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Mario's EXTRAS: Wild, Wild Mario is a video uploaded by SMG4 onto TheAwesomeMario. It is a deleted scene video of SMG4: Wild, Wild Mario.




Deleted Scene 1

As the horse cart was traveling through the desert, the horse suddenly collapsed. Mario looked around before getting mad. He then pushed the cart into the city at a gas station. Luigi questioned Mario's location choice where he replied it was to fill the horse up with gas before heading back on the road. He tried finding the petrol entry point of the horse before using its butt, naturally getting kicked away painfully as a result.

Deleted Scene 2

Mario was training his firing by shooting some bottles. It did not hit them, causing him to get frustrated. Suddenly, McCree came by and expertly showed Mario how to do so. Mario tried replicating with his MP5 but failed as well.

Deleted Scene 3

As Mario was finished preparing the horse for the road ahead, Woody showed up. He rode the horse and told it to ride like the wind to the tune of Touch the Sky. However, it ended badly when both he and the horse crashed into the cliff.

Deleted Scene 4

At a recruitment center for Wario's and Waluigi's gang, Wario and Waluigi asked three Goombas why they wanted to join them. The first Goomba sensibly replied he liked killing people while the second Goomba sensibly replied that he liked drinking beer. The third Goomba though gave a questionable response in fashion and reiterated that they all looked fabulous.


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