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Mario's Four Emotions are Teletubbies taking residence in Mario's mind. They control Mario's emotions and actions using a magic supercomputer and a GameCube controller. Their only appearance is in Super Mario 64 Bloopers: (percent)99(percent) Beroken, although the anger emotion made a cameo appearance in SM64: Meet the Mario.. This also looks like the four emotions from Inside Out.


Mario's anger Emotion is Po wearing Mario's cap. She is usually very irritated. She controls Mario's mind by mashing the GameCube controller randomly, possibly explaining Mario's random, cartridge-tilt-esque spasms when the plumber is angry.


Mario's hunger Emotionis Tinky Winky wearing a chef's hat. He is perpetually hungry, and probably responsible for Mario's constant craving of spaghetti. He gets lazy sometimes and burps a lot. His laziness explains Mario's lazy attitude and hatred of exercise.


Mario's smartness Emotion is [[Dipsy] ]wearing a dunce cap. He is, somewhat unsurprisingly, very dumb. He operates Mario's mind by randomly pressing buttons, explaining Mario's retardation and unfitting reactions to situations. They also share the same smartness and the same happiness.


Mario's gayness Emotion is Laa-Laa wearing a hat with a wick and a fuse. He acts homosexual and flamboyant very often. To control Mario, he humps the GameCube controller. He is the most likely cause of Mario's "FABULOUS" behavior and frequent nudity.

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