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Dumbass motherf**ker.....

—Mini Mario

Mario's EXTRAS: AREA 64 is a video uploaded by SMG4 onto TheAwesomeMario channel. It is a deleted scene video of SMG4: AREA 64. In this video, the Mini Marios make their debut.


Mario meeting the 'Mario 128' Marios was an idea we wanted to include before Mario ran into Beta Luigi but had to leave it out due to time constraints.


As Mario was wandering through the facility bored, he came across several Mini Marios. Shocked, he asked what was going on. The Mini-Marios all looked at each other if the Mario they saw was their Jesus. After some questioning, they agreed to that idea and approached him, who naturally was ready to defend himself. Suddenly, he looked down and saw a Mini-Mario, freaking him unconscious.

When he woke up, Mario saw all the Mini Marios staring at him. He asked what they wanted and one of the Mini Marios replied that he needed to go with them to meet Bowser. Mario, scared, agreed and said they could have him and just leave him alone. Realizing that was not what they wanted, the Mini Mario asked about coming with them for spaghetti, which was enough to get Mario to go with them.

As they sneakily went through the facility, Mario spotted a nearby Squirrel Soldier. He freaked out and told the Mini Marios that the way was blocked due to the soldier guarding the area. The Mini Marios said that was a bit dumb to say and one of them approached the guard just for the expected to happen: Being killed by the guard. Mario showed that was why but the Mini Marios decided to use that as revenge by killing the soldier until he was just a skeleton. Mario saw the outcome and concluded they loved spaghetti.

Later on, Mario confirmed that they needed to get to the other side of the door and asked how would they do it, especially with the soldiers down on the floor. Then, he suddenly had an idea. He had all the Mini Marios form a rope and swung across the floor to the door. He then turned around to ask if they were alright, just to see that the Mini Marios killed all the guards on the floor.

As he entered the room, Mario was confused by what it was before realizing it was the bathroom. The Mini Marios though were happy and escaped through the toilet. Mario realized they just needed to escape but once all of them did, he realized he never got any spaghetti.


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  • Skeleton (outcome of first killed soldier)


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