The Mario-Mobile is Mario's personal car. It looks like an old car (obvious, since it's missing an door) with Mario's cap and mustache on it. It first appeared in Mario's Road Trip.


The car first appeared in Mario's Road Trip, where it's Mario's personal car, which the gang used to try and get to Didney Worl. Due to Mario's poor driving skills (obvious, since he's a moron), SMG4 offers to drive for him in case he screws up and gets them killed, forcing the former to get in the passenger's seat. Mario uses a GPS to lead them to Didney Worl, but the GPS had Fishy Boopkins in it, and he leads the group lost in a desert, forcing the furious SMG4 to throw it away and scold Mario for getting them even more lost. The car's engine gets seriously damaged after a run-in with Bob, and SMG4 tries to look for something to fix it in the trunk, only to find tons of Spaghetti. Mario, remembering his experiences with Go-Karting, tries to get Toad to fix it, but blows it up instead. As a result, the gang is forced to use Steve's truck to go to Didney World.

The car makes another appearance in Mario goes to Didney Worl, where it's fully repaired, and the gang uses it to get to Didney Worl.


Hey bro. Where's the spaghetti at Hey bro. Where's the spaghetti at?
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