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Mario's EXTRAS: War Of The Fat Italians 2017 is a video uploaded by TheAwesomeMario.


Check out the Challenges we left out from the main SMG4 WOTFI 2017 video!


The extra scenes were:

Who can deliver the baby penguin to its mother the fastest?

Mario picked up the small penguin and claims that his mission was easy, only to run off a cliff. Meanwhile, SMG4 decided to sit on the penguin and steer it to its mother, not realizing that it's just a baby and unable to support the weight of larger beings.

See who can cook the best meal for bowser.

  1. Add Crap: Both Mario and SMG4 chose to add a bunch of random stuff when preparing their meal for the Koopa King.
  2. Cook dat crap: Mario used a flamethrower to cook his bowl but ended up burning the kitchen; SMG4 gently applied the heat of a Fire Flower but only set his bowl on fire.
  3. Serving: Mario served Bowser his meal but led to him vomiting. On the other hand, the Koopa King initially seemed to like SMG4's cooked meal but ended up vomiting as well (he revealed that he was faking his reaction all along).

Who can bully Fishy Boopkins in front of his dad the longest?

Fishy Boopkins was walking on the deck of a ship when Mario suddenly charged into him. Upon hearing the Spike crying, Boopkins' dad immediately showed up to confront Mario. The plumber lied about a fly landing on Boopkins and him trying to get it off, but the Octodad-like creature didn't believe him and ended up crushing the Italian with one of his tentacles.

Shortly afterward, SMG4 came out of the ship's cabin and told Boopkins that anime sucked. As expected, Boopkins started to cry again. He jumped onto one of his dad's tentacles just as SMG4 saw the size of the Spike's guardian. Eventually, Boopkins' dad slammed into SMG4 with so much force that he caused the ship beneath the "blue Mario" to explode.


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