent out by Mario to kill Gary's Machoke in battle.

  • Personality and Characteristics:

Toad is a very wild Pokeman when it was encountered, but it was calmed when caught.

  • Moves used:

AK-47- Swag glasses falls into Toad's eyes then brings out an AK-47 and starts shooting the opponent.


  • History:

It was caught during the events of Super pokeman 64 bloopers: GYMS AND BADGES. It embarrassed Mario in front of strong trainers. It flew away while chasing Blaine.

  • Personality and Characteristics:

The trainer gets embarrassed when it was shown to stronger trainers.

  • The moves are unknown.


  • History:

It was first heard by a man who suffered from a heart attack. Mario tracked it down by the man's diary, which led him to a cave. It kept running to the deepest part. Gary went to look at it, but after he had seen it, he angrily left it alone, then it was caught by Mario. Then Mario used it to destroy the girl blocking the path.

  • Personality and Characteristics:

Pengaz usually runs away from trainers when in the wild. Pengaz is a very useful Pokeman as shown in Super Pokemans 64: Legendary Pokemon, even though it looks a "lameass" Pokeman.

  • Moves used:

Egg Bomb- Pengaz releases an electrical shock from its mouth then the opponent explodes if hit.


  • "Mario Facts" are displayed between skits in Super Mario 64 Bloopers: ṩṩἔᾗмὄḋᾗᾄʀ 5 (WAT O O edition), according to Luke Lerdwichagul. Many of them were made as jokes, as the "facts" are quite exaggerated for Mario's character.
    1. Mario eats around 640,000 bowls of spaghetti each hour. (then he would eat over 177 bowls of spaghetti every second)
    2. Mario had his first kiss with a blonde looking hobo.
    3. Mario hit puberty when he was 30.
    4. Mario can fly with his magical cap. (like the original Super Mario 64 game, when Mario gets a Wing Cap)
    5. Mario farted over 13456 times in the Castle.
    6. Mario hasn't proved left or right-handed, meaning he's probably ambidextrous.
    7. Mario makes 1 coin per pipe he blows up or destroys.
    8. Luigi is actually Mario's sister.
    9. Mario is actually Chinese but changed to Italian.
    10. Mario's last name is "The Plumber".
    11. Princess Peach is Mario WAAAAAAAAA?!?!
    12. Mario's favorite color is Boobies...
    13. Mario's birthday is on 13/31/1942 or sumthin'.
    14. Mario's middle name is "Sexy".
    15. Mario has children and their names are Toad.
    16. Mario has no teeth.
    17. Mario's overalls were created from dirt.
    18. Mario was going to star in Justin Bieber's music video but got kicked due to destroying everything.
    19. Mario has no fingers.
    20. Everyone's eyes are blue. (referring to the characters who are Mario Recolors who have the same eye textures as Mario)
    21. Everyone stole Mario's mustache style.
    22. Bowser hates Mario because he made him drop his sandwich! (reference to The (TOTALLY ACCURATE) Documentary of Mario)
    23. Mario wears contact lenses and panties.
    24. Mario's nose originally was a genetic mutation.
  • Even though Mario is stupid, he has occasionally shown signs to be much smarter than he seems. For example, in SMG4: Stupid Mario World, he tricked was able to figure out that he and Yoshi would fall all the way down to Bowser's bouncy house even from a very high distance using his "big brain".
  • In SMG4: The Grand Mario Hotel, Mario's full name was Mario #8052011, as opposed to his actual full name (which is simply "Mario Mario"). However, in SMG4: If Mario Was In... Anime, Mario's full name is indeed Mario Mario, since before accidentally killing himself, he writes "Mario Mario" on the Death Note.
  • Mario being obsessed with spaghetti is actually a canonical thing in the Mario universe. In the old DIC cartoons, Mario loved eating Italian food such as spaghetti and pizza and would only ever think about eating. However, his obsession in the cartoons is notably much healthier than in the SMG4 series, and of course, doesn’t involve him getting naked.
  • During most appearances, he is portrayed as straight and homophobic. However, he often displays homosexual traits.
  • As of SMG4: Mario and The Backrooms, Mario sometimes uses the Mario voice generator for his lines in replacement for the Italian gibberish from the Mario & Luigi series, making him one of four characters to speak through a voice generator, the other three being Chris, Swag and Bob.
    • Unlike them, however, he doesn’t talk solely with a voice generator, and has occasionally also been voiced by real-life people.
  • Mario’s “MAMAF_CKER!” catchphrase is a combination of his “Mama Mia!” quote from Mario Kart 64, the beeping sound typically used to censor bad words, and the “er” part of his “Hammer!” quote from Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga.[1]
  • Mario sells his soul all the time, as shown in SMG4: The Fan Written Episode (4 Mill Sub Special).
  • Mario is one of the four characters to appear in the very first blooper by Luke (Super Mario 64 Bloopers Short: The Cake Is a Lie!). The others are Peach, Lakitu, and Toad.
  • Mario has been shown to occasionally eat food from the dumpster, such as in Super Mario 64 Bloopers: Free Lunch for Mario.
  • According to Mario Kart 64 Bloopers: An Adventurous Drive, Mario met Adolf Hitler once.
  • Mario behaved much less spoonily in the 2011 bloopers. He was however shown to be far more retarded back then since according to Luke, he didn't know any number past 10.
  • Mario thinks that the elderly are useless. For instance, in Super Mario 64 Bloopers: Who let the Chomp out?, Mario asks Toadsworth if the latter is going to throw his walking stick at the Chain Chomp to defeat it.
  • Mario has a YouTube channel called TheAwesomeMario, which currently has over 238K subscribers. From February 2018 onward, it is currently inactive.
  • Mario likes to jump off the castle roof.
  • When acting insane, Mario is able to fly without a Wing Cap.
  • Mario has had three heart attacks from eating spaghetti. He has also had a heart attack from eating hot dogs, requiring him to go to the hospital in SMG4: Luigi's Lesson.
  • According to Super Mario 64 Shorts - Bob-omache, Mario was once abducted by Bob-omb Buddies but was regarded as a failed experiment and was dropped in front of Peach's Castle.
  • Mario is a border-line idiot at the idiot test, as shown in Super Mario 64 Bloopers Short: Mario Takes the Idiot Test.
  • Mario (outside of the SMG4 Universe) is classified as homo nintendonus. This is a fact that was revealed in 2014.
  • In Super Mario 64 Bloopers: Dreams, it was revealed Mario has a phobia of old people after his second dream.
  • In SMG4: If Mario Was AMONG US..., Mario states that he has 5000 IQ. This is obviously untrue because he wouldn't act so retarded if he had that much intelligence.
    • In SMG4: Stupid Bowser's Fury, Mario states that he has 15 IQ, which is more likely to be true. However, Mario's occasional moments of intelligence make up for this, so it is possible that this fact is also false.
  • Although Mario's favorite food is spaghetti, he has shown to enjoy eating other foods as well, such as pizza, mushrooms, toast, ravioli, and milk. In SMG4: She's Back!, Mario mistakes a raft for a "tasty donut", indicating that he likes donuts too.
  • The reason Luke made Mario a mentally retarded character was because he felt that using his "normal" or "heroic" personality from the mainstream Nintendo games would be boring. Incidentally, SMG4, his author avatar, has that personality.
  • According to The (TOTALLY ACCURATE) Documentary of Mario, the reason for his stupidity is because he took drugs. This is probably a false recollection.
  • As shown in SMG4: The Other Universe, Mario dying would lead to the SMG4 Universe being destroyed, due to being its avatar. However, Mario was shown dying quite a few times in previous episodes prior to Season 7, having crashed an elevator with him and Luigi still inside (in Super Mario 64 Bloopers: ੮Һ૯ ૯Ն૯౮ค੮૦Ր), was blown up from the inside after accidentally eating a Bob-omb (in Super Mario 64 Shorts - Bob-omache), fell off the castle’s roof (in Super Mario 64 Bloopers: Spaghetti Law.), got pranked by SMG4 into falling on lava (in Super Mario 64 Bloopers: Boil The Big Bully), accidentally got his past self blown up, which forced him to save himself (in SM64: ṩṩἔᾗмὄḋᾗᾄʀ 9 - Time travel edition), and got thrown into a giant toaster (in SM64: Mario joins the Circus). Even after SMG4: The Other Universe, Mario had been shown "dying" a couple of times such as in SMG4: If Mario Was In... Anime, where he accidentally killed himself by writing his name on the Death Note while attempting to kill the Mario in The Super Mario Bros. Super Show! and in Mario Plays: Delta Rune, where he was briefly seen pointing a gun at himself, and the end of the episode even stated that Mario died from a heart attack due to being so sad. These deaths likely did not count as an absolute death due to Mario’s use of “extra lives” or continues (or in the case of Super Mario 64 Shorts - Bob-omache, being cloned according to SMG4). It is possible that SMG0’s attempt to kill Mario by corrupting him and sucking out his life force in SMG4 Movie: 10 Year Anniversary Special completely bypasses his extra lives, as SMG0 is shown to be from another universe and does not need to play by this universe's rules.
    • However, in SMG4: The Weegee Uprising, Mario, in an alternate timeline where Weegee Dolls took over the world, has apparently died from old age, this time, permanently. Likely because Glitch Productions didn't create the avatar concept at that time, the SMG4 Universe wasn’t destroyed. Even if the concept did exist, it is possible that Mario's death wouldn't affect the universe if it wasn't influenced by any forces outside the universe, meaning he died by the universe's rules.
    • In 101 Ways For Mario To Die (The Right Way!), SMG4 made multiple clones of Mario and then got them all killed specifically for the video.
  • As a result of his stupid antics, Mario is often put in the naughty list and is given coal during Christmas, which once led to him trying to get himself into the nice list by trying to help everyone, only to accidentally make things worse, leading to him yet again being given coal in Super Mario Christmas 2016: Naughty or Nice.
  • Mario is a tiny bit transparent when the SM64 model is used, this can be found in R64: Mario The Waiter after Luigi goes to cook Mario's burrito with spaghetti in it, with the Pyro being slightly distinguishable.
  • In SMG4: Mario's Illegal Operation, Mario was confirmed to be heterosexual, and is thus not gay, as he claimed.
  • According to The (TOTALLY ACCURATE) Documentary of Mario, Mario was apparently born in 1928. Though this isn't true, it might be a reference to how some fans theorize that he (in the mainstream games) is older than how he looks like, or if he ages slower than normal human beings, despite official (non-SMG4) material stating he is 25 years old.
    • Additionally, in SSENMODNAR DELUXE - 1 MILLION SUB SPECIAL, his age was listed as "6,345".
    • As revealed in SMG4: SMG4's Origins, Mario's backstory is unchanged from his backstory from the games, so his past and recollections of said past were either false memories given to him after he was corrupted by SMG4's Guardian Pod, or he made those stories up to make his true origin ambiguous to others.
      • Due to the fact how much time has passed since those events had never been revealed, Mario’s age is still unknown, though it is likely his age is the same as his canon counterpart (24/25)
  • According to The (TOTALLY ACCURATE) Documentary of Mario, Mario was apparently born in 1928 in Italy. If Mario was really born in Italy in 1928, he would be born in the Kingdom of Italy during the time of Benito Mussolini's Fascist Regime.
  • Mario seems to enjoy playing Dark Souls 3.
  • As revealed in SMG4: Mario Waits in Line For Some Spaghetti, Mario has a bank account for spaghetti.
  • As revealed in SMG4: Mario vs IT 🤡, (one of) his worst nightmare(s) is broccoli.
  • In most episodes, Mario seems to own an iPhone, based on the iPhone 8.
  • Mario's ID number, #8052011, is a reference to the first SMG4 blooper, Super Mario 64 Bloopers Short: The Cake Is a Lie!, which was uploaded on May 7, 2011.
  • In SMG4: Mario's Mask Of Madness, it was revealed that he likes Luigi only if he acted just like him, therefore explaining why he usually doesn't like him and abused him whenever Luigi annoyed him back in previous episodes.
  • Mario's favorite shows are The Golden Girls, spaghetti advertisements, and Hello Kitty as mentioned in SM64 Bloopers: Who let the chomp out...AGAIN!?.
  • WeegeepieYT released HD models of him and Luigi, which have been used in SMG4 videos since release. The models can be found right here.[2]
  • In SMG4: Mario School Club, it is implied that Mario has shoved objects up his ass. Although it is unconfirmed due to Meggy Spletzer stopping him from continuing, it is something Mario would do.
  • Mario is able to make friends out of any kind of person, seeing that he has made friends with a speaker with legs, a skeleton, a lanky-ass doll and more.
  • Certain clips in videos like SMG4: If Mario Was In... ROBLOX and Mario Plays: Smash Or Pass hint to Mario finding the erotic act of Facesitting (receiving) very appealing.
  • In all arcs yet, of his own free will or not, Mario worked for the villain for one or more times:

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