Not to be confused with the clone created in SMG4: Stupid Mario 3D World..

Mario's Clones are the main villains in Clone O' Mario. When Mario was at Dire Dire Docks He spotted a clone machine. The machine that clones Marios. Mario then takes them The castle much to SMG4 and Toad annoys. One Mario clone though a lever was a lollipop (it was actually a evil clone lever). The clone machine then starts making evil clones. The evil clones then cause trouble, and Mario and Luigi then adventure to meet a guy who can help them.

But some of the clone follow them and beat ups Luigi. Back at the castle SMG4 and X are getting annoyed, so they just start asking questions and shooting some of them. The Mario Bros than meet the Rock Wizard, but Mario than knocks him down. They come back to the castle with the clones and try to destroy the machine. But it revealed that the clone machine is in another castle.

In SMG4: Stupid Mario 3D World, another clone Mario is created after Mario consumes a Double Cherry.

I have absolutely no idea what's going on "I have absolutely no idea what's going on."
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