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Mario's EXTRAS: MarioTube 2 is a video uploaded onto the TheAwesomeMario by SMG4. This video shows all the deleted scenes of SMG4: MarioTube 2.


Checkout the YouTube channels of Toad, Toadsworth, E.GADD and SMG3!



The video begins with Toadsworth introducing the audiences to a way of hiding a body. He mentioned how in the previous episode he showed how to kill someone (though put it as "Taking care") and then restated what was this episode about.

Toadsworths' steps were:

  1. Get rid of any traces of DNA
    • In this case, Toadsworth showed that burning the body was one way to do so.
  2. Make it look like an accident
    • In this case, Toadsworth pushed the body off a building.
  3. Place fake evidence (Remember to wear gloves)
    • Toadsworth proceeded to place some guns and knives near the dead body

Toadsworth then concluded the video and said that for his next video, he would show how to run from the police.


SMG3 started the video by saying that the video was a revenge on SMG4 for all the time he foiled his plans. A montage of SMG4 doing dumb things was then played which involved SMG4 wearing a bra he dug from a trash can, him playing with two My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic dolls, Rainbow Dash and Princess Celestia, feeling exhausted after climbing down a small set of stairs, and trying to play the guitar but failing badly and wanting to make sure no one else was around to see how badly he played.

Professor E. Gadd

In the video, Professor E. Gadd has determined how SMG4 was able to come up with his video ideas. In it, he first said that SMG4 ate exactly five and a half mushrooms followed by smashing his head on the desk with a force of 5.5 Newtons. This allowed SMG4 to have a strong imagery in his head to form his ideas for his videos. He then got a bird tipper to do his ideas on Windows Movie Maker. Afterward, he went to play Cookie Clicker, checking on the bird tipper once a while.

Once he finished with SMG4, he showed the viewers how to make their own YouTube video which he showcased with a clearly parodied quadratic formula. He then ended the video hoping to see the viewers again.


Toad apparently did a parkour video playing anime music in the background. Towards the end of the video, he crashed his head onto the Ferris Wheel base, killing him.


Main Characters

Minor Characters



  • Toad - Bumped his head hard on the base of the Ferris Wheel.



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