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Mario's Pets are, well, Mario's pets.

All these pets are from TheAwesomeMario video Mario Gets A Pet.


Pablo was Mario's first pet. He was a Cheep Cheep.

Mario wanted Pablo to do a trick, but he didn't which ended up with him out of the water, then Mario flushed him down the toilet.

Cause of Death: Lack of Water.


Chompy was Mario's second pet. He was a Chain Chomp.

We don't know how Chompy died, because when Mario threw a stick for Chompy to get, he never returned. In the ending we see him dead. It is never explained how Mario found Chompy.

Cause of death: Unknown.


This is an unnamed Koopa Troopa.

Mario kept him in his hand, probably because he was pretty dangerous.

Cause of Death: Slapped into a pot


Birdy was Mario's last pet. He was a pigeon.

Mario didn't really like Birdy, since Birdy was very rude to Mario.

Cause of death: A fight with Mario.

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